Let’s Predict Our Remaining Wins!

Let’s Predict Our Remaining Wins!

I think we all know we’re not going to end up the season with only two wins on the year. I’m not sure how many more we’re going to get than that but I do believe we are going to get more.

Let’s look at the schedule and you Pitt fans tell us how many games you think we’re going to win and who the wins will be against in your comments.

As we know so far we are 2-2 with wins against mighty Albany (33-7) and against Georgia Technical College (24-19).

On the other hand we lost a squeaker to arch rival Penn State 51-6 then stormed Chapel Hill and allowed a crippled by suspension North Carolina team to come from behind and beat us 38 to 35.

Is your stomach upset yet?

Well, our next five opponents are a combined 18-1 on the season.  OK then!

Here’s the full schedule with what happened and some info about the upcoming opponents.  Name the wins…

For a bit of early season help here are the current ACC standings and info after Week 4…

ACC Standings

OK – here are my future wins.  During this last offseason I looked at the Pitt football program, the team and the coaching staff from every angle I could think of, really researched what I could and wrote about what I found.  I came away unimpressed and unconvinced that we would get back to the seven or eight win level of Narduzzi’s first two years.  I pretty much felt the same way at the same point in time last preseason also and so predicted a five win season (with a ceiling of six)  – but that was mostly because I felt the QB position was going to be major hindrance.

This season I feel better about the QB situation but worse about the overall talent level of the two-deep.  I’ve never felt Pitt’s coach staff – from the head coach on down – was good enough to scheme and game plan to mask deficiencies in talent on-field.  That is showing up big time so far this year.

This preseason I again predicted five wins but after watching our kids play their first four games I’m going to have to (for the sake of this particular article) revise downward.  Here who I think we can beat.

Win #3:  Virginia in Virginia.  Currently they are 3-1 and have beaten both Louisville and FSU.  In any past season that would be pretty eye-opening but not this year. Both those teams stink.  They also lost to a rather poor Indiana team so I’m giving our Panthers a shot at taking that match.

v sked

Win #4: Wake Forest at Wake Forest.  So far in 2018 this team hasn’t been real impressive beating Tulane and Towson.  They played a very good Boston College team to a 41-34 loss then got soundly trounced by Notre Dame. I think we can go down there and come out with a “W”.

WF Sked

I’m scrambling around trying to find a fifth win somewhere but can’t put my finger on one at this point.  Perhaps we’ll pull an upset somewhere down the line and that would be good.  But the way this team has played so far I’m hard pressed to feel good about figuring another win out.  When we lost to North Carolina the way we did – allowing a team that was heavily impacted by suspensions with a 2nd string QB who had done virtually nothing in his career up to last Saturday (except beat us with a decent game last year) – that was the handwriting on the wall for me.

I could be wrong with this – I often am, but isn’t that the beauty of college ball?  You never know what you’ll get week to week.

How do you see the rest of the year playing out and against who do we put a “W” in the win column after the game?