POV Wednesday Roundtable Call-In; 10-4-17

Again we have a lot to discuss about our 2017 team – this time coming on the heels of a nice 42-10 win over Rice University.  We saw some real good things happen out there last Saturday combined with some continually poor play on some units’ part.

Let’s talk about that in-depth and then look toward our next match up in the Dome in Syracuse, NY.

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This is always a fun website to look at as the upcoming games get closer – Teamrankings.com.  This one is from the Syracuse Orange pages...


Interestingly enough  SYR bests us in 10 of  the 12 categories listed – but with our tougher schedule played so far I don’t think that means much for Saturday.  I hate our 30% 3rd down conversion rate though.

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