New OL Coach for Pitt; Bad News for Pickett

dave-borbely-2015In an area of what I believe is desperate in need – Pitt’s Pat Narduzzi has hired one Dave Borbely as the new Offensive Line coach.  I almost had a heart attack when I saw who it was though… Dave Borbely – the Grim Reaper of Maryland QBs.

Here is Pitt’s press release on the hire:

Dave Borbely Named Pitt Offensive Line Coach
LINK: Borbely Hired at Pitt

 PITTSBURGH—Dave Borbely, who owns a long and productive history of developing impact offensive linemen, has been named Pitt’s new offensive line coach by head coach Pat Narduzzi.

 Borbely (BOAR-bah-lee) has more than three decades of experience coaching offensive line play at the collegiate level. He owns 37 years of experience overall, including tenures at Notre Dame, Colorado, Virginia, Louisville, Stanford and, most recently, Maryland.

 “After a long and detailed search, I’m really thrilled to welcome Dave Borbely as our new offensive line coach,” Narduzzi said. “We could not have hired a more experienced or qualified coach to continue our growth on the offensive front. Dave is an outstanding teacher who knows how to develop players. He owns a long relationship with our offensive coordinator, Shawn Watson, which will be a major strength for our coaches and players alike. Dave has a great football mind and will be a huge asset in our game planning throughout the season.”

 (Borbely responds:)

I want to thank Coach Narduzzi and the Pitt staff for this opportunity,” Borbely said. “To have the chance to coach at an institution with such rich history like Pitt is a huge honor for me. Also, to have the opportunity to coach where Joe Moore started his great legacy as the best in the business is very humbling. I’m greatly looking forward to getting started.”

Borbely spent the past two seasons at Maryland. In 2016, his offensive front helped the Terps produce 2,594 rushing yards, only the seventh time in program history—and first since 2003—the Terps surpassed 2,500 yards on the ground. Maryland also rushed for 26 touchdowns in 2016, its most since the 2007 campaign.

Stop the presses!!

Hey, I’m going to interrupt this right here.  Talk about selective writing on Pitt’s part.

I live down here in Maryland Terrapin Country and the running joke down here was…. drum roll please… how bad the the OL was because every QB Maryland had to throw out onto the field of play crawled  back hurt.  Seriously, four different kids had to play because they kept getting the crap knocked out of them and were seriously injured. Here’s what I mean:

Maryland true freshman quarterback Kasim Hill is out for the season with a torn ACL. Hill went down in the team’s third game of the season, just two weeks after starter Tyrrell Pigrome also tore his ACL in a win at Texas.

Four-star North Carolina transfer Caleb Henderson, the oft-presumed starter during the offseason, has been injured since then and is yet to appear this season.

That means Maryland’s relying on its de-facto fourth-stringer, true sophomore Max Bortenschlager. He’ll be the guy who leads Maryland into Columbus to face No. 10 Ohio State on Saturday (4 p.m. ET, Fox).

Why?  Because Maryland’s OL has been truly horrid in pass protection over the last two seasons.  They truly sucked.  A key indicator if an OL is doing their job is two-fold.  First it is how well the running game went.  Secondly., and I think this is even more important given Pitt’s situation with a first year starting QB, is how well does the OL protect the QB.

Well, not a whole lot of good things to say about point #2 there.  Maryland has been at the bottom of the D1 ranks in the last two years in both “Sacks Allowed” and “Tackles for Loss Allowed”

Here are Maryland’s actual Sacks and TFLs Allowed stats from the NCAA for the 2016 and 2017 seasons (remember there are only 129 D1 teams):

sacks md

Add to all that the fact that we’ll be playing with an inexperienced OL two-deep in 2018 and fear creeps in…I’m thinking of taking an insurance policy out on Pickett’s life tonight.

Not much more to say about this fellow. He did follow his verbal prompt to drop old Pitt OL coach Joe Moore’s name as soon as he could for the fan’s sake so that’s a good thing.

Color me unimpressed.


211 thoughts on “New OL Coach for Pitt; Bad News for Pickett

  1. Familiarity breeds contempt… Duzz hiring within his comfort zone… again … same ole $h#t

    When was the last time we had a “ splash hire?” Jackie or Johnny 1 ….

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  2. Can’t wait to hear UPitts take on the mugshot you posted with the article… what kinda name(s) will he come up with… lots to work with….


  3. You just shake your head. The world wonders. The only reason to keep Stallings is does anyone have faith in who they will hire?? Not only do they make the wrong move, they often make the worst move. How is that even possible. I mean the law of averages says they would hit one right, doesn’t it?


  4. One thing Reed, Maryland’s line has been a mess for years, and the qbs have been getting killed for awhile, before this guy got there.


