Pitt Wins and Scares the Piss Out of Fans

Skin of the teeth“; “By a slim margin“; whatever…  Pitt limped into overtime and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat today and looked like a HS team while doing it.  I honestly can’t point to one unit on the team and say they were exceptional – maybe the running backs, but no other part of the offense or defense.  Hell – even they averaged only 3.9 yards per carry today.

As a matter of fact our defense just may indeed be worse than our 2016 was. Hard to believe, but it isn’t like we haven’t discussed that on here since the Pinstripe Bowl. Every time someone over the offseason said “Well, it can’t get any worse” I cringed.

Should we start our critique with the offense – you know… the offense which  YSU shut down completely for the last 30 minutes of the game today?  Let’s do and let’s start with the guy who gets the ball to start the plays.

I wrote earlier about my reaching out to the local SoCal media back in July asking about Max Browne and what they told me, and what I wrote on here, was exactly what we saw out there today – that he is immobile;  hurries too much with the ball then telegraphs and balloons some of his throws. Folks – those were their words, not mine.  I cleaned them up a bit for the articles I wrote.

They also told me that he isn’t very cool under pressure. I think that is just what we saw today.  A 5.8 yards per attempt should get him a seat on the bench if we had anyone decent to take his place.  Maybe it is growing pains for him but the fact is that he’s a 5th year Senior and is, for all intents and purposes, done growing.

Skip to the other side of the ball… Our pass defense is as bad or worse than last year’s and it that all on Conklin – enough excuses already about how great the opposing QBs and receivers were in 2016 and that is why we sucked – that is malarkey and has been a way for fans to deflect assigning singular responsibility for what is obvious to anyone who knows an iota of football – Josh Conklin is in way over his head here at Pitt and if Narduzzi had any balls at all he’ll fire Conklin after our defense loses the next two games.

Oh, Conklin is still playing with Chryst’s recruits you may say?  Well, I saw Narduzzi’s Garner, Jackson, Stocker, Mathis and Dorsey playing pretty horribly today and as I said before – you recruit three star players and you get three star results.  Oh – unless we decide to play the youth card now.

The great and glorious Hunter Wells threw for 311 yards and 2 TDs and almost won the game for YSU. Here is his line: 18 for 32 for 311 yards and two TDs – with a good 9.7 yards per attempt.

We have a problem along the defensive front four also – Wells had a lot of time to throw and did it well.  Here’s something to ponder – I have been hearing about how all these new players on defense – transfers, recruits and existing roster players were finally coming into the limelight and were ready to shine.  OK – let’s look at exactly what our heralded DEs did.


No tackles between either SR Allen Edwards or  Dewayne Hendrix- folks that is absolutely scary as hell.  Not one damn tackle for either of them… forget about any sacks, they didn’t really get near the QB at all.  The Penguin Offensive Line Wall shut them out completely.

How bad was our defense overall? Here we come around to our Interior Lineman. My favorite future trivia question answer, Shane Roy, had all of two tackles on the day; Keyshon Camp had two and Amir Watts had only one.  Five tackles among those three DL and only one TFL among them – a nice sack by Watts.  No wonder YSU’s QB could take his time and hit his targets, we allowed him to do that on a regular basis.

Look – It would be very easy for me to sit here and say I told you so, but I also know that this is one game out of our 12 game regular season. But the fact is that when Narduzzi released that Two-Deep last week it raised a ton of red flags for me and other fans. We went into this YSU game with really only three defensive players who had any real playing time at all – Maddox, Idowu and Briggs.

Of those three players I wrote that it was only Idowu who showed any positive consistency at all – and we saw that again today.  Three of 11 players is minuscule and you have to be more that a glass half-full optimist to believe that good things were going to happen on defense this season when we had journeyman starters (Roy, Edwards, Briggs, etc…) taking the place of departed players that had a crappy defense on their own last year.

The bald fact is that we have a real dearth of experience on the defense and not a whole lot of talent to offset that. And that is exactly what we saw today;  DBs running around not knowing who they are supposed to cover – and that is from Briggs and  Maddox who Narduzzi has been pointing to as the stalwarts of the defense.

I’m not going to drag this one article out- we saw at Heinz Field what is the state of the team today. I do not believe we were ‘down’ or ‘looking ahead’ but what we saw is what we are.  And I believe if Pitt fans say that, if they think this was some sort of aberration, then they are kidding themselves in a big way.

Look – when a team like YSU – a good one but also a team Pitt should handle easily on any given game day, has 48 offensive plays – to our 87 –  and scores the same points during the 60 minutes of regulation play – well, warning bells should be ringing from the Southside to Oakland to Happy Valley.

But we won and if we fans care more about seeing a “W” in the column then seeing good solid football being played – then that is exactly all we got out of today. A win.



153 thoughts on “Pitt Wins and Scares the Piss Out of Fans

  1. the dominance of the YSU OL and DL in the 2nd half was alarming. Did we even get close to a sack? And how many did we give up?

    and just now to make insult to injury …. I just saw back to back plays where Michigans’s Khaleke Hudson and Chase Winovich made back-to-back sacks and cause fumbles. Just in case you didn’t know, these are two Pgh area boys.

