POV Sunday Podcast: Win Over YSU

Here are the game stats:



YSU Taigate 1
JoeKnew, Reed and Richman and a new POV friend
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Colonel in the Air Force, MajorMajors, Ike, Lastrowofsection4, Richman, Reed and Sorry but  I forgot his name… Fran is wearing his dancing shoes…

111 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast: Win Over YSU

  1. The way I have it figured ….. the Dairy School team will instead of a terrible resolve filled with revenge approach next week with substantial complacency and some sympathy. This is the only we could have played it to have a chance next week.


  2. also, remember ….

    — many of us were predicting YSU to be a tough game … and it certainly was that.

    — most of us have predicted a tough September …. and that appears to be accurate.

    — by mid October, Pitt will turn into a pretty decent team … and that remains to be seen.


  3. Nice talk there Reed and I know you must be worn out from a day on the road. I thought you had season tickets?

    If Kessman makes the first field goal attempt, I don’t think YSU mount the comeback. Lot’s of factors played into the games outcome.

    Does anyone besides myself think that the downfield passing game was held in the Narduzzi secret service vault? How about defensive schemes? Weah finally catches a pass when Narduzzi’s hand was forced and the defensive backfield gets a pick-off. hmmmm?

    Reed, so happy you finally figured out that Red 5-A is across from the Residence Inn and not the Renaissance Hotel. Now lets work on JAMES Franklin’s name. Unless his nick-name is Ron then here we go again..

    Agree with the no penalty comment and how bout no turnovers?

    Bigfoot? LOL. Which one is the biggest? Opie’s forehead or his left foot?

    How can I agree with you and disagree at the same time? When you say you’re not being negative just typing how you feel. Well?? … You obviously feel negative.

    3 years ago Wells threw for 274 yards on a 18-38 day, while YSU put up 37 pts. He’s no slouch.

    You’re the man Reed and it’s appreciated very much by very many. Again, had a real nice time at the POV tailgate and I as well will be there much earlier at the OSU game. I think another tailgate poll should be in order.

    Chains come off next week and turns everyone’s attitude back to the proper latitude or is it longitude? Weah catches 8 passes for 230 yards… Henderson even gets into the action. …

    Who’s that fat guy between Major-majors and Lastrow ? …………ike

    Calm down
    Have some dip
    We can work it out


  4. Brian Batko ✔ @BrianBatko
    Steelers sign Matt Galambos back to practice squad, but not Terrish Webb. Lions bring back Dontez Ford, but not Scott Orndoff.

    Other Pitt practice squad signings: JP Holtz (CLE) and Tyrique Jarrett (DEN). Shakir Soto TBD. Lafayette Pitts ends up on Jacksonville’s 53.


  5. I expect Dorian Johnson to make a practice squad as well.
    Thanks for the podcast on such short turnaround.
    The odd thing about Browne, if you are correct why the heck did Narduzzi let him be picked a captain. I still think that Pickett will be a starter next year but DiNucci is a decent backup QB who might win a game on athleticism. I repeat, this scheme sucks, Conklin has to go and Narduzzi must put his ego aside and get a DC who can run his own defense and his own show.
    ps hope to make next tailgate, ran into traffic on Parkway which is a way I dont usually come in on.


  6. Reed: so sorry I didn’t thank you again for hooking my grand-daughter up with a POV tee-shirt. She’s thrilled to be a part of the gang. Look out Anne, you have a female companion on board. Pom Poms and all, plus she can type and has the PITT spirit. Her mom and dad are both PITT grads..

    RKB again, see you at the next tailgate and hopefully the next bunch of round-tables.

    La Pitts isn’t NFL quality? Another fail by the armchair QB guys.

    Didn’t Reed forget the end guy’s name at the golf outing picture as well? . .. . . . . . ike



    1. LOL. Pitts is atrocious Ike. A blind man can see that. He played 3 plays on special teams then cut. The Jags and he will be gone before end of month.


  7. 18.5 point underdog?
    Please clarify: is that 18.5 points per half?
    I will be there to watch us get smoked, all the while listening to the zealots scream: we are…
    The only thing that could make my day more miserable would be unveiling the statue of his blue and white holiness at midfield.


  8. Brian Batko ✔ @BrianBatko
    A few more Pitt rookies signed back to NFL practice squads: Adam Bisnowaty (NYG), Dorian Johnson (AZ), Ryan Lewis (AZ).


  9. So most are assuming next weeks “cat fight” will be one sided with the nittany lions rolling the Panthers with a big score.

    I’d like to disagree with tha assumption. I received an interesting education at the Pittsburgh Zoo today that leads me to think Pitt will be in this game, keeping it close with intelligent play calling and agile athletes that will debuted in state college – Clark, Davis, Sibley, Ford, Sears, McVitte, Flowers, Mathews, etc. These powerful and fearless young players will play reckless and aggressive, with nothing to lose. The ACC is the prize and they know it, but this game is their stage to shine by knocking off the #6 team in the polls.

    Factual note on the QB play yesterday – Nate Peterman had a lower QBR rating (53.2) in the villanova game last year than Mad Max yesterday (75.5). Neither is good, but look where Nate ascended. Why not Max?



    1. Let me add to my list of young, aggressive & agile athletes –

      Pine, Hamlin (if healthy), Ffrench, Miller, Butler and Smith.

      The nitters are going to see a lot of what we Pitt fans did not see yesterday.