    1. Yeah, I also live in Terrapin Territory, and Maryland’s problems since joining the Big Ten are not limited to their offensive line. They’ve been overmatched everywhere. It’s a mistake to take a couple stats from the last two years and draw conclusions from it other than “Maryland stinks.” Not saying the guy’s blameless in that or that I think he’s a great coach or anything, but context is needed.


      1. Context is needed?? Not at the POV, in fact context is conveniently ignored and/or dismissed routinely, just ask anything about SOS. LOL!


  5. Why did he lose his offensive line position at Maryland after 2016? I an sure it is not a good sign but I couldn’t find any justification.


  6. Need a coach with Southern charm who knows the ACC footprint… Duzz has 2 years to step it up or this coaching crew is a package deal for a MAC team…


  7. I agree on the surface of this hire with most as it is not an exciting hire. I really don’t know who is a good O-Line coach and who isn’t but would have liked to seen a bigger name.

    Those sacks and injuries are a big concern for sure. Before I draw a conclusion though I would like to see how the QB’s got hurt.

    His resume is decent to good depending on why he jumped jobs but I figure most coaches at his age has a long list of previous employment? (Canada has had four jobs in four years)

    The rushing numbers look good and that may help KP stave off injuries? A good running game is good for pass protection in the long run.

    Again, who did we expect PITT and Narduzzi to hire? When will we learn that wishing a coach away may not be the answer and coach you wished for. We wanted change and we got change. I really didn’t expect anything much different and I’ll wait and see what kind of results before I crucify people for this hire.

    Seriously, the response from the PITT fans was just as predictable as the hire itself.


  8. I think he is probably blind. That led to Maryland’s poor Stats and his atrocious job of shaving. How someone leaves the house with that on his face yet alone on Picture Day. This is exactly the type of hire you expect Pitt to make.


  9. One thing to consider…he was the oline coach in 2016 when they had 2500 yards. He wasn’t the oline coach when all the qbs got hurt in 2017. That was bowen who now coaches ped st.
    Just wonder why he was demoted after 2016?

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    1. they did have a lot of sacks in 2016, but you’re right. the injuries were in 2017. I too am not too thrilled. This hiring wreaks of cronyism, due to his former association with Watson. I’m sure the OC had a big influence here.

      An exhaustive search likely similar to Barnes’ search of 2 years ago


    2. Borley was ‘special asst’ to the HC but it was well known down here he oversaw the OL given that the ‘new’ OL coach was Bowen and that was his 1st year in D1 ball – he had been OL at Fordham before.

      Basically Borley was responsible for the Terps OL over the last two years.


      1. That move is peculiar by durkit. It would be like peterson becoming a special assistant to make some fcs coach a oline coach. Imagine pitt fans wrath towards narduzzi for that type of move!


  10. Perhaps the plan is to bring in this guy to share his old geezer knowledge with Patton, then Patton takes over in a year or two?

    I like the idea of getting a veteran OLine coach. Fingers crossed on this one….

    Go Pitt.


    1. in fairness, much has to do with player’s talent. 3 OL were drafted the past 2 years with Peterson as coach (I assuming O’Neill is drafted) . And Bookser will likely be drafted next year with Count Ming as coach


  11. Damn Reed even Dr Tom is going to have a hard time getting excited about this guy. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best from coach Borbs.


  12. Notre Dame had some of their worst seasons when Count Ming was there, along with Pittsburgher Bob Davie as HC. Davie coached at Pitt too, so maybe there’s the connector.


  13. It would’nt matter who he hired. You all would spout off with the same crap. Every single coach bring out the same responses.

    Did it ever occur to you all that maybe those players are simply not good? For petes sake, can you all for once, just wait to see what happens first?

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  14. Think you guys are being too hard on the hire. I don’t think Maryland’s 2016 sacks allowed or TFL says how well the OL was coached. Then again, the stats are not an endorsement either. Definitely peculiar that the team’s rushing yards were so good and QB protection stats so bad. They did have a QB whose passing stats were OK. 61.9% completions has n nearly 200 attempts. Probably mostly short passes.

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    1. UM’s rushing was decent:

      ’16 – 69th, 162 ypg 4.45ypc
      ’17 – 43rd, 199 ypg 4.87 ypc

      But Pitt’s wasn’t terrible, matter of fact much better in 2016

      ’16 – 26th, 225 ypg 5.4 ypc
      ’17 – 89th, 148 ypg 3.87 ypc

      Pitt’s Sacks allowed and TFLs Allowed were much better tham UM ‘s in 2016 and a bit better in 2017.

