Something’s Semi-Rotten in the State of Oakland

Something’s Semi-Rotten in the State of Oakland

We all have opinions on how and why a University’s football program should exist and  how the employees of that University should conduct themselves.  I am not one who thinks that any sport, amature or professional, should be above adhering to basic ethical standards. Never, and I’m  worried about that now with Pitt football.  Allow me to explain why.

I have been associated with the University of Pittsburgh in various ways since my birth 62 years ago.  I’ve written before on here how Pitt has been a part and parcel of my very extended family’s life since my grandfather, Dr. Henry Kohberger, received his Medical Degree in 1899, then as a faculty member taught at The University of Pittsburgh’s  School of Medicine when it changed over in 1910.

Dr KohbergerMy father, Dr. Paul Kohberger was graduated from Pitt in 1939 then after the war came back as a Grad student, was made a tenured Full Professor and finally Dean of the Graduate School of Business Administration at Pitt.  My mother graduated from Pitt and  then was the Assistant Dean of Women for the university in addition to being President of Pitt’s Alumni Association in a few successive terms and stayed involved with Pitt until her death.

My brother Paul is now the Assistant Librarian for the University’s library system. That’s the Executive Officer in military terms.  He started shelving books part-time at Hillman Library as a freshman at age 18 and has been walking into that same building to work for 47 years – which freaks me out, but different strokes for different folks I suppose.

There have been multiple Kohberger’s and extended family members at Pitt ever since… uncles, aunts, brothers, cousins, etc… it’s like Pitt’s blue and old gold runs in our familial bloodline.

The reason I mention all this in so much detail is to provide some verifiable background for what goes into formulating my opinions on the issues that take place within the university, and in turn as we read on The Pitt POV,  the school’s football program. I am opinionated and that doesn’t just spin out of thin air but comes from 55+ years of immersion.

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