      Looks can be deceiving and I know a lot of you will bash my optimism. But so what! I’m a Pitt alum who saw the Sherrill era usher out to the Foge and 30 years of mediocre FB.

      Duzz has something in the oven for James and I’ll never forget the feeling at Heinz last year when Pitt beat the hated nitters 42-39. Or watching Blewitt kick the game winner vs clemscum after missing his 1st two attempts of 2016.

      I believe and will keep sipping my kool-aid without letting yinz to pi$$ in my cup.



    2. Maybe because Max Browne doesn’t have the skills Peterman had? Also – don’t forget the Nate had a pretty good season the year before so we knew what he could do…

      We shall see and I hope he turns the corner as we’ll need him to be effective but I’m convinced we’ll live and die by the run game this season – if our OL can get it together.

      3.9 ypc ain’t going to cut it.


          1. I was thinking “c” was catch – that is why you are the expert.

            I agree – needs to be around 5 ypc.

            Last year vs villanova we had a pitiful 2.52 ypc. That was with Conner making his return to FB after beating cancer.

            All stats point to a major breakthrough next week.


    3. Some of you guys have a problem with reality. We barely beat a bad YSU Team. Not YSU last year. This year. PSU is clicking on all cynlanders. Pitt will
      Hang in and only lose by 28-32.


  10. Maybe Gricar will rise up from the dead and tell his story on how he was kidnapped and murdered by the psu pedophile coverup artists.

    Seriously, that group turns my stomach. I guess it’s ok to knock off pledges in pedo valley now?? Can centre county become anymore corrupt?


  11. Great to meet Ike, MajorMajors, Altoona Josh, ..In the Ville, Richman, Lastrow, and of course, Reed, yesterday. Reed, thanks for the sweatshirt. My father in law has two tix for the game at the Dairy College next week. After YSU, he decided to skip next week. He’d prefer to sell them to Pitt fans rather than on EBay/StubHub. If anyone has interest, let me know


  12. Ike – if Narduzzi held anything back on offense when he was watching YSU climb back in the game with absolutely no offense from us in that 2nd half then he’s an idiot. I saw the post game interview and he inferred he did but I don’t believe a word of it. You don’t do that if you are in danger of losing the game… unless he was fine losing an embarassing loss to get ready for PSU – which would also be an idiotic thing to do.

    No – I don’t think Watson is Canada and I believe Watson has shortened up the offensive playbook to accommodate Browne’s skill level. We had a 69% / 31% run/pass ratio yesterday – I can’t remember when we were more lopsided.

    BTW – why are fans thinking Watson didn’t call deep balls? If I remember correctly Browne threw at least three and missed on all of them – and I guess you could consider that catch by Flanagan a deep route also. They didn’t hold anything back – they just couldn’t execute very well yesterday.

    Here’s something to chew on – in the 2nd half YSU had 288 yards of offense while Pitt had a grand total of 99. 288 to 99 in crunch time folks… to an FCS team.


  13. Well Reed, in overtime they finally threw a pass to Weah and the defense finally had an interception. Their hand was forced and bingo. PITT won the first half and the overtime period. Other than that they sucked.. 1-0 is 1-0.

    I’ll judge this PITT team more on next week’s effort and trust me. I will be fair, balanced and tough….. ike

    Missing Wlat… Had a great time with our chat with a fellow Latrobian. Emphasize on the LAY of course!


    1. Ike: Me as well. Almost headed to Hotel Loyal for some Pizza tonight. Although I believe that the correct term is “Latrobean”


    2. Browne had unsuccessfully targeted Weah 3 times before the TD in overtime. The TD was a better catch (jumpball) than throw.

      The only credit Pitt should receive for the interception goes to Garner for catching it. It was thrown right to him and the QB was not under any duress. It was very similar to the interception that McSorley threw to Ryan Lewis last year except that YSU had to score a TD yesterday.


  14. Reed, #5 in the photo is my good friend and co-tailgate organizer Larry aka “Scooter”.
    Nice meeting so many POV’ERS that Wlat named earlier. Can’t believe I missed Annie.


  15. Anyone who doesn’t think PITT and Narduzzi held anything back this game is crazy as a 62 year old ex-Coast Guard Officer that we all thank for his service. .. and btw… When we think of holding out schemes we all think offense. Not so fast my friends.

    Before we go judging like we did last year after game one, we need to stop and pause…Do we really know what is up Narduzzi’s sleeve?

    Hell, HCPN told everyone before and after the game they were and did. You want it writing?…. Call EJ, he’ll verify it… your faithful friend….. ike.



    1. Ike – You are incapable
      Of being honest with anything Pitt. If that game doesn’t tell you.

      Narduzzi can’t recruit.
      Narduzzi can’t be a CEO. CEO’s fire or make Conklin a Recruiter not a DC.
      His Defense sucks.


  16. I dont think Nard Dog is smart enough to hold out schemes given the game next week. What you saw is going to be what takes the field in Creepy Valley. I believe the Nitters will cover and then some. I have little faith in this coaching staff. If we had a Saban like coach, the score would have been 80-0 with 3rd stringers playing in the second half. We lack the coaching and elite talent to compete. We got lucky in Death Valley last year. It was the game of the century for Pitt. Sorry to be such a downer but the program will be mediocre at best until real changes occur.


