POV Sunday Podcast – Virginia Win, Yeah Us!

OK, so it’s  “…every loyal son.

What really struck me yesterday was the real power Fran “Lastrowofsection4” has with PennDot when he had them change all HOV lanes to POV lanes…and changed Reedsdale St. to

Here are the latest statistical standings Pitt has after this win – it shows our steady improvement as has been seen over the last few games.  At least we are out of the 100s in most categories…

Team Stats – Through games 10/28/2017
Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 99 363.8
Rushing Offense 88 145.3
Passing Offense 75 218.4
Team Passing Efficiency 80 126.45
Scoring Offense 95 24.2
Total Defense 90 420.7
Rushing Defense 55 156.8
Passing Yards Allowed 107 263.9
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 102 141.92
Scoring Defense 80 27.9

Here is something interesting I found – the Power Ratings for the Panthers over our first nine games. It’s a bit hard to read the info below but this site, www.teamrankings.com is great for getting into the weeds of college football.

Teamrankings VA.pngHere are some post-game videos for your pleasure…