POV Sunday Podcast & MMQB; NC Loss 38-35

POV Sunday Podcast & MMQB; NC Loss 38-35

OK folks – I screwed up the recording so you’ll have to listen to two of them instead of one long one.  Disappointing loss on Saturday and a hard road to hoe or the rest of the season for Pat Narduzzi and our kids out there. Let’s hope things turn around and fast but I think the handwriting is on the wall for another down season.

It’s just like potty-training a dog,” Narduzzi said. “He might not get it the first time. He’s still going to pee on the floor, but sooner or later, he’s going to go take that dog outside and get it to go to the bathroom where it’s supposed to, period.”

Yikes – and that’s him talking about his own players.  Kenny Pickett weighs in with this nugget in his post-game interview:

“I can’t see what’s going on,” Pickett said of the sacks he took, “all I know is I’m getting rushed. I’m just trying to get away. I’ll have to watch the film, then we’ll see what happened.”

Here is a quick look at our loss yesterday.

Here’s what we have in front of us for the next three weeks – #16 UCF who is giving up only 157 yards passing per game (14th nationally) while gaining 587 ypg (5th nationally) and scoring 50.0 points per game.

Syracuse is #13 in the country in offensive production with 523 ypg and 49.5 ppg.

Then we get a small break with Notre Dame who is not so effective on offense scoring only 31.5 ppg but their defense is top shelf in allowing only 19.3ppg.

Of course those are all Week 4 numbers and will change as more games are played. Here are the current standings and records of the ACC as of tonight.

ACC Standings Week 4

As far as the Good, the Bad and the Ugly goes I’m tapped out with Pitt football right now so how about you all letting us know what you felt happened in those three areas in you comments?

Thanks all and let’s hope we see some improvement in coaching and on-field play before the wheels completely come off the Pitt football bus.