  17. Fuentes will outcoached the pants off Narduzzi. Hell bronco will soon enough. Richt already destroyed him. Now we get to watch Frankenstein and Mullet Man smoke him and he can be a smart ass in the press conf and act like he is big man on campus. No one wants this guy. Keep
    His money at 1.8M. That is fair for what he delivers.


    1. I’m just so tired of thinking we are close tombeing good and we diareah our pants.

      This should of been a 49-7 score.


  18. LMAO, Mark ,honest, I was just posting that the biggest upset of the week was you going 2-0 on your locks and it must be the positive influence of the Empress of Estonia when my wife asked me to do something, I return to post and I see your post. Scary!!


    1. Haha. Joeknew we are on the same page. LOL. And that is a major upset me winning for a change. I took TN tomorrow over GT.

      I need WVU to keep it close. Geting 4.5. I think they win if Grier Heats up.


  19. Dear Coach Narduzzi

    No one likes enforcing discipline more than I but your penalties on Wirrginis and Whitehead are ridiculous for a few tikes of weed. Their suspensions are punishing the Pitt team and fans and not creating one ounce of character! Please give them any other penalty and let them play this week.

    In addition, your ego is writing checks your results can’t cash. Forget the press defense and put this pathetic group of players in a zone D that does not require them to play beyond their very limited means!

    If the D has to think for a nanosecond “who am I supposed to cover?” They are already dead.

    Last but not least, you are being out recruited by every other team in the ACC. Hire someone, take some of that faux enthusiasm you show at press conferences and pick it up!

    You are starting to come off as a total fraud. The YSU game was an F on your report card but indicative of your staff and efforts to date.

    Dan 72


  20. Ike, did Darkie give u a transfusion?
    Going to bet the house, the kids’ college funds and a few of the old lady’s organs on Frankenstein’s Nits.
    How HCPN beat Clemson remains an enigma, if not a miracle.

    And Dana truly fits in with the in-breeds, who, by the way, would eat our lunch.


  21. C’mon, Mark. Say what you will, but Narduzzi has done a quite admirable job thus far. He can’t single handedly undo the mess created by his predecessors, including both head coaches and administrators. He beat both Clemson and PSU last year. 8 wins isn’t the ultimate goal, but it is progress over Chryst’s 6 win mediocrity. The current lack of any talent from our senior class, particularly on defense, is on Chryst. I do agree with you that Narduzzi and his staff need to recruit better. We graduated a lot of talent. We have a very young and inexperienced team. Judge him at the end of the season, not after one game. He was a very good defensive coach at Michigan State. He is the best coach we’ve had in a long time. I loved how Wanny recruited, but he had no clue how to coach college football.


    1. 3 years and we blame his predecessor???? His success is 100% bc Potato Sack could recruit Olinemen and some skilled players. Narduzzi has dug himself a hole in recruiting. Where are all these studs???


    2. Chryst is the one that inherited a mess. He took over for high octane Graham after one middling season. He coached the Rose Bowl so he didn’t start until January. That effectively left him with one month to put a class together in succeeding a coach who had a very different offensive and defensive philosophy. In addition, Chryst was the head coach for Pitt’s transition into the ACC.

      With regard to defensive recruiting, Chryst is responsible for incumbent starters Taleni and Blair whom Narduzzi dismissed, Chryst was responsible for returning sack leader Wirginis whom Narduzzi suspended. Chryst was responsible for Idowu, Zeise, Maddox and Briggs whom Narduzzi elected to start over his own recruits from the past 3 recruiting cycles. If Motley hadn’t been hurt, that Chryst recruit likely would have been the guy Narduzzi elected to start at corner yesterday over his own recruits.

      Narduzzi has always been free to start whatever underclassman he wants to play. Thus far in his tenure he has chosen to start Chryst’s recruits with the exception of Whitehead (who officially signed with Narduzzi but was recruited by Chryst) There must not be that much difference in talent.

      Chryst actually had 7 wins in year 2 (first in ACC). Chryst didn’t coach the bowl game against Houston at the end of year 3 when Pitt choked the 4th quarter against Houston to finish 6-7. That finish reminded me very much of yesterday’s game. The difference was Narduzzi coached Pitt yesterday.

      You are giving Narduzzi too much credit for the Clemson and PSU wins last season. Watson and McSorley made terrible decisions and throws in those games with Pitt in dire straits. Clemson in particular could have easily beaten the spread in that game. The only reason that Pitt was in those games was because of Canada’s offense with a group constituted almost entirely of Chryst recruits.


  22. Riddle me this: Did our play vaguely resemble anything you see tonight in WVCC v. VTech?

    It’s like we’re JV


  23. Upitt post “Ike – You are incapable
    Of being honest with anything Pitt”.

    After thinking this comment through, I had to ask myself if it’s not all that untrue. I’ve commented on this blog and other forum’s that I could never bet against PITT and or the Steelers for that matter and never have. NEVER!

    Here’s the thing though? Too many games I would have never bet on PITT to win as well. I’m not the homer I make myself out to be. Hell, no one hates steve more than me. Yet I wanted him to have winning football program at PITT despite his arrogance.

    I honestly do think, after further review, I can say that the YSU game is of zero consequences for this years PITT football team. Questions? Yes but the answers are pouring in a little too quickly for me to digest. Bridge jumpers and knee jerks are just not my style.

