Well, It Finally Happened…

Looks like I’m about to be sued or maybe not…  I need legal advice and quick.

Apparently I used a photo that was copyrighted and under protection in Canada  – the rear view mirror one a while back that fronted an August 19, 2017 piece I did.

Artist Defense” is telling me I owe them $750 for the previous use and if I don’t pay they will sue for up to $150K.  Obviously I took the photo down but this really bothers me.  I just called them and they will accept $300 flat for the month it has been used (actually only 17 days).

Any lawyers out there who may want to give a little free advice?  Obviously I have to worry about this and I have to cut out all previous photos that I or a friend didn’t take  specifically … which I have to do tonight.

370+articles.  Just another pain in the ass with this blog…

So – to all readers and commenters – do not post any photos on here in the comments section… or videos until I can get this straightened out.   Sorry… but has to be done.



POV Roundtable Call-In; PSU Game

Big week and a big game coming up for the Panthers in Quaalude Valley.  Lets take some time this evening and discuss it live with some other POV’ers.  As a reminder we slid the start time back to 9:00pm to accommodate those who have kids, etc…

We have a ton of things to discuss and the most notable issue is obviously the YSU (debacle) game.  Reading our previous comments on here I see a whole range of attitudes about our showing last Saturday and what we feel might happen this Saturday.  Oh, BTW, who won the closest score for YSU?

Right – me! 28-21 Pitt, although I did think it would be four TDs in regulation play.  And I’ll tell you why.  Because all those positions with “?” question marks beside them in our previous article on here pretty much turned out to be valid.  But this is what to expect with this young and/or inexperienced lineup.

Well, they are a week older and a week more experienced now aren’t they?  But will that make a difference against the more talented PSU squad?

We’ll do our formal predictions thread on Friday again so put your thinking caps on.  The Oddssharks.com site has PSU at just around a 20 point favorite, however, I just heard on the radio some other bookmakers had PSU at (-) 23.  Sorry to say that to this Pitt fan that sounds not all that far-fetched.

POV Roundtable Call-in
09:00 pm10:00 pm – Note new time
Meeting ID
Moderator Passcode
By Phone:
408.740.7256  then 303520973#  (don’t forget the # sign)

Chris Peak of Rivals just posted up a great graphic showing a breakdown of the Pitt passing game against YSU.  Some real interesting info – and some we already knew (best info source on Pitt football).

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