Know The Enemy – OK State U. & Predictions

We will again be in Fran Lokar’s 20+ year spot in Parking Lot Red 5A, which is bordered by General Robinson street to the south and Reedsdales street to the north and directly next to the Red 5 parking garage. It is also directly under the North Shore Light Rail station and adjacent to the Residence Inn.  Very easy to find…


Fran will have the great 20′ flag pole and POV & Pitt flags that Bernie B. so graciously donated to the tailgating cause – thanks to both of you.

Fran historically gets to his spot five hours before the game begins (12 noon against OSU this Saturday) and I’ll drive up the night before and get there around 9am. This is going to be a blast guys – totally free of course and all we want is to meet, greet and drink a few with all the POV friends we have made on here over the last year… Can’t wait to see everyone… OK – onto Know The Enemy…

Here is Chris Logue with another excellent article to get us ready for the game on Saturday.  Make sure to put your own predictions in your comments…

The reasons are not quite defined and I can’t say as though they will be until maybe a minute before kickoff, but I feel far more comfortable about this match up than that against Penn State.  By comfortable, I mean confident in our ability to protect our home field and to help reinstate confidence in the ACC against other Power-5 foes. “Upset, Baby!” With my best Dicky-V impersonation.

Could it happen? Quite possibly, but the Panthers have to be more disciplined in the middle of the field and the offense must become more consistent.  In particular, at quarterback. Sure, there were throws that should have been caught, but as the captain of the team, Browne has to be the one to take the next step in maturing in the pocket and putting his players in position to flourish.

This week we are joined again by a special guest. Scott Wright takes care of the Oklahoma State football beat for The Oklahoman and is definitely atop the mountain when it comes to reporting in that area and beyond.

Oklahoma State in 2017

Record: 2-0

Leading Passer: Mason Rudolph (638 yards, 72.2% completion, 6 touchdowns, 0 interceptions)

Leading Rusher: Justice Hill (159 yards, 6.1 YPC, 1 touchdown)

Leading Receiver: James Washington (8 receptions, 243 yards, 30.4 YPR, 3 touchdowns)

Average PPG For: 55.1 (Opp. Tulsa, South Alabama)

Average PPG Against: 15.5

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Here is the video from last night – Pittman4ever, PittPT, Richman, MissingWlat and I had a blast and those guys made some great points about the team and the program.  Enjoy!

Here is an interesting video of Mike Gundy previewing his team’s next game against us on Saturday – the first part is mostly about his team and specific personnel but then he gets into detail about what he saw from us last season and what he’s expecting this week.

Some key points:

5:34 – Discusses last year’s Pitt vs Clemson game and how we played against OSU last year.

7:00 – Talks about our Jet Sweeps and different formations

7:50 – How much of Pitt’s motions is ‘eye candy’?

12:00 – excellent take on Turtle Hunting – better to walk than use an ATV.

15:45 – OSU players are more excited about Heinz Field more than Pitt fans do.

Here is another short video done by the OSU media staff regarding OSU’s passing game vs our DBs.  I think it is a fair look at what we are going to face, and possibly see, on Saturday afternoon.

We know about WR James Washington already from last season… that game opening 91 yard reception for a TD is hard to forget, but then there are the other receivers who will give us trouble also. BTW – Washington is averaging 30+ yards per reception this season.

OSU has four 40+ pass plays for TDs so far and that says something. Let’s hope we can stop their run game and get real pressure on the QB to at least disrupt his timing for an INT or two – we are going to have to have the ball bounce are way a bunch of times to win this game I think.