POV’s Monday Morning QB; Duke Win

Monday-Morning-QBNow that the house guests have cleared out from a busy and hectic weekend I had a chance to watch the Duke win this morning.  A very strange game to say the least – and I understand that I was watching it on TV and not live like some of our POV commenters were.

All I can say is thank goodness for Hall’s two great runs – otherwise we’d be singing a different tune today.

Yesterday a reader sent along his Good, Bad & Ugly thoughts and I’ll incorporate those, along with other commenter’s thought in the listings today.



  • Two instances that the line created big holes for Hall to run 79 and 94 yards for TD’s
  • No fumbles
  • Fairly aggressive pass defense in the first half
  • Pitt was capable of making first downs on the third try
  • Weah had two nice receptions and really fought for the ball
  • Ra-Ra Lopes definitely is the most consistent receiver on the field for Pitt
  • Say what people will, DiNucci can launch a long ball too but seldom does


  • Duke’s overall speed actually seemed better than Pitt’s
  • Pitt LBers still had problems covering the right person and tackling them
  • Maddox’s injury as he recorded a sack plus played very aggressively
  • No Pickett at all in the game, that was a huge mistake in the third quarter
  • Pitt kept letting Duke eat away at the score and take the lead with long TD passes


  • Maddox’s injury
  • Failure to give Pickett more experience, DiNucci did just mediocre and didn’t screw up

Here are some extra thoughts:

Any win is a good one – especially if your team is sitting at 2-5 more than halfway through the season. That was a win and I’ll take it.  Three more like that (hard as it may be) and then I’ll start thinking about a bowl spot.  Until then I’ll leave that up to the AD whose job it is entails blowing smoke.

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