      I do not like this hire Sam I am, I like it less than Green eggs and ham…


    1. Besides getting their QB’s killed, the Terps got beat by Pedo State 66-3 and only beat dreg teams Indiana, Minnesota and Towson.


  15. My gosh this guy doesn’t even pass the eye ball test. If this guy walked into my living room to recruit one of my kids I’d call the county jail!!!! Good grief recruiting just got worse.


  16. BigB, not everyone liked the Bates hire. It’s become a vicious circle of not liking who is coach and not liking who replaces him.

    I’m on record as being a bit disappointed but I will give the guy and team a chance. I think everyone at PITT deserves at least that.


    1. Bates is a lifelong Linebackers Coach. SOP cheap hire.

      This new guy looks like Mr. Larson from Happy Gilmore.
      Another weak hire. Cronyism.


  17. We the fans deserve a darn chance for once I’m tired of these cheap uninspiring hires. At least find a guy who is successful at a lesser school give him a pay bump and chance to excel. I like the bates hire much better than this hire. Did they at least entertain hiring swenny from Albany. Maybe Sweeny wouldn’t be a better coach but he’d give instant credo with his nfl resume!!


  18. I mean honestly it looks like he’d make a better chimney sweep or coal miner. O well maybe it takes a big ugly to recruit a big ugly LOL same old pitt.


  19. Did a quick add up at all of Count Ming’s stops. This guy should put out a travel guide.

    Excluded his stop in 2014 at Colorado State-Pueblo since I couldn’t find their listing on Sports reference.

    Teams he coached were a combined 179 wins and 204 losses

    The guy did pay his dues, having started with some dreg programs of Rice, Temple & Tulane, where
    he served 3 year sentences at each place. Rice was 6-27, Temple was 10-23 and Tulane was 6-28.

    So that sort of skews his won/loss overall totals.

    He was with Charlie Strong at Louisville with two hugely successful seasons of 11-2 & 12-1, but
    did not go along with Charlie on the ride to Texas. So that’s kinda odd.


  20. Ike, yes I was trying to give the hire some humor. I was talking to my dad about the hire we both feel it’s a favor to Watson for staying more than one year. I was not extremely happy with peterson but once again pitt fires to downgrade and boy is it painful. From Wannstedt to Haywood and Dixon to Stallings!!! It’s easier to laugh than cry.


  21. I’m with Altoona Zach. Watson must have vouched for this guy, but with his long and illustrious resume we should at least give him a chance. It would be good to see if he can recruit and then stick around long enough to develop the kids. Then we will know…


  22. How does one attach a pic or even YouTube video here? I am on an iPad and copy and paste is a no go. I wanted to paste the pic of Ming but alas, am technically challenged I guess.


  23. I will be renewing my 4 season tickets this year for the final time.. only so I can get my extra 4 for the PSU game (expecting Pitt will run the same program as 2016) and sell all 8 to PeeSU fans. Might as well sell out the team for money, seeing as our Administration does the same.


  24. Felix, I couldn’tagree more. These guys constantly badmouth every coach we have and want them fired. Then when anew coach is hired, he’s the worst hire ever.Not too many complaints about Peterson when he had Dorian Johnson, Bisnowaty,etc but this year they were calling for his head.The quality of players make the coach more than the coach makes the players. Maybe the Maryland guy didn’t have much talent. For God’s sake, give the guy a chance.There were many complaints about OC Chaney when he was here. If he was such a bad coach how did he help guide Georgia to championship game. And some of you are going to give up your season tickets because of a coach who hasn’t even coached a game.That’s pathetic.

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    1. I have been saying that for a while here that the player talent is more important than the coaches. I don’t see Saban recruiting 2 and 3 stars, and then coaching them up. But for schools like Pitt that depend primarily on 3-stars, coaching/developing becomes a little more important IMO.


  25. No, not giving up season tickets because of this one coaching hire. There is a long list of shmuck coaching hires that cause me to throw in the towel.

    Shall I list them for you?

    Start with Haymaker and end it with Otis and fill in the numerous others in between.

    I’ll let you be the judge of Emporer Ming.



  26. I would hate to think that maybe there was an exhaustive search and he was the best we can afford. But I’m going to side with cronyism


  27. This is the tally sheet of Panthers who are PA natives … taken from a HCPN tweet

    58 First Team All-Americans.
    17 NFL 1st Round Draft Picks.
    15 NFL Pro Bowlers.
    14 College Football Hall of Famers.
    7 Pro Football Hall of Famers.


  28. Would love to see a list of interviewed candidates for each of the job openings… that is if more than one is even interviewed.


  29. Talked to a frat brother of mine who refs WPIAL football… he told me youth football is drying up as parents don’t let kids participate due to fear of developing CTE … he sees football as a dying sport….. what do you think?


