Pitt vs Boston College BB Game Thread

Feb 13 (Tue)  7:00 PM
ACC vs Boston College
Coaching for Literacy Game
Pittsburgh, Pa.  Petersen Events Center
TV: ESPNU  Radio: 93.7 The Fan

155 thoughts on “Pitt vs Boston College BB Game Thread

  1. I am expecting an extremely small turnout tonight.

    Pitt once again penny wise and pound foolish.

    Bring a hit man in to push Jamie out the door to save money, then hire an over the hill never has been to “resurrect” a team with 5 seniors. You get what you pay for. But to try to sell him as this offensive genius who struggled because of Vanderbilt’s high academic standards is blowing smoke up you know where.

    My question is, did this happen because of negligence or was it something more sinister? Can we at least get our money back from the head hunters?


  2. Pitt is +9 at home against BC. Let that sink in.

    O/U is 140

    I take Pitt +9 and under 140 for my choice.

    If Pitt doesn’t cover or win then you honestly need to fire Stallings after this game. You need to be the first option in the upcoming hiring season.


  3. We have come out hot but, as usual are not taking advantage of BC’s ice cold start. I fear another 2nd half collapse is on the horizon.


    1. I thought the same. Like there is anywhere else to go. Pitt +9 and under 140 is a lock. Here two teams could play till a Thursday night and not score 140. Both teams are atrocious.


  4. All we need is a pitt to win one game and Heather think Otis to turning a corner. Maybe BC shooting 19% has something to do with it. I’d prefer a L as long as it shortens Stallings time at a pitt.


  5. The idiocy of a staff, which only Pitt can hire, where a guy shoots and the other four are coached to not hit the glass, but to run down court.


    1. lots of just dribbling around….at the top of the key and beyond. You get open shots by quickly passing the ball and reversing it….not dribbling


    1. Seriously. It’s been going on all season and it’s correctable. BC stayed in the game because of offensive rebounding in the first half when Pitt was shooting great.

      Pitt has no margin because there are so many ways to beat them including them beating themselves with turnovers. 16 turnovers in this game with more than 8 minutes left.


  6. Pitt leadership has failed. There should be a vote of no confidence. These idiots only learn when there is negative press or they start running a deficit. Both are happening now. They brought this upon themselves. Gallagher needs to answer. If he cannot oversee the sports side of the business, he needs to be replaced. Hence I would recommend two boards and a split between academics and athletics. A career physics bureaucrat who is an expect at measuring things has no acumen on how to achieve the right scale of success on the athletics side.


    1. I guess Stallings talked during the ACC conference call on Monday about having Luther and Ellison next year as for why things will be better.


    1. Agreed. He would be a good sixth man on a good team. He could also be a good starter in the right situation like a team with a decent center or penetrating guards. Pitt of course has neither.


  7. Oh look, dear, Johnny Weir has a new blouse…er, I mean shirt.
    Sure, i’d Like one for Christmas.
    Another Pitt shirt?
    No, too embarrassing.


  8. You wouldn’t have known it (because the amateur announcers never mentioned it), BC had lost 23 consecutive ACC games on the road.

    7:00 PM ET February 13, 2018 Coverage: ESPNN
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Line: BC -8.5Over/Under: 139

    Attendance: 2,835
    23% of Capacity
    Capacity: 12,508

    They must have counted everyone twice


  9. @ $45 per seat, with 9, 673 empty seats, Pitt’s lost revenue on seats alone was $435,285.00

    Add in lost revenue on refreshments, souvenirs, etc and your over 1/2 Million ($500K)

    We’ve had at least 10 homes with these low attendance numbers = $ 5 Million Dollars


  10. **So in actuality Otis is not costing us $2 million per year….he’s costing us well over $7 million Dollars per year, probably closer to $9 million + per year **


  11. It doesn’t really matter what the excuses are for this situation. And it doesn’t matter whether Stallings might deserve another year or not. Or if the kids are trying hard.

    It’s simply bad business to let this continue. Time for Pitt to cut its losses and negotiate a buyout. Throw in a Pirates season ticket package if it helps.

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  12. I don’t care for the modern game of BB so I generally don’t watch it but when I checked the half-time score I turned on the tube for the 2nd half……….these kids couldn’t win a game of “HORSE” against ACC competition (remember that one?) The ’67 Ambridge Bridgers would beat them by 30 or more.

    You regulars who follow this team- do you self-medicate before sitting down to watch ?


  13. A long, long time ago
    I can still remember how
    That Pitt basketball team used to make me smile

    And I knew Jaimie had a chance
    A final four appearance would make Panther Nation dance
    And despite the football team’s constant choking, we’d be happy for a while

    But Jaimie’s last season made me shiver,
    Another bad first round loss in the tourney he delivered,
    Bad news on the front porch,
    Who is this Kevin Stallings that wears Rockports?

    I can’t remember if I cried,
    When I heard Chancellor Gallahger and his evil athletic department lies,
    Something touched me deep inside,
    The day the Peterson Center died…

    Bye, bye Pitt Basketball success
    Every year we are in the ACC and have Stallings who can’t recruit we regress,
    And those good ole yinzers drinking iron they cry,
    This’ll be the year all our sports programs that I die, this’ll be the year it all dies

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  14. I keep hearing Chris Jent is who they are looking at. Asset with Hawks in Atlanta. Played and coached at Ohio State born in California played high school ball in Jersey. Will be on the cheap SOP but only way after the 10 Million gift Herman have his buddy


    1. Interesting, would be another ‘On the Job Training’ hire for Pitt as far as being a HC.

      Fits Pitt’s (hey that rhymes) M.O.


  15. Anyone know how I can become a friend of Herman?
    Great gifts befall his buds, and I can’t wait to become one.
    No effort needed; no results expected.
    What? I don’t even need to move to Pittsburgh (or Corvallis) to receive my loot?
    It’s like winning the Powerball!


    1. Wasn’t too impressed with Towson State(after the buildup we heard)…..heck they couldn’t even beat us.

      Middle of the pack (7-7) in the Colonial.


  16. This twitter gem from Craig Meyer after the game last night:

    Pitt coach Kevin Stallings on not calling a timeout during BC’s late first-half run:

    “They’ve been coached on what to do. I’m not going to tell them something brilliant in a timeout I haven’t already told them. But I probably should have used one.”

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  17. More from Meyer in the PG:

    With forward Ryan Luther set to return next season after recovering from a foot injury and guard/forward Malik Ellison eligible after transferring from St. John’s, Stallings will have what he believes could well be his team’s two best players ready to play. This season has been more difficult than he anticipated, but he believes in what the near future might bring.

    “We’ve had to start over to some degree,” Stallings said. “When you do that, it doesn’t require patience, but it requires patience if you’re realistic about it. It’s requiring patience of me, it’s requiring patience of my players, and certainly those people around the program and our fans. It’s never built overnight. You just have to make good long-term decisions and recruit the right kind of guys that do the right things. That’s what we’re trying to do.”


    1. I heard him say that in the post game show. He was even talking about the 2019-2020 season being even better! (just shoot me…)


  18. Sorry, but Luther and Ellison will only marginally help this team, if at all.

    Most of all this team needs a coach. This isn’t the SEC. This guy has no clue, whatsoever.

    The team has gotten no better, there is no change from day 1.

    Too many guys standing around, passing around the perimeter, till time runs out.

    Absolutely no physical toughness underneath, and no intention of making an offensive rebound.

    Coach doesn’t call time outs to change the momentum, or slow down the onslaught.

    So many unforced errors. No real first team, everyone is interchangeable.

    No one deserving of or earning more minutes.

    No defense at all.

    No desire to win from the players or coaches.

    As I left the Pete yesterday, Gallagher was standing in his box smiling. Obviously thinking of something other than the self-inflicted disaster he was watching.

    The front porch has collapsed.


    1. Agree all the way around, but with particular regard to Luther and Ellison. Luther is a good player but definitely needs a competent supporting cast. Ellison wasn’t a good player at St. John’s and I don’t see why anybody would expect more out of him as a 4th year junior in the ACC with this group. I think it’s just become part of the essential mantra of “wait until next year”.


      1. Ellison is a marginal player at best. Both seasons with the Johnnys he avg 7 ppg & 2.5 rpg while on shooting about 38% fg, which is very poor.

        Plus he avg’d those meager numbers on a dreadful team, 14-19 last year and 8-24 the year before and 1-17 in the BigEast.

        Those numbers on such a bad team, mean he’s more of the same 3rd rate players we already have.


    2. If Luther plays next season, I will bet he only plays in the non-con. Ellison is a marginal player, who I highlight below. He’s bringing in a JUCO lead guard, so that means he’s not even sold on Carr as PG.
      So you’re going to be starting all over again next year anyway, with 4 new players (Ellison, Golden, the new Juco PG and they will be new to Luther)

      Again this who thing needs sh*tcanned now !


  19. Dear Coach,
    Free basketball tip:
    …….when the opposing team is on a red hot run scoring 19 straight……while that is in progress YOU CALL A TIME OUT TO STOP THE MO AND COOL THEM DOWN – not to just try to bestow some kind of great teaching that you don’t possess anyway. GEESE!


  20. I turned on the game and saw Pitt up by 16… and then UGH!!! This team is not even competitive at the Pete! Time to cut losses and move forward…the sooner the better

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