A Deep Look at Stats and What Others Are Saying…

A Deep Look at Stats and What Others Are Saying…

Before I get into all that you should listen to Chris Peaks’ podcast of this morning.  Here is the link:


Here is the telling points Chris makes about Pat Narduzzi’s won / loss records (Ike, you may want to avert your eyes at this point).

Since he’s been the Pitt head coach Narduzzi’s W/L record is now 23-19.

Against FBS teams it is 19-19

Against Power 5 teams it is 16-18. In 2017 it was 3-7. So far this year it is 1-2.

Narduzzi has won a total of five of his last 15 Power 5 matches for a winning percentage in that time period of 33.33%.

He’s 0-2 in bowls game and didn’t get selected his third season.  OK Ike, you can start reading again. 

Forgive me if I am not shocked by this but as much as I liked those wins over Penn State, Clemson and Miami, especially the PSU win, it’s his losses that tell the story of his time here

So, Pitt’s loss to North Carolina opened up some eyes among both the local and national media.  here’s some different takes on what happened and what might be in store.

The Post-Gazette’s Brian Batko hits the nail on the head with this:

Wondering about Pitt’s weekly preparation and whether the players are focused enough to be disciplined for a full game seems to be fair, at this point, and the biggest question is how much of that falls on coach Pat Narduzzi. Coaches coach and players play, of course, but after taking 14 penalties in that prime-time rout Sept. 8, Pitt was much cleaner in the Georgia Tech win, with just four. The Panthers were sailing smoothly again Saturday, going flag-free until midway through the second quarter when a personal foul on defense gifted a first down to the Tar Heels, who scored on the next play.

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