    1. About 800 participants in 2012 became about 250 this year in our Western Howard County youth program(Maryland). The drop was dramatic from 2014 to 2015 here.

      The Maryland MMYFCL website has this prominently displayed:


  30. If you google search Pitt football, for rivals PSU, ND and WVU are listed

    For PSU rivals. Alabama is listed first followed by Mich St, Ohio St and Pitt. Alabama?


  31. I can’t believe Pitt could screw up a coaching hire or anything to do with athletics for that matter. I’m sure Mr. Borbelly or whatever his name is will work out just fine like our hero and paragon of virtue, Kevin Stallings.


    1. From the same Maryland youth football page, check this out:

      MMYFCL Community,

      I am sure many of you are aware of the state bill being introduced to ban tackling in football, checking in lacrosse and soccer, and heading in soccer until age 14. Here is a link to the article.

      Our Mid Maryland President, Mike Milani met with Del. Terri Hill, the sponsor of the bill this week. Mike discussed our views on tackle football and explained all the benefits of the sport to the youth that play. Unfortunately, it looks like the bill will move forward in the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee.

      Coach Melvin from the Reisterstown Mustangs has started an online petition against the proposed legislation. The link is below if you would like to sign it and/or forward it.


  32. My dad died in 1982. Sometime before that date (maybe a few years or so), he told me that football will eventually be banned or will be phased out. I assure you I’m not making that up.

    I can definitely see a scenario where a hundred years from now, someone will be viewing a film of football and wondering just what were we thinking .. kind of like we look at gladiators now.


  33. Ridiculous to rip on this hire just like it was ridicluous to rip Peterson after last year.

    Peterson was a good coach when Pitt had talent all around on offense and the OC did a good job. Peterman, Connor, Orendoff, Weah, etc. Then Pitt has a down year and Peterson sucks. Did he suck or did the entire offense suck? He didn’t suddenly forget how to coach OL. He coached for Tressel at Ohio State….did he suck then?

    It is great to point out stats to make a coach look bad but you have to look at the entire offense. Was there talent on offense, was the OC good, etc. The answer to those questions are no. Does that mean every coach on the MD staff is bad? No

    You don’t stay an OL coach in D1 without having success and a good reputation.


    1. This guy has.

      You are delusional if you don’t think there is a very strong old boys network among college coaches…patronage runs rampant and we are seeing it in full glory at Pitt.

      Poor staff coaches get recycled all the time.


      1. There are loads of these recycled stiffs from sea to shining sea. Everyone once in a while that fall into
        a good gig, but like with Ming, he had good run at Louisville, but Strong didn’t feel that highly about him
        to take him to Texas with him and Ming ends up at a D2 school and then regresses again to UVA and MD type jobs.


  34. Pat Forde@YahooForde
    Forde Minutes Second Half: Five teams in the selection committee’s early bracket reveal nobody saw coming; Ohio St, Pitt and right/wrong hires; upgrading SEC coaching; Final Four never-beens; 5 questions with @CoachMiles; comp car; bus; beer; etc



      The flip side of Smith’s master stroke is unfolding at Pittsburgh, where the program has become a disaster in astonishingly short order. Lacking a clear understanding of exactly how valuable Jamie Dixon (29) was in building and sustaining Pitt basketball, school administrators let him walk to alma mater TCU in 2016.

      Turns out, replacing a guy who never had a losing season and went to 11 NCAA tournaments in 13 seasons wouldn’t be all that easy. Especially if you hire the absolutely wrong guy.

      That’s what athletic director Scott Barnes (30) did when he tabbed Vanderbilt’s Kevin Stallings (31). This arrangement very likely was created by the buddy-buddy search firm business: Barnes hired College Sports Associates, run by his former boss at Washington, Todd Turner, who also happened to be Stallings’ former boss at Vandy. It was all very convenient, except for the inconvenient truth that Stallings was a very bad fit for the Pitt job. Nine months later, Barnes left Pitt for Oregon State. In his wake, the Stallings Era has been a complete debacle.

      Pitt’s long run of winning records ended last year, when the Panthers went 16-17. This year, with a threadbare roster, has been much worse — Pitt is 8-18 overall and 0-13 in the ACC. The last three losses have been by 31 (at North Carolina), 24 (at Clemson), and 34 (home against a Louisville team playing without its leading scorer). Stallings easily could be two-and-through at Pitt.


      1. In retrospect they should have fired Otis after he lost to Duquesne, with 2 NBA players on the roster, even though Artis didn’t play that game. Pitt should have still had more than plenty to demolish DU.

        The game wasn’t even close. And it was certainly a hint of things to come.