    My approach is more of hold the ship steady and ride it out. We all know very little about the PITT football team and all the coaches. I do succeed to the Narduzzi and PITT critics that the YSU game is a cause for worry but I ‘m not willing to join all you guys right at the moment…. well, and not only that, as EE mentioned. No need to be standing on the ledge right now.

    Maybe in a week or two you can all go jump off a bridge but I hope you don’t. As they say “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon” I have to ask, what would I do when in trouble in a dark alley with you guys that want to turn tail and run?

    This is not a quiz or an option. A phrase I really hate but rings true so often. “It is what it is” Jumping ship is PITT mutiny. < another seafaring cliche for Reed. Men and gal’s. Let’s get with it. We ALL have to be with the team ALL the way.

    I guess reality isn’t always an option and I wouldn’t have any other way. Trust me, from my shoes to all of you. Anything is possible and never give up!! . . . . . .ike

    Pitt Tough
    We All We Got!


    1. Ike – Like Gas says our game just watxhing it against a D1-AA opponents was painful and ugly.

      Some of us make fun of PSU and Coaches and WVU and Coaches but they have built the programs into winners. Narduzzi is struggling against teams not even in Division 1.


  24. Dan72, must agree about the penalties yet I am more appalled that Bookser only got 1 game.

    The latest is that HCPN has put the cone of silence over his players and his staff for this week. Believe he did the same last year. Personally I could care less …. but the self-serving media is surely to be up in arms. Nothing gets in their crawl more.


  25. I see that the WVU-VT game is opening up. Like it or not, you give a QB time to throw, he is going to connect … even against the vaunted Bud Foster defense


  26. I get that Upitt, I’m not that incapable and unwilling to realize that wasn’t PITT’s best effort. I’m just not sure if that was their best planned effort? I sure wish they would have finished the game stronger but the game is over.

    More to my point, Same type of scenario happened last year game one and can you guess what happened the next week?

    Recently I was told I can’t see the gray in life. I thought that was the pot calling the kettle black. IMO, it’s not often the case of right or wrong but how the case is arrived at. If it took a case of letting Villanova staying close last year to hide some playbook from psu and helping PITT to win. hmmmmm? …your bud…. ike

    We Are A Team


  27. Dan 72 I wonder if the penalty for the weed is set by school or NCAA, Reed may kno but I do not think we would have played any better in this scheme.
    Ike I like your self reflection, a true sign of honesty. Heck I think all of us on here are honest, sadly, myself included, sometimes we are honest to a fault without any tact.
    Reed i realize that once a vote is taken Nard doesn’t have any choice under the system he chose to let him be captain. Of course there was an article in one of the local papers recently and coaches nationwide have a variety of ways to pick captains. If as you surmise that the coaches knew Browne would only start several games they did a disservice to him. That raises the question of should a graduate transfer be eligible to be a captain in the first place? What if the team had voted Whitehead, Wirginis and Bookser team captains? I hope we quit bringing in grad transfer QBs as sooner or later we have to develop our own. Don’;t get me wrong i am delighted they brought in Nate as he was indeed the best QB since Marino and loved watching him but what does it say to potential QB recruits that you bring in a grad transfer every year? – Heck I would not come. Just raising questions. I was looking at possible LB’s on the roster – yech , not impressed with Nard’s recruiting but we shall see this year and next.


  28. Agree with UPitt, third year and Narduzzi needs to deliver. Instead his team looks like they are not ready to play. No enthusiasm and no energy compared to what you see from many, many other teams. What’s the deal there?


  29. UPitt – sorry for your wvcc loss – but the good news is Pitt is 1-0 going into next week’s rivalry game in creepy valley.

    I’m glad wvcc lost and vt looks like they found a good QB replacement in FR Josh Jackson.


    1. Yes I lost that one Erie. Grier is SEC Proven at UF and pretty good. VT with a true Freshman and I loved the 4.5. Loss is a loss. I need TN tomorrow over GT.


  30. Yesterday sucked. I get it. But last year the guy delivers the two biggest wins since 13-9, and he’s a turd because they gave up a big lead yesterday and ALMOST lost with like 10 new starters. Or because 6 important guys including several who are in the NFL got hurt in the bowl game last year and our backup QB couldn’t deliver a win. Or because he “only” has won 8 games in his each of his first two years.

    I understand that the goal is to win a Championship. We are closer to that than we ever were under Paul Chryst. Wanny was on the precipice, but couldn’t get it done, albeit in a much weaker conference.

    Nobody is happy with yesterday’s game. But please, go back and read the comments after Villanova last year. And then remember what it felt like to beat Penn State and Clemson. The sky isn’t falling.

    And even if we get beat by the #6 team in the country next week, which is likely, my opinion won’t change.


  31. No bowl wins. Team plays with no energy. 3rd year and Fuentes is on 2nd and way ahead. Average is the enemy of good. Narduzzi is avg. What can he do with his own recruits. Who knows he doesn’t play them he plays Paul’s.


  32. That game is over and in the rear view mirror. 1-0.

    It was a good ACC win for Vtech tonight. Those are important for the conference. Looks like FSU QB done for the year and they will go with local qb Consantino. That opens the door for Clempson to make the playoffs in my opinion which is more ACC tv money to share, so we can get more recruiting dollars. Many were picking FSU for playoff regardless of Alabama result too.

    Serious query : When you watch FSU, Alabama, VTek, Morgantown HIGH, LSU and others play, they have a mental edge with regard to competitiveness. They max effort and have speed. I hope all the speed the local writers have been talking about, shows up this weekend.

