Pitt vs Duke Gameday Thread

Guys – if you are making late predictions please include them on yesterday’s prediction thread found here so that I have them all in one place.

OK – another Saturday and another chance for Pitt to vault into the rarified air where  the three win teams reside.  I think we can do it today.  Why not? But I’ll still stick with my prediction that we lose by 8 or 9 points because of so many serious question marks we have seen emerge in the first seven games.

My thought process with this prediction is like about a hundreds other Pitt fan’s I have read over the last few day… until we can mount a consistent and effective running games that produces way over our current 3.3 ypg & 113.7 yards per game.

That ineptitude will put a lot of pressure on any team’s passing game even if they have an established and experienced QB behind Center.  We don’t have that which makes this game even more shaky.  So – it adds up to another disappointing afternoon on paper…

But let’s prove Reed wrong this afternoon.

Here’s a tip of the beer mug to the POV’ers attending the game in Durham, NC today.  Get together, have fun, swap your best Pitt-life stories and bring us far away fans a win today!!  But above all be careful driving today.

Note: for our readers who haven’t received a POV shirt yet please email me at rkohberger@gmail.com with your size and address (and phone # if you would) with “T-Shirt” in the subject line and I’ll do what I can to get one out ASAP if I still have your size.

I’ll be putting a new order in with, I think, a new graphic done by my daughter if I can afford her prices… obviously 22 years of room & board, medical coverage, college tuition and a new car for her 21st B-day means nothing to an artist.

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