  35. Going strictly by stats, Pitt should have grabbed Nevada’s OL coach. First year as a OL coach and his line gave up a mere 1.1 sacks per game to rank 14th nationally. Hell, Alabama was at 65th. Take the Nevada coach and their 3-9 record. Sacks per game mean everything in football. 🙂


  36. Felix, well, I like the Bates hire, am OK with Collins also.

    But I live here in Maryland and everyone follows the Terps…and have joked about the OL over the last two years. This coach had great talent to work with, as I said earlier a 5*, two 4s, a 3 and a 2*, as did his predecessor and the OL was poor.

    When local fans send you texts telling you “better you than us” soon as a hire is made… I have gotten three since this move was announced… one tends to wonder.

    Of course we have to wait and see, that’s what sports is. But the result isn’t always good if you do. Sometimes that means you’ll just be disappointed at a later date.

    I’m pretty good with predictions on what may happen with Pitt football so I’ll throw this out at this very early date;

    Pitt’s OL is going to be the poorest performing unit out of all including the defense… Plus our Sacks Allowed (currently 101th with 31) and Tackles for Loss Allowed (currently 99th with 79) will be the same or worse under Borbely in 2018.

    That will cripple the offense and we’ll still be within a point of our 2017’s 23.9 ppg scoring average instead of a big jump with Pickett.

    I was worried about the OL before last season and was correct. I worried about it even more this year and this hire hasn’t helped in that regard.


  37. The OL stats will be better this year Reed. Especially if Pitt finds an RB other than Hall and Ollison.

    You have been correct on the predictions….so you are due to miss one, LOL.


  38. Wonder if he was responsible for any of those three 4 star offensive linemen recruited last year. Or any good linemen while at maryland.


    1. Ming was only at MD for 2 years, for some bizarre reason he didn’t go along with Charlie Strong to Texas, when he a part of that staff at Louisville(which was his best gig btw) and Strong got the HC gig at Texas.

      Somehow Ming ended up at some D2 school, Co. State-Pueblo in 2014.

      He got taken away his O-line duties in 2017 and was moved to the Outhouse or Pressbox.


      1. To make it seem not so bad, they made him Special Asst to the Head Coach. (ie. we got to get
        you away from the O-line since our QB’s are dropping like flies)


  39. Pitt Earns Best Anniversary Campaign Recognition from opendorse Awards

    opendorse Honors Pitt’s Social Media Efforts for the 10th Anniversary of 13-9

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    “We are very excited to be recognized by opendorse for our #13to9 10-year anniversary social media campaign,” said director of digital media Jason Griffith, who helped establish Pitt’s relationship with opendorse and coordinated this campaign. “The collective efforts of our athletics staff and football alumni on developing and executing this initiative helped us create over 1,175,000 impressions on Twitter and Facebook in just 24 hours. We look forward to creating more unique social media campaigns for our fans with the help of our partners at opendorse.”

    Pitt received one of 19 individual recognitions handed out during the debut of the opendorse Awards, as the likes of the PGA Tour, New Jersey Devils and athletic departments from Clemson, Georgia, Nebraska and others were also named winners.

    Founded in ­­­­­2013, opendorse is an agency that uses social media to connect brand clients—such as collegiate athletic departments, professional sports leagues and thousands of professional athletes—with their fans by providing unique and engaging content.


    1. this is worth at least three more 4-stars next year … not to mention a good replacement for KS.

      I have no doubt that a future winner of this award will be PittPOV for the large number of blog postings


  40. Reed – Bowen was OL coach, not Borbely, and it wasn’t in title only. I work with a kid who played for MD last season on offense (recruited under Edsal and hates him with a passion). He’s entry-level inside sales right now and he works on the lead generation team next to me. I just asked him if Borbely was involved with coaching the OL and he said no. He did high level stuff with the HC and OC and helped organize practices but was 100% in an off-field role this season.

    Btw, my co-worker also told me that Bowen left MD for PSU this offseason too. Guys who aren’t really coaching don’t usually get asked to move on. A point my co-worker made, not me. He’s coaching TE’s at PSU now. Bowen was very raw like you hinted at but he was also 100% responsible for the OL.

    My co-worker said the issue MD had is that they were still playing with Edsal recruits in 2016, and 2017 was a transition year with a bunch of new kids playing for the first time. He also said that the biggest problem was that their QB’s kept getting hurt. Every time a QB got hurt a less experienced kid got put behind center and that, more than anything, lead to the sack totals. He said when you’re on your 3rd and 4th QB’s crap kind of goes out the window. Again, his words.

    You comment, “Borley was ‘special asst’ to the HC but it was well known down here he oversaw the OL given that the ‘new’ OL coach was Bowen and that was his 1st year in D1 ball – he had been OL at Fordham before.” is highly suspect.