    Dravon Henry seems to be struggling and was fingerpointing on a VT touchdown where he stopped covering the receiver after the first move.

    Assuming Kam starts on Saturday. Also, Idowu needs to cover Barkley on the upcoming wheel routes x 5. Stuff the box and run blitz and hope mcsorearm has a bad day.

    Briggs will struggle with Gesicki. Briggs at 5’9″ and 2/3’s is 9-10 inches shorter. Time for a 6 + footer to cover their TE.


  33. Huff you sound positive. I agree we look like JV and the teams mentioned look legit. Don’t worry about the money it will be used for 60 La Quinta rooms at south side. It sure wasn’t used on painting the field. Heather do you do Anything other than create committees. Over her head.


    1. I’ll agree with you on this one – we were told the stadium would have a new look – the retired jersey posters were new, but unreadable.

      Bad change. The field was exactly the same as last year.

      The music was different and played at an acceptable level – the students sang every word. I never heard of the songs, but was happy the students were jazzed.


  34. Both the University and the ncaa have their own respective rules regarding positive testing for marijuana.

    The Pitt rule is 3 strikes and you are dismissed from the school. That is not a football coaches rule, that is the University’s policy.

    The university does their own testing. Also, the ncaa does random testing for all schools.

    I believe if it a player fails an ncaa drug test, the ncaa suspends them for a year.


  35. Somebody please explain to me how you can orchestrate holding back your effort on playing the offensive and defensive line so as not to showcase anything until you play PSU?


    1. It was well orchestrated, almost to a loss.

      On offense there are certain line movements to make key blocking assignments – vs YSU Pitt went straight on blocking. Those line movements fool the opposing D into flowing away from the play, thus a big gain.

      On D you have blitz packages that are disguised to fool the O.


  36. First, I too want to thank Last Row/Fran, and his tailgate co-host, the lovely Lisa. Had a blast getting to meet and put faces w names on the POV. Forgive me if I miss someone but great to see Altoona Josh and dad Chet, Annie, Missing WLat, Richman, Ike, Pitt-in the-ville, JoeKnew, Ray, Scooter, and of course the Godfather of the POV, Reed. And thanks to Dinosaur 71 for the tix to the game next week (I hope I won’t regret going too much after that near disaster w YSU.

    From the small world department, turns out that I have been friends and a co-worker of Annie’s cousin for about 30 years…

    On to the game…..I am usually one of the most optimistic here but lord that was dreadful. On defense, to my untrained eye the Dline and LBs were atrocious, but again to this guy who doesn’t know a whole lot about the details of the game, thought the secondary looked a little better.We will find out very soon.

    On offense, I thought that Ollison looked solid until he got dinged up, and QH and Ffrenchy looked pretty good. The Oline looked bad as didMax in the second half. To me the most damning play of the entire game was Max grounding the ball with a first down and the game on the line. More than his lack of speed and stupidity, to me it looked like he simply didn’t want to get hit. I would make it clear that if he ever did something like that again he will never play another down of Fball.I think Missing Wlat had said it previously but it did seem reminiscent of that QB whose name shall not be mentioned.

    Finally, if Pitt somehow plays competitively this week I will be shocked and will acknowledge Narduzzi as a freaking genius, at this point, I can’t see how that could happen. Although I can see not wanting to tip your opponent on your game plan, isn’t it more important to:

    1) get your back-ups in to get them game experience
    2) get all your players, starters and backups, game speed practice on the “real” plays you intend to use during the season.

    Thanks for listening, I feel a little better for getting that off my chest.


  37. Bad overall for flagship programs in Texas. UT,Baylor and A&M all go down in flames. That cannot sit well as they place an extremely high value on their football. Goes to show that even with talent rich area, lots and lots of bucks, and the great facilities you can still screw the pooch.
    I have no doubt, however, that they will eventually get it right. Just a different frame of reference for all us ledge jumpers.
    Cone of silence, I love that,lol. This guy better produce as he is creating no love with his policies. If they win he can do what he wants. If they get creamed he will get sh&$, and deservedly so.


  38. C’mon PittPOVers …. wake up and smell the coffee! If Pitt only goes 6-6, should we fire him too?

    Who do you expect we should hire. Fraud Graham is still the highest paid HC Pitt ever had, and that was 6 years ago. You may remember that HCPN makes $2M .. at the most. His last OC now makes $1.8 and still is an OC. Do you think we are going to get a better coach?

    Holgerson makes $3.5, Fuentes VT,and Mendenall UVa are about the same.. Petrino makes $4M …. and they aren’t even close to the what the top. Paul Chryst now makes $2.85. Tom Hermann makes $5.5.

    The same goes for hiring a DC …. what are you expecting? Do you know how we afforded Partridge? He was unemployed.

    All this grumbling now remind me of the Jamie Dixon critciism of two years ago … how did that work out?

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    1. It is hilarious how the pendulum swings on POV. Last week people predicting 9 or 10 wins, this week taking the bridge. The expectations are ridiculous. The whining is over the top. We have an extremely young defense and another new QB. This year will be a bumpy ride. To be expected.

      Narduzzi is doing fine. He has been snakebit this year with player discipline and the trend of his marquis recruits not panning out so far has been frustrating, but the direction of the program is sound.

      I can already hear the noise when we lose the next two to number 6 and 10. But Pitt Fans have always been this way, expecting results like the seventies and early eighties.

      We had an all-time scoring offense last year. No way we will be as good this year. The defense is very young, the defensive line are babies, Camp, Watts, Weaver. They need time to grow up. Whitehead, Hamlin, Ford, Hill, Pugh all missing for various reasons. Taleni, Blair, Wirginis. I remember people saying “no problem, good riddance”.

      The problem with Pitt Fans is that too many are “Fair Weather” only showing up in the best of times.

      Let’s hope these young guys grow up fast and somehow win eight games, but don’t cut and run if they don’t.


  39. I’ll jump in on a few things…

    First off Pitt Fan 28 is correct – two different issues with player drug testing. Fail a random NCAA mandated test and it is one year loss of eligibility starting immediately.

    Pitt (and any other school) has the leeway to discipline as they see fit for failing their school’s tests – 3 strikes and you are out is a new policy. Suspensions for drug test failure is up to the HC. DW didn’t hardly do it at all until Fields got so bad he couldn’t cover that up any longer.

    BTW – I understand Wirginis wasn’t a failed drug test. In conversations I have heard that what he did – and no specifics due to student privacy policies – should have gotten him more than 3 games out – 6 games is what I heard would have fit.

    So – I won’t speculate on that but that isn’t drugs.

    As far as Narduzzi being a good or bad coach.

    Mr. POV Negativity thinks he’s an OK HC but makes some questionable in-game decisions. His recruiting is not as great as most Pitt fans think it is – the comments above about his reliance on Chryst’s recruits is spot on.

    Many HC’s play true FR or rsFR in starting lineups if the recruits are good enough to do so – the fact that Narduzzi really hasn’t done that unless his hand has been forced to by dismissals, suspensions or injury is telling. He’s going with Chryst’s upperclassmen in key positions because his own recruits aren’t really ready to play yet.

    Maddox, Briggs, Allen, Roy, Motley who would have started if not injured, etc… scream that loudly. So does Flanagan playing over Clark. etc…

    Our recent success on offense really showed the quality of player he inherited from Chryst – then throw in guys like Boyd, Holtz, Orndoff

    In other words Narduzzi’s average 3* recruits are really just that and that is the norm in college ball – his recruits are no better or worse then any other recruiting classes ranked where his have been nationally.

    Here is the bald truth in his first three classes that he alone is responsible for:

    2015 – 65th nationally
    2016 – 29th nationally
    2017 – 38th nationally

    Narduzzi’s three year average is 44th nationally – and that is basically what we are putting on-roster under his HS recruiting efforts. They are some great kids in there no doubt and some solid later year starters also, but no one on the Southside is jumping for joy that practically every blue chip WPA player has turned their backs on Pitt while he has been here save a few. The staff itself has been disappointed with their recruiting results – and I’m not the only guy covering Pitt football who has said that… Peak at Rivals has written on it a bit in the past summer also.

    And again – if Narduzzi ‘held back’ in a game that would have made him a laughing stock had we lost to YSU then that was foolish – we don’t have anything ‘up our sleeve’ with Watson that we didn’t already show last season with Canada’s wide open offensive playbook.


  40. Reed, I will respectfully disagree about Narduzzi not holding back any plays in the YSU game. I don’t think we would have seen the Weah jump pass TD from OT if we didn’t need it at that point, and that should have been done when we were down close and couldn’t run it in in the 3rd quarter. And I’m not saying that I agree with that philosophy.


  41. @wwb – Pitt has the money. They don’t have the commitment from the Administration. C Support from Administration with an “A” expectation from management and fans = a losing program, instability and inconsistency.

    Now that Stoops is out at Oklahoma, the next three longest tenured coaches are Patterson at TCU, Gundy at okst, and Ferrentz at Iowa. Saban 10 years and Sweeney 9 years.

    @upitt – Positive about the ACC after last nights vtech win. Clean slate for the week, because we have to do that. We will know what we have after OKState, as that is a home game and talk of a difficult place to play excuse at Dairy High, will be gone as well. Hoping real hard that we played possum, almost to a fault, but the lack of defensive adjustments with the wheel route in the second half is definitely problematic.

    Kessman wasn’t a vanilla preparation either. Kick the ball straight…..Check that. Aim correctly and then kick the ball straight. He did well on kickoffs, however.

    Finally, Reed is coming around on Heinz being a home field disadvantage, I think. Pitt sells the Steelers for recruiting, but at the end of the day, it is a practice facility relationship only. It stops there. There is no home field advantage for Pitt at Heinz. None! Call it what it is.

    For those thinking parking will be a problem with an OCS, think out of the box. Autonomous vehicles will be here by the time a stadium is built in 13-15 years. We will be able to zip in and out so don’t worry about congestion. I rode in an autonomous vehicle last week for an afternoon and interacted with “Watson” during the 45 minute trip. What a blast! Scared at first, but amazed from there on out. We have to think into the future by 10-15 years. Need to be leaders, not followers.


  42. Whether or not we held back on the playbook is irrelevant if our lines get manhandled.

    This week we play with more emotion and adrenaline, but that will only take you so far when you are dramatically out-manned.


  43. Here’s what I know after Saturday’s game………
    Really they showed nothing (as far as any schemes or patterns other than running off tackle 9 of 10 plays) on offense (like last year) or on defense (not like last year). Some thoughts:
    1) Browne needs to learn that running for a 2 or 3 yard first down is acceptable
    2) I saw the defensive backs look BACK at the ball at least 3 times. I think that was 3 times more than last year
    3) Really disappointed in Zeise’s play, he looked lost on almost all of those wheel routes (or someone did). He really was not a factor at all. Hope he has a big turn-around this week
    4) Really hope that this was just first game jitters for Kessman. I think he will be fine, but sure did look shaky
    5) Looks like we will not get any push from a 4 or 5 man rush again.
    6) Henderson is still one of the most exciting players in college football

    I looked for fun at last years comments after the Villanova game. Amazing how many were sure the d would be great, and Canada, Peterman and the offense would stink. Oh well, such are reactions from a small sample. Hope for a similar turnaround this year for the ups game. H2P!


  44. While getting drenched on the way back to the hotel I gave a pleasant shout out and a good game to two separate YSU fans. They were as ignorant as the psu fans were last year. What’s wrong with these people?

    Holding back a few plays and schemes doesn’t mean Narduzzi wanted to win the game in overtime. He would have loved winning the game going away. Weah, Clarke and others were barely targeted the whole game. You would think has a little more in the playbook than that passing scheme? One might also think that with this new speedier defense we would have seen some more blitzes from different angles?

    There is no doubt that some of the younger kids looked a little lost especially in the second half.

    I gave PITT little chance to win next week’s game before the YSU game and that sure hasn’t changed although I don’t think that’s the PITT team we will see next week. . . .. . …. ike


  45. Here’s the deal. If in fact we did hold back what message does that give the players? We don’t need everything cause this will be a cakewalk. Not good. You get this type of result. If they didn’t, oh boy!
    The difference from last year is you had no jet sweeps, no Henderson at all. And Maxie just can’t move, which will hurt big time.
    From my screen name you get an idea how I feel about the Nitters, but I may have to go into hiding for awhile on after this one.


  46. On a completely different note. What a college football game, the Hokies against the Mountainers. Just wow!

    Glad the ACC prevailed.


  47. Pitt gets what Pitt pays for. They just hope they get great value. And then they are fine with any coach or AD leaving for greener pastures. Thats how the BoT rolls. They dont make big splash hires. They dont want a culture change. They dont want all the pressure that comes with such a high dollar investment.


  48. Upitt, BTW, I was bummed. I thought with you in town for your marriage license, we would see you at the POV tailgate!


    1. Got brinchitis and was in Quick Care early Sat. Long week in Florida then Idaho and back tk TX so had to rest or would of buddy.


  49. The Pitt POV tailgate. I didn’t see or meet a Lisa or Chet who that I believe we know each other from the ITH? Like Reed I got there a little late but not next time. We need more documentation to send to The Big Bopper Bernie, aka BigB. Hoping for better weather for the OSU game.

    When you meet so many new people it’s hard to remember their real names but most of the screen names I have down pretty much. Hope even more POVer’s stop by 9/16

    Dear Mr Anonymous, about your screen name. It would seem you are already in hiding of some sort? . . . .ike

    All The Way Home.

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    1. Ike, I believe Lisa is a co-worker of Fran’s (hope I got the name right) and Chester/Chet is Altoona Josh’s dad.


  50. @Huff right on re OCS. Gotta think outside the box, publicly financed stadiums are out. Dream. Such as buying the VA property or the area in Hazelwood. Parner with Uber and driveless car technology – they have a test track and development down there already. Develop driverless mini buses to transport people to games – publicity and development for Uber, no parking problems for us. Name the stadium after Uber, have highest tech in it – advertising for them, stadium for us. But no BOT doesnt have that kind or imagination – most money is tied to donations to academics only – use it to pay students, technology, maybe use it as collateral to sell bonds. Instead our Mayor Padildo attacks Uber over climate control etc. Think outside the box Pitt, it can be done. Someday I will tell you Huff about a crooked preacher who fleeced his flock, 800 K church, all fell apart, liens everywhere, working low-mid class kids about to lose church day care. What to do? Filed charges vs Pastor William Michael Altman, took possession of church an daycare, used day care profits to pay off liens, sold to an African American church and sued West Mifflin when they tried to deny the sale based on race. No ADA had tried that before – not tooting my own horn much but key is think outside the box, it can be done. Happy Holiday


  51. Say what you want gc about an OCS. Everyone can consider it a pipe dream and irrational and its never going to happen, yadda yadda yadda, so be it.

    It is a strategic miss at Pitt, Sorry. So is not going all-in on athletics, again sorry. When the Pitt Admins and maybe three others in all of college football (130 sample size) do not have an on campus stadium, you are either brilliant or stupid. We lean toward stupid. I think upitt and Reed talked about no atmosphere all game week on campus at Pitt. That is because there is no tie-in on campus and nothing to identify with. KIDS today want to identify with something. Look at student protests. Rightly or wrongly, the reason it happens is because they have something to identify with. Give them something great to identify with and they will do so greatly. That will lead to future giving and participation. Closed minds = closed stadiums. I am so glad that many here weren’t friends and confidantes of Ben Franklin, or Thomas Edison or place next inventor here ___________, because your advice would be “Woe is you Ben, you tried hard. You just couldn’t get there. Do something else.” Great effort though! Maybe the light comes on for the Administration and Board when this current group leaves.

    There is a core group of alumni that will go to the home games, regardless of location. Transportation and infrastructure will change as we know it within 10 years. It already is with Uber and mapping of roadways. Uber will pick you up without a driver in a couple of years. If you don’t have kids or grandkids yet but are planning on it, they most likely won’t need a drivers license. Just sayin!


  52. If you folks haven’t figured out yet how much of a come down Browne is from Peterman at QB there is no hope of trying to convincing you. Pitt will need to score 45 plus points each and every game to even a remote chance at winning IMO. And the chances of that happening from this time going forward are slim to none with Browne at the controls.—-And rkb we have a recruited a QB on the roster but we are unlikely to play him. We will live and DIE with Browne and DiNucci at QB at least for the first 7 games before Narduzzi and Watson figure out they aren’t the answer for Pitt’s offensive ills.


    1. in 2015, early in the 2nd quarter vs Akron, Peterman took over in his 2nd of his two allotted series and gained a net -8 yards, taking Pitt out of FG range. Late that quarter, he was given the job for good. The very next game at Iowa in his 1st start, NP had two picks in the first quarter … one of them in the end zone.

      Now I don’t think Browne will do what NP did last year ….. but, once again, I stress patience.


  53. The above was not a political commentary about today’s kids and protests. It was for illustrative purposes only.

    Yes, the campus is alive and doing well on a Monday of game week here at the stadium. Brought my kids into work and they are loving the free band concert as they walk by the stadium prepping for Saturday night!


  54. Reed, your continued bias towards PC is amazing

    1) isn’t it something how much you praise the offense that included PC’s 4 and 5 year players (Johnson, Biz, Orndoff, Conner, Ford and Weah) and his 3 year players ….. but refuse to afford PN the same courtesy?

    2) and once again … you can’t continue to contribute the 2016 offense to PC, but blame the 2016 defense on the current staff. That’s pure hypocrisy.

    3) lastly, if it weren’t for PN, that great great 2016 offense would have been directed by …. Adam Bertke


  55. As a reader of this site and a never poster sorry Ike I do not not know how to give a name as I am just learning to use an iPad but just want to add my 2 cents. I have been a season ticket holder since 1977 before that I went to games with my girlfriend and future father in law and his friends for two years. We have now been married for 39 years and Pitt fans the same. I just can not accept that any REAL Pitt person could ever put down the boys playing for us. Get over it the players love playing in Heinz Field Pitt would be crazy for using one penny of the money I donate to play any place else. I personally donate to the athletic fund plus general fund stipulated that money does not go to athletes. It is a shame that folks like me come on this site to read about Pitt sports and there is so much negativity here .Folks like me can go elsewhere and find information.I will still be at the game next week and if you have a tail gate for oks I will look for the flag but most of you folks probably never played sports passed grade school so you do not know what team work is.Reed when you can get in touch with me you know how.


  56. Mr Anony, certainly no need to apologize I was trying to be funny. Ha Ha! << old style LOL.

    Look down below right under from the comment section and you can type in anything your heart desires, just plug a name in and that’s if you want to. Hell, we all are pretty much anonymous, well at least until we show up at tailgates and round-tables.

    I really don’t get too upset at the negativity as we all have our opinions, I just don’t dwell on them. I guess they can bring me down a little but I get back at them with some positive vibe. That cut’s them like a knife.

    The POV is for all real PITT fans and I know after over 50 years of being a real PITT fan that we have all different types. Which is ok, Makes for better discussions….. and seriously, I wouldn’t want to meet a PITT fan that thinks exactly the way I do. I would probably hate him. 🙂 Have a nice Laborless day.. . . . ike


  57. To those of you who look down their noses at YSU, this game is a Pitt loss with many previous Pitt teams. Narduzzi allowed exactly what I warned against happening to occur. That being coming out flat. The only difference, Narduzzi permitted that to occur at halftime with whatever BS he fed to the team during the break.

    YSU is a very solid football team. Pitt got lucky on Saturday. Next Saturday, totally different set of circumstances. If PSU isn’t favored by 21 by game time, I’d be flabergasted. That’s when you bet on Pitt. Next week this Pitt squad plays up to their competition. Take those points.


  58. @Anon- you have hit the nail on the head and proved my point to the nth degree. The majority of us old guys grew up with an on campus stadium and have Pitt sports interwoven into our fabric because of our time spent there, on campus. This is generational. The next generation will not have that linkage because the administration took it away. Every year that goes by is a loss. Every weekend when there is no buzz on campus because of no campus game, is a loss. It is future dollars going away. The undergrads go to grad school in places like OSU and PSU and Michigan and they finally feel like they belong and become fans…and donors forever. Me, I am linked to Pitt Stadium with my dad, brother and friends. And now my old neighbor in RKB. My ties to Heinz are Steelers. Been to their last 4 superbowls. The sight of the Pitt logo at midfield sickens me.

    Personally, I have no dog in the fight regarding an OCS. I don’t go to games because I live out of town and the job requires that I work most Saturdays during football season. But I do know the economics and strategy behind the OCS, who wins and who loses.

    As far as dogging players, I don’t think you see that too much here other than occasional swipe at a field goal kicker or Browne pulling a Tino which is okay. You just need to move on, which is what we do. Do you think Narduzzi looked at that play on film and said, great job Max. Help no. It’s all objective here for the most part.

    If you think the team played a great game, that is your opinion.


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