“Trust But Verify” – Pitt’s New Coaching Motto

“Trust But Verify” – Pitt’s New Coaching Motto

Here is a slight rebuttal piece from our reader and commenter Michaelangelo Monteleone aka The Atlanta Panther.

Welcome to Pittsburgh Coach Dave Borbely.  We are mildly pleased to make your acquaintance.  It’s not that we don’t want you here, it’s just that we’re skeptical that you’ll be an improvement. 

To wit the article that Reed posted on Monday did not exactly inspire confidence.  If we remember correctly, he labeled you “Grim Reaper of Maryland QBs”.  If only you coached our defensive line.  In fairness you were only “Special Assistant to the Head Coach” when all those QB injuries happened in 2017.  Still, your 2016 Sacks Allowed ranking of 127th is pretty bad. 

Granted you had a slow-footed quarterback from Pittsburgh Central Catholic behind that offensive line of yours, (and GOD DO WE KNOW WHAT THAT’S LIKE), but still…

That being said, like any good College of Arts and Sciences graduate would do, I’m keeping an open mind.  “Trust but verify” is an old Russian proverb.  “Curiosity killed the cat.” said another.  Three beers and the internet and we shall find the truth, so let’s try to do that now.

We will start in 2010.  That’s when you signed on to coach Louisville Offensive line.  It was, in many respects your best year.  RB Bilal Powell (currently of the New York Football Jets) ran for 1900 yards and scored 11 touchdowns.  The quarterbacks, veteran and savvy as they were, stayed upright in the pocket.  They passed for 2500 yards and 22 TD’s.  Of course this had to be behind an inherited O-Line, and I’m guessing most of them were upperclassmen, because your next year was atrocious.

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