    He may not be an exciting or good hire. I don’t know. The 2016 season at MD is on him, 100%. It sounds like there were some things out of his control, however.

    This seems like a safe hire, in my opinion. My co-worker didn’t have anything good or bad to say about him except that he was a nice guy and kids appeared to listen to him. My co-worker was with a different position group. He said that he didn’t know if he was or would be a good recruiter but that’s not something the players really care about or talk about.

    My co-worker said QB play had as much to do with sack totals both years than anything. He said his hiring implies Pitt will be a very heavy run-oriented, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.


    1. Good points, thanks. My comment derived from conversations with MD fans and two MD HS head coaches who I know well. So, I’m not sure that’s “suspect” as much as it just differs from what you were told.

      Bowen ‘s move from an OL coach to a TE coach ain’t exactly a step up though. There may not have been a choice for him to stay at MD given how poorly the OL was last season…about as bad as ours when WE fired our OL coach.


  41. Just an observation, but Stallings staying with his system, when he doesn’t have the talent available to play it, reminds me a lot of Narduzzi’s defense. Lucky for Narduzzi, he had a strong offense for his first two years.

    Last year the offense didn’t hold up. So what do we expect this year? The defense better be a whole lot better and able to execute the system.

    I hope Borbely beats the odds, but when you pick a coach from a bottom feeder in the B1G, it kind of makes you wonder. Is he a “seasoned professional” or a washed up has been?

    We are again going to have to rely on some real youth on the O-line, hope this guy is an excellent teacher.

    Back to Stallings for a minute; Tonight is probably the only chance for him to get off the schneid. I’ll be there tonight with a few hundred of my close friends. After this year I am done, did not watch 1 second of the Louisville game. My guess is that Pitt BBall is ruined for ten years possibly forever.


    1. I didn’t watch a second of the L-ville game either. They won by like 34 playing without their top scorer.
      Had he been there, it would have been like last year. A 60 point loss or whatever.

      Otis proved to me last year he couldn’t game-coach, as Pitt’s problem last year was a lack of a Center,
      yet he hardly played a kid, who was an enormous space eater and presence in the middle, the Nix kid.

      Who also was a positive influence with this 110% effort playing hard.

      Please take a sign and hold it up, that reads……#dumpOtisNOW!


  42. BTW, don’t believe it was mentioned here. But on Sunday, for the first time the HC was not announced during the pre-game introductions. It went directly from the players to standing for the anthem.


        1. Sort of wrote that as a tongue in cheek comment ike…..however ppl pay good money to see a good product. And if they don’t get their money’s worth….they should have the opportunity to boo.
          And Loudly


    1. The fact that the S-show happened/is happening and Barnes role in it, though not detailed, is actually hope as it makes certain that the problem is exposed on a national stage. Some less ability to hide from it all for Gallagher, BOT, Heather, etc.


  43. Yes, I heard that instead of giving Stallings his own intro it was ” Here are your Pitt Panthers, coAched by Kevin Stallings. Very clever.


  44. BC is 5.5 pt favorites tonight. This and next week vs Wake are likely the only chances to salvage an ACC win.

    FWIW, BC went winless in the ACC two years ago. Now they are 15-10 and 5-7 in ACC …. which doesn’t exactly thrill me but I wouldn’t know what to expect


    1. If BC’s record stays above .500 this year…it will be the first time in 7 seasons they will have performed that feat.

      2016-2017 9 wins 23 losses
      2015-2016 7 wins 25 l’s
      2014-2015 13-19
      2013-2014 8-24
      2012-2013 16-17
      2011-2012 9-22

      We’re looking at something very similar with Otis. For neither can he game-coach or recruit.


  45. Here is info on Borbely’s salary at Maryland…

    “Borbely’s deal to be the team’s offensive line coach is worth $340,000 with a $240,000 base salary and $100,000 in supplemental income. Borbely, one of the most experienced coaches on the staff, can earn up to $55,000 in incentives. ”

    That is from 2016 and I hope we aren’t paying him much more than that.


  46. Reed.. no need for Pitt to take a chance and pay more for the “ splash “ hire…that would break Standard Operstioal Procedure…


  47. Wow, didn’t we have nearly like 12,000 Season Ticket Holders just a few short years ago.

    Now when you use the scrolling feature, the whole upper tier of sideline seats are available.
    Not to mention the seats behind the back boards.

    This is a financial disaster at $45 per seat. Plus all the other lost revenue & donations.


  48. I think we win tonight OR on the 24 against the team that plays the kind of ball so many criticized JD for….anyone want to take back their slog-ball or skunk-head criticism?