    And our 4-stars … Whitehead, Hamlin, Hill and Ford are not even on the field


  2. And please spare me the lack of experience line, folks.
    It is an absolute lack of talent that confronts us.


  3. I agree lack of talent. Nard Dog’s lack of recruiting acumen is a destroyer. Maybe Pitt should rent him a helicopter and some whores. Me thinks thats the only way at this point because what he’s doing now is MAC lite. And for all those that think a major school will poach him, you are Delusional. He’s the perfect mediocre coach for Pitt just like the BoT would have it.


  4. Two quick observations:
    I’m pretty sure that Conklin told somebody to cover the running back running a pass route from the backfield. Either no one pays attention to the staff anymore or the unit as a whole has a serious case of crainial rectosis. Experience alone can’t fully explain that.

    The receivers had trouble getting separation all day. This plus Browne’s shortcomings equal a long season.
    Still standing by my 6-6 prediction. Does that make me an optimist?


    1. While I agree with all these comments, my take is that HCPN has been telling us for weeks that Briggs and Maddox are improved players when in fact they are probably worse–and I say worse because as time goes on, more people can see more film the word gets out. We have watched this &%*^show for three years and instead of benching these two, they somehow got made captains. Second, this is why nobody goes to the Pitt games. And someone needs to explain what the DL did yesterday. I mean, Shane Roy looked like a statue. I couldn’t believe what I was watching in the 2nd half.

      Note – reason for delayed posting is the swearwords had to be edited out…


  5. Nard Dog sees in Conklin the guy in charge of putting the exact defense on the field that Nard Dog wants in the field…this defense is all on HCPN.

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    1. I agree with you. I recall reading an article about how long it took before Narduzzi’s MState defenses started doing well stats wise. If I recall correctly, it was not until year 4.
      Admittedly, I have been influenced by bloggers prognosticating that Charlie Partridge is here as a DC in waiting. Also, second to last in pass defense does not help a resume. So, now I am one who would not be surprised if Conklin gets fired. However, I think Conklin will get another year because the system NArduzzi wants is being implemented.


  6. Pretty much what we discussed Reed, lot’s of work to do this week for the Panthers! On a positive note, nice meeting you today! Hope your trip home is a safe one! H2P!


  7. 13…. that’s how many YSU receivers ran wide open in our secondary today. That has nothing to do with talent. That is purely coaching…. or lack thereof! For the thousandth time, playing a defensive scheme that exposes all things bad about Pitt for your own coaches ego …is insane.

    Maybe UPitt is right and Narduzzi is a complete fraud as a HC. Game just ruined my day.


  8. I’ll say it again…the best QB on this team is Kenny Pickett. He will be the starter by game 4. Dennucci and McV are statues along with Browne. Does any Pitt fan really think this line can protect a statue? It’s not the worst problem on this team but Mr.Ego will soon realize he will not win more than 2 games with these Bricks behind center?


    1. I’ll revise my prediction to 2-10

      I saw the Rice vs Stanford game and yesterday’s YSU disaster.

      I’m going to the zoo today to find something entertaining. Pitt sure won’t fill that void.

      I can’t believe there is nothing positive to say about this current team – wait, QH played well.


    2. Geez doc did you roll a bad doobie, you are our optimistic leader. Quit hanging our with skeptical cynics like me and UPitt. 🙂


  9. This is the kind of game that keeps the fans at home. Pittsburgh fans are spoiled, they won’t waste their time to watch eggs being laid. When you are up by three TD’s it should be a rout. While I agree with the fact that we used the turtle offense in the second half, it showed some serious weaknesses in our line, and our QB. Brown is immobile, and I am not very impressed with his arm. Looks to be a decent game manager, but if he can’t throw down field, or make plays with his legs, we are in trouble.
    I thought Ollie had a strong game, but he needs a hole to run through, and the line disappointed at times. It will be good to have Bookser back.

    The question is, was it vanilla by choice or is that who we are? It was apparent why Browne lost his job last year. College QB’s need to run, at least a little to get away from pressure.

    My biggest fear was realized in that our D-line could not put any pressure on their QB. If this persists, the next two QB’s will light us up without mercy. Especially with wide receivers running wide open.

    No doubt the dismissals and suspensions really hurt the defense. And the injury to Aston is a factor at the goal line.

    And to all you guys that were happy that Blewitt graduated……


  10. From where I was sitting, I thought Browne threw some nice balls. He was fairly accurate on a windy day. The throw away on the 3rd down in the 4th quarter was baffling, though. I liked what I saw from the TEs, they need to throw to them over the middle to make life hard for opposing linebackers. I can only hope they are saving that for next week.


    1. That longer pass from brown to Flanagan in the first half was very nice throw but that’s the throw that average QBs need to be able to make.

      He did not do well on his other throws I think that was pretty evident.

