Pitt Wins and Scares the Piss Out of Fans

Skin of the teeth“; “By a slim margin“; whatever…  Pitt limped into overtime and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat today and looked like a HS team while doing it.  I honestly can’t point to one unit on the team and say they were exceptional – maybe the running backs, but no other part of the offense or defense.  Hell – even they averaged only 3.9 yards per carry today.

As a matter of fact our defense just may indeed be worse than our 2016 was. Hard to believe, but it isn’t like we haven’t discussed that on here since the Pinstripe Bowl. Every time someone over the offseason said “Well, it can’t get any worse” I cringed.

Should we start our critique with the offense – you know… the offense which  YSU shut down completely for the last 30 minutes of the game today?  Let’s do and let’s start with the guy who gets the ball to start the plays.

I wrote earlier about my reaching out to the local SoCal media back in July asking about Max Browne and what they told me, and what I wrote on here, was exactly what we saw out there today – that he is immobile;  hurries too much with the ball then telegraphs and balloons some of his throws. Folks – those were their words, not mine.  I cleaned them up a bit for the articles I wrote.

They also told me that he isn’t very cool under pressure. I think that is just what we saw today.  A 5.8 yards per attempt should get him a seat on the bench if we had anyone decent to take his place.  Maybe it is growing pains for him but the fact is that he’s a 5th year Senior and is, for all intents and purposes, done growing.

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PITT – YSU Predictions & Game Thread

The time has come and now we’ll get a look at the New Panthers – the transfers and young men who this season rests so much on.

Give us your scores again if you will and we’ll keep this article up for the duration.  here are some links to get the blood boiling and see you early and often at the 1st POV’ers Tailgate Party…

Here is a “Match-up Preview” put out by EJ and his crew:

ysu cover



See you all at Heinz – and if you can’t be there is body your fellow POV’ers know you are there in spirit.  We’ll have lots of photos and videos from the tailgate to share with you all on Sunday (or Monday probably).

Best to all and stay safe…