  49. Was checking Stubhub, you can get Centre Court Club Seats for $22. Lots are available.

    Are those tickets normally $45 as well or higher ?


    1. The other issue is that Pederson implemented the priority system based on donation amount getting better seating. My guess is donations have dropped in some correlation as well.


  50. The hire is not exactly earth shattering here. But I was never sold on Peterson as his inability to use his Ohio connections to deliver good talent. Now I am not sure what this coach can do recruiting and he is probably a decent coach. Maryland was a tuck it a run QB play with the QB from Central, P Hills. Ol simply was over matched in talent and quite frankly I can;t name one stud on offense except the WR in years. But as much as I thought the DC and DB coaching hire sere solid, this is suspect. Narduzzi has more info and insights than me so who really knows.


  51. One other thing. Pitt has picked up a nice class which was Narduzzi’s doing in Zubovic, Kradel, and Brown this year. The grad transfer will add to the mix. Narduzzi seems to be positive on the Ol with these recruits plus Drake, Warren, and Drexel last year. Maybe Herndon comes over and competes for the LG position. In any event, unlike the Graham and HCPC years, Pitt has numbers to work with. Man shame what has happened to Pitt BB. tis was a long time coming under Smiley Nordy and Herman added to the speed of the decline. But take a differing view here. KS is simply the transition to hopefully the understanding the next hire has to be very good to bring the program back. But the facility is still better than most and the ACC adds some cache here. Estaban former bucco still needs to work on his delivery I guess.


    1. I am very optimistic about Kradel, Zubovic, Drake and Warren .. and eventually see them all as starters. But I also thought 4-star Mike Grimm, Connor Hayes and Alex Paulina would make a splash


  52. Does anyone think we can beat BC tonight? I don’t see how it could happen. As I am teaching World War I to 8th graders that do not care about it, the word shell shock came up. Is this Panther team too shell shocked to get a conference win?

    I’d prefer to have ex NFL and Bama coach Gene Stallings instead of Kevin to finish the season.


    1. Oh yes, the War that was to end all Wars. In reality it was the start of a century of nothing but wars.

      World War 1 additionally a war between countries that were all ruled by Kings & Queens that were
      are related to each other. What a utter scam, like Major General Smedley Butler of the USMC and Commandant suggested in his book. War is a Racket.

      Liked by 2 people

  53. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette@PittsburghPG
    LIVE: University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Patrick Gallagher and UPMC President and CEO Jeffrey Romoff announce a multi-million dollar investment in the former Reidbord building to create the UPMC Immune Transplant and Therapy Center


  54. The hiring of Lyke and Stallings indicate to me that Gallagher really does not care about being competitive.

    Either that or he is totally incompetent.

    Victory lights don’t matter if you don’t have victories. Same with HOF window dressing.

    Funny how Jamie has a bottom feeder competitive and we have a perrenial winner going 0-fer in conference play.


    1. lol @ victory lights. Look at like this, they’ll be on so few times for bball and less than 7 or 8 some years for football, Pitt will $ave a lot of money in Energy bills. And then they can hire more incompetent peeps.


  55. Maybe Occam’s Razor answers this OL coach hire. He just might be the best choice of applicants for the job. This is currently the state of Pitt FB, not seen as a destination job…


  56. When we go 5-7 again in football, I want to hear how happy we are with our tough OOC schedule.

    Sorry to join UPitt on the negativity scale, but Women’s Volleyball is carrying our athletic department right now.


  57. from the Trib …. “The ITTC represents an endeavor that is at the heart of UPMC’s mission – to develop and deliver life changing medicine,” Jeffrey Romoff, UPMC President and CEO, said in a press release. “By investing in extraordinary people and ground-breaking research today, we will define tomorrow’s health care, right here in Pittsburgh.”

    Tuesday’s announcement comes after UPMC unveiled plans in November to invest $2 billion to build three specialty hospitals in Pittsburgh focused on cancer, organ transplants, and heart and vision care. Romoff said the hospitals will be built on the campuses of UPMC Presbyterian in Oakland, UPMC Mercy in Uptown and UPMC Shadyside.*******************

    Can’t they spare another $500M?


  58. UPMC is in the money making business.. Romoff made $8.8M several years ago and had 31 execs under him making a mil or more… they could lead the charge by making a personal donation to the new Pitt Stadium fund( if ever established.)UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh are totally different business entities.


  59. UPMC can’t spare a dime.. to many dollars needed to advertise and monopolize the healthcare market…if they legally were able to participate with UPMC they would recover what they give by increasing insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays !!


  60. baseball68… read your post about the incessant complaining on the POV. I see where a reader can make that association and lose interest in participating or reading blog. You were serious about what you wrote and that is how I read it.

