North Carolina Game Day Thread 2018

North Carolina Game Day Thread 2018

It looks like North Carolina is getting +4.5 points in the betting line today. That sounds about right to me.  The above website predicts a bigger 29 – 17 Pitt win though. The over/under is 48.5 points

That sounds about right also.

But this is the great thing about college football – things can change on a dime (or the cost of Retro Air Jordan 3s shoes at $2500 per pair).

Football aside, what type of idiot pays $2500 for a pair of sneakers? Honest to God, that right there is society’s problem today. That’s exactly why I refuse to wear any clothing with any advertising on it. I believe the business who is labelled on the apparel should pay us to be walking billboards for them.

But that’s just me.

Game time is listed at 12:20 but will probably be delayed for a bit for Pat Narduzzi to get his NSA contractors in place to steal the Tarheel’s signs.