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  11. The lack of any downfield passing is depressing. Did we hold back or was it poor pass blocking?

    Is it Browne or Watson? You would think yo would throw one bomb if only to keep them honest.


    1. I remember many similar comments last year about Peterman and Canada after the Villanova game.

      The student section was active, loud and penn state abusive 🙂


  12. The Box Score is up. Browne was 17-24 for 140 yards.

    Neither Hendrix or Edwards made a tackle. Weaver assisted on one.

    No pressure on the QB either.

    It could be a long season with that kind of D-end production.


  13. Hope opener last year was a bit lackluster as well as I recall then in the PSU game they came out as a really different team. Perhaps there will be equally good improvement next week. H2P!


  14. Not sure what’s scares me the most: our offensive line, the lack of any kind of dlineman getting into the opposing backfield, or the defense not knowing their assignments (that’s on the players and the coaches.)

    On the bright side, we can still go 12-0! 😀


  15. I have to echo the sentiment here. I knew it was going to be rough with the newbies everywhere on both sides of the ball but I hoped to at least see a potential that we will improve as the season goes forward. Today I saw a bewildered defensiveand an offense that doesn’t look capable enough to unveil whatever “special tricks” the new OC has for our next 2 opponents. Revised season win-loss: 3-9. Dismal.


  16. Two plays summed this game up. Pitt QB threw a pass into the turf to stop the clock when we needed the clock to run and him to run. To me it showed his lack of willingness to put the team first. Second 3rd and19 for YSU and we defend with 10 players.

    Barkley is salivating for wheel routes. If I recall from last years game, Dairy High School runs that a lot.
    Zeise was turrrible. Not aggressive, doesn’t play downhill and can’t cover the wheel. That said, he did cause a fumble that was over-ruled on replay. Had the refs let the play go (as they are taught), there would not have been enough evidence to overturn it. Refs weren’t helpful today. Weah had several pass interferences not called.

    FFrench was Ggood!

    Grades later. Watching what speed really looks like with Alabammer and FSU. Foster starts, yay!

    For those complaining about our 3 stars, ysu don’t got hardly no 3 stars. Pardon my english.


  17. Reed, good summation, couldn’t agree more.

    It is going to be a difficult season.

    I am going to be out of the country and will miss the next four games.

    Probably a good thing.


  18. Ok, everyone. Let’s step back from the ledge. We have issues, yes. But look at the entire game in context. 21-0 at half. Controlled clock, ran ball effectively. Never really tried to pass. Defense was mostly fine until halftime.
    We know Browne is not Peterman with his feet, so let’s not compare the two. And clearly the game plan did not involve any downfield passing, so let’s reserve judgment on Browne for a few games. He looked fine to me. One of the few downfield passes that was thrown was a perfect toss to Flanagan. When receivers were covered, he made good decisions to throw the ball away.
    When a team becomes predictable on offense as we did in the second half, even a FBS team can shut that down.
    In second half, D got shredded. Not good. Can’t sugar coat that. No pressure by the front four is the biggest issue I see. Linebackers and D backs out of position is a communication issue that is not uncommon for the first game. Easily rectified. But I thought the secondary was much better overall than last year. The YSU QB was a senior who threw some nice passes.
    There is a long history of good teams struggling with FBS schools in the first game. We have a ton of inexperienced players. We need some of them to be better, starting next week.
    We won. No major injuries. No penalties. No interceptions. No dropped passes that I recall. Tackling was pretty solid. No stupid personal foul penalties.
    As Aaron Rodgers said so eloquently, relax. R-E-L-A-X. Young team. Arrow pointing up, not down.

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  19. 1/11 ?

    3/9 ?


    Wow you guys, a couple of things, would you agree they really played completely vanilla today?

    Also after being up 21/0 the offense really became way too predictable? Or do you think some of the players kinda mailed it in for the second half? It happens!

    I picked them to win 28/12 they started fast but you have to admit the offensive play calling in the second half was super conservative and they lost momentum, something that is hard to regain.

    They missed 2 field goals but they still didn’t fold, some of us did but they found a way to win.

    Let’s see if there is improvement moving into week 2.

    I remember a few years back they lost to this team but finished better than 1/11 or 3/9.

    I’m the sarcastic one on this blog, right?

    I’m still leaning to 8/4.


    1. This team isn’t even going to come close to sniffing 8-4 if our front Four on the DL don’t raise the bar with their play real quick.

      Penn State & OK St. could really light up this secondary if they don’t get pressure on their QBs.


  20. We cannot be this bad!
    Complain it away, forget it or drink it away. We all need to put it in the rear view mirror.


  21. Also, go back and read comments about the first game against Villanova last year. A lot of the same stuff.


  22. And I don’t want to hear the garbage from people who weren’t at the game. You get an incomplete picture of the situation from your living room view. Wanny, Walt and Chryst lost these types of games. Let’s turn the page and be relieved that we won.

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    1. Wlat – So lets be happy we had to go to OT against a team that isnt even D1.

      This should embarrass everyone.


      1. I didn