    With the new coach hire I will take a wait and see approach… That is true of most people on here post regularly on the POB regardless of how much we complain.

    I know quite a few of these fellows and our lady.. you could not meet a finer group with a huge love for their university And want them to put their best foot forward. It would be great though we were all on the same page and I think a lot of that responsibility starts with the board of trustees and management. They need to develop a plan and goals and make the alumni and interested community a part of the plan.


  61. Reed – I agree … It appears Bowen was asked to leave or saw the writing on the wall. I was probably too harsh with my critique of your post but a former player says he wasn’t involved with the O-line at all. I agree it’s not an inspiring hire, however. I don’t think he deserves blame for 2017 though. As I said, 2016 is his to own. There was some good with the rushing offense but pass blocking certainly was more than suspect. In the end, I can’t get too excited about a position coach.


    1. Tossing….he’s a frickn position coach. You could not be more correct. If he were on a racing team, he would be the one putting air in the tires. Lighten up my POV friends!


      1. Position coaches have more influence on players careers than either the HC or the Coordinators do – position coaches are the guys who are charged with turning HS players into effective college players.

        If they don’t do their jobs well it screws the players under them and thus the whole team when it comes to putting their kids out on the field as starters and two-deep players.

        If makes a big amount of difference if a position coach is good or not.

        That is why i have been clambering for a true QB position coach on staff for a long time. We never do that and our recruited QBs never pan out… so fans think they weren’t any good. But the truth is, in most cases, those young QBs weren’t coached properly in the first place.

        A good case in point was Adam Bertke – when he came to Pitt he had all the physical skills needed to succeed at this level but no single position coach to teach and mold him from his true FR year onward.


  62. area 6’11 with an alleged big upside … a short time ago, Pitt would be considered as the favorite, but now likely a big dog

    Craig Meyer@CraigMeyerPG
    6-11 forward/center Brandon Stone, a former Southmoreland standout, announces he is focusing on the following four schools for the 2018 recruiting cycle:

    Penn State
    South Carolina

    He notes his recruitment is still open for both the 2018 and 2019 classes.


      1. Kid looks very athletic for someone that tall. Competition looks a little suspect. But still, Pitt can use anybody, that play Center and he’ll gain some weight I would think.


  63. Big B I get what you’re saying. We are all frustrated with mediocrity in football and whatever level B.B. has sunk to. Complaints are definitely warranted. It’s great that we have such a place like this blog to vent. Hopefully we’re moving in the right direction and there will more things to be positive about.Basketball is another story. That’s a train wreck. The higher ups have to pull the plug on Stallings.


  64. Reed: my above comment wasn’t necessarily directed only at you but I would say everyone on the POV. We all try and give our slant just the way PITT did. Your article came off more of a rebuttal than unbiased.

    Seems to me that DB has a good resume and rebounded well after head coaching changes. Bottom line for me is that I would rather have an experienced O-Line coach than a young up and comer.

    Stone from Southmoreland is a good player and would help PITT with his size although he was more of a perimeter layer a few years ago. He shoots well, runs the floor well and is a hustle kid. << cherry picking aside.


  65. Agree with Tossing Thabeets on Coach Borbely last year at Maryland.

    According to USA Today’s 12/7/2017 article on Assistant coaches salaries, Borbely was not one of the 9 coaches listed.

    That means he was probably a “quality control” coach. They can do a lot of back room activity (film review of game & practices, recruiting review, upcoming opponents game films, etc..) but no personal coaching activity.

    Durkin was hired before the 2016 season so Borbely was coaching Randy Edsell recruits. Obviously, Edsell < Chryst at recruiting linemen (or anyone else). Either that or 4 star linemen are not college ready as true freshmen.

    I think it was 2016 that Alabama had three exHC’s (Sarkasin , Locksley & can’t remember the 3’rd) as Q.C. coaches.


  66. Maybe we can “transplant” the BoT, Gallagher, Lyke and Stallings to Mercyhurst and get real administrators here.

    The hospitals are not about “teaching and education”. They are about money! Follow the cash if you want answers.


  67. I don’t like the hire, but speaking as an unattractive man, if he continues to get work in college football where recruiting is so important I have to presume that he is a good coach. I liked the Collins and Bates hires but not sold on this one.

    Personally, I would have not used the 10th hire and paid the 9 I have a bit more. When you have almost as many coaches as players on the field there are too many. When you include all of the GA’s and what not it is insane.

    How is that for looking at the positive.


  68. I do like the idea of the 10th coach being a QB coach if you are going to have one…I would like to introduce Mr. Tyler Palko. PITT guy, dad is a coach, been around the NFL, played a lot like Pickett, I could think of worse.


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