POV: Pitt vs Penn State Game Thread

The time has come for us to consider seriously how to change our way of life not through prayer or religious teaching, but through education. ” – The Dali Llama (Pitt ’50)

or football because after all isn’t that why Universities exist?  Well, at least today  that’s true and starting at 3:30 EST.

Friday we had our Pitt – PSU predictions article now let’s watch the game and see how close we come to or scores. Let’s hope we can keep it close going into the 4th quarter then Returner Henderson and Kicker Kessler blow-up and win the game for us.

HTP !!!

POV Pre-Game Bits & Pieces; Sept 9, 2017

First off let me give you a great example of generosity from a reader and a great opportunity for any Pitt fan.  Our friend Jason Smith (Jay91) has graciously donated a signed Ricky Jackson Pitt uniform shirt to the cause for auction…

In lieu of my pessimism and negativity surrounding this game, I would like to extend an offer to POV’ers only. I would like to offer an Autographed Rickey Jackson Pitt Jersey (with COA) in an open auction here on the site. The ENTIRE amount will be donated to the charity of Reed’s choosing or the POV itself, whichever he prefers. We sell them for $129.99 in our store but remember, this is for charity/donation… and few are readily available

Rickey Jackson won TWICE in Happy Valley (1979 & 1980) and perhaps this little show of altruism will please the football gods. Anything it takes, right?


Bidding starts at $0

Guys – I’ll put any proceeds of this directly into the POV tailgate funds so that we can all enjoy the purchase.  We’ll keep this action going for a week… best offer gets the shirt.  Just bid via comments and I’ll try… try that is, to keep track.

Back to present day football.  I’ll post up the normal Game Thread article this afternoon an hour or so before kickoff – but I want this piece to stay up for at least a few hours.

To get you in viewing mode here are some media highlights from the Pitt website to get the blood flowing.

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