POV’ers 2017 Season Prediction Thread

The time has come for all the warbling and pontificating and high confidence and major doubts to be set aside and for the readers of the POV to lay out their season predictions.  It has been a very interesting offseason in that we got surprised with some big news, but none of it was positive.

Between the dismissals, suspensions, and injuries the prospective 2017 team we discussed after the previous season ended was thrown into disarray. We have a lot of new faces in the two-deep now and with that we need to take a hard look at who we will have to field against our opponents this year – but it really is almost a different squad than we saw last season.

First we will look at our season prediction over all – regular season first than final 2017 record if and when Pitt plays in a bowl game.  Here is who and when we play in our regular 12 games.

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