POV’s Take: Spring Drills – WR Position

POV’s Take: Spring Drills – WR Position

Yesterday we discussed our TE’s unit on the roster so let’s stick with pass catchers and discuss the ’18 wide receivers today.  This is an area where I think Pitt has taken a big hit over the offseason…. and one that depends almost solely on the caliber of the Quarterback a team has throwing the ball.

It has been since 2014 that we have had a star turn at this position.  Tyler Boyd’s production that season was top end with 78 catches for 1,261 yards (16.2 ypc) and 8 TDs.  One could make an argument that he did well in 2015 also but when a WR with speed only has a 10.1 ypc average that brings him down to the mortal level – even if he did have 91 catches.

I suppose one could also argue that Jester Weah’s 2016 season was star-quality also with 36 receptions for 870 yards (24.2! ypc) and 10 TDs… and at 39% of Boyd’s 2015 catch total Weah way out produced Boyd in both yards and TDs.

But still not total and real star-quality in my book.

Now we come to this new season.  Weah has left after a rather disappointing season for him with 698 yards and only 4 TDs and his WR2, Quadree Henderson, also left early (ill-advised I believe) after doing almost nothing at the position with only 17 catches for 186 yards and 0 TDs.

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