Pitt vs NC Predictions Thread

Pitt vs NC Predictions Thread

Here are Ike’s thoughts on the NC game…

Well as I stated earlier, I’m not sure which way I want to go with this game. Trying to think about a PITT game with my brain is most probably the toughest thing I do in life. Hey, isn’t life grand? << (ike’s got it made)

Breaking this game down should be easy. For once, PITT’s numbers shout out louder than the opponents but… but. Can PITT beat this UNC football team for the first time in five years? Some of you may know, I do not give a rat’s behind about what happened five years ago much less 30 years. So we go on this year and look at how the two teams stack up.

UNC is a hurting puppy and PITT’s defense is just now emerging. Important need to know here. Looks like the first game this year where PITT will play a team in real life (Albany excluded) that isn’t a match-up nightmare for our team. 2-1 so far is good but 3-1 is even better. I’m going with my gut on this one and I don’t think UNC can score that many points on this PITT defense and the offense will definitely be on KP duty tomorrow. PITT breakout in the second half and end all the talk concerning the lack of scoring… PITT wins! PITT wins! PITT wins!


Editor’s Notes:  Here is some interesting stats and facts about the Panthers so far…

Pitt Stats Game 3

This next chart bothers me a lot in some ways. The fact that in 25 different and important categories (for the full list see here) we are in the lower half of the nation in 15 of them.  Our Passing Offense and our Scoring Offense is especially worrisome and this doesn’t split our scoring up by halfs… and as we know we’ve had a total of three (3!) points in six second half quarters so far.  We have to do better there.

Pitt Stats NCAA

44th in rushing is about where we left off last season. When you look at our Rushing ‘splits’ below it tells a different story.  Take a look at what we have done in our first two quarters of play as opposed to our last two quarters of play in the three matches we’ve had so far:

Pitt Rushing game 3

If we have any close games ahead of us this has to change. So far we’ve been able to jump out to big leads in our two wins… but we can’t live on doing that – not against balanced offense teams witch GT wasn’t.

That fact that against our two D1 teams we have faced we’ve given up 35 ppg hurts also.

I’m following Ike’s lead and expect a close win down in Chapel Hill:

Pitt 31 – NC 24