POV: MMQB Rice Game


Sorry for the lack of participation – have house guests this week (and maybe next also) so writing will be sparse.

It was a fun game to watch and as we all mentioned gives us hope that the team will stay on its feet to get to a winning season.  I think it will be tough to do given the problems we have on the lines (both O and D) and our porous pass defense but it is doable.

I’m going to leave the “GOOD, BAD and UGLY” up to you guys in the comments – I said in the podcast what I thought.  Browne showed up and our running game went into hiding … again.  We are averaging only 114 ypg on the ground, 3.1 ypc and only 7 rushing TDs in five games.

I’ll leave you with this because in my mind it bears watching and will be as big a problem as our pass defense is now. The following info is minus the YSU FCS game where our running attack played it’s best – but against lower competition.

In four FBS football games Pitt has rushed 132 times for 364 yards and only 4 TDs. That is 2.75 yards per carry.  That is 91 yards per game with only 1 TD per match. That is not enough.

As much as I am keeping my fingers crossed that Browne has turned the corner and will play well here on out – I think it is even more important that our run game gets going to compensate in moving the ball downfield if that doesn’t happen… and to get their LBs up close to the LOS.

So – we are standing at 2-3 and now going into the meat of the ACC schedule and doesn’t this feel much better than 1-3??

 This is where it gets really interesting.  So give us your “GOOD, BAD and UGLY” and tell us why you think so.