POV: Recruiting Thoughts

Tonight is another edition of our Roundtable.  We had a great time last week with Matt and Mark… and let’s get one or two more callers this evening.  Always more fun to discuss a win than a loss.  Details at the end of this article.


In yesterday’s comments a readers posted the following in regards to a quote Pat Narduzzi made during this last offseason:

Narduzzi was quick to point to freshman defensive backs who were either redshirted or used sparingly this season (2016), but could be key contributors in 2017.

“Damar Hamlin, (Therran) Coleman. (Jay) Stocker is going to continue to get better,” he said. “Bricen Garner is a good football player already. Henry Miller, across the board.”

He also threw out the names of three other freshmen: linebacker Chase Pine, defensive tackle Keyshon Camp and wide receiver Ruben Flowers. Then, he added, “Wait until you get a glimpse of (quarterback) Thomas MacVittie.”

I add this to show just how predictions – even from as close to the team as you can get – are often either way overblown or said with wishful thinking. Looking at those singled out you have to laugh a bit because aside from Damar Hamlin – who is having a nice comeback year and Bricen Garner who is doing OK – the rest of those players listed by Narduzzi can’t really be called a “key contributor” for this season’s team.

Here what the defenders listed  have done so far.  Henry Miller hasn’t played on defense yet.


Of course we know that now Thomas MacVittie is out of the QB picture completely barring injury to either DiNucci and Pickett and WR Flowers hasn’t touched the ball at all.

Ruben Flowers is an interesting case here – a 4* recruit who had everyone slobbering over him during camp but so far he’s done nada on the field.  Now unless I missed it Flowers hasn’t been injured so something has kept him on the bench and that is the staff’s call.

My point with all this is, and I do know that recruiting is an inexact science that usually doesn’t show results for two or three years, Narduzzi’s recruits from 2015 on have not played to expectations yet – nor have his transfers… but those are another story.

Narduzzi has relied on transfers and he’s relied on switching kids’ positions. He hit a gold mine with Nate Peterman but in camp the jury was out on Chris Clark, Mike Flanagan, Max Browne, Dewayne Hendrix and some other players to supplement the returning Panthers for this ’17 season.  Continue reading “POV: Recruiting Thoughts”