POV: MMQB; Georgia Tech 35 – Pitt 17

POV: MMQB; Georgia Tech 35 – Pitt 17

Note: the previous article’s comment thread was closed by me due to the fact that it veered into the political arena.  We had our say and now it is back to Pitt football. Let’s all try to keep to the no politics policy that has worked so well on here… myself included.

Well, it is time for our post-match report cards in our Monday Morning QB articles where we all throw out our “Good, Bad and Ugly” for the last game to be discussed.

Monday-Morning-QBThis will be pretty simple today, just as last week’s was with the OSU shellacking.  We had the same result Saturday with a twist of the offense we had to face.

Where OSU passed all over the field against us, Georgia Tech did the opposite and ran up and down the green grass of Bobby Dodd stadium.  But they were actually pretty generous in trying to give us the game with their four fumbles that our kids recovered.

Our OC Shawn Watson hates charity though and promptly called the plays so as to give the ball right back to them after each turnover.  I have said many time Pitt football needs to humble itself and one way to do that is to take those altruistic offerings and score points afterward… then it is a win-win situations for the giver and the taker.

OK – onto the grading:


♣  Our first offensive drive if only for the fact that it showed we can actually score a TD in more than a couple a FBS games.  Too bad that was it on the day.  DiNucci hit Ollison with a nice pass on a seam route on one of the only good play calls by OC Shawn Watson all afternoon. It was like a tasty appetizer where no main course came after.

♣  Alex Kessman hit a long 55 yard field goal to make his record now 3 of 7 attempts. I’d like to say that we may really need him to become more consistent because we’ll have to depend on him in the clutch at the end to win a future game but from what we have seen from our Panthers so far that situation may not arise.

♣  We didn’t throw any interceptions.

♣  Pitt’s plane didn’t crash on the way back from Atlanta.


♣  Where to start?  Like last week’s review the “BAD” tends to meld with the “UGLY” in this game.  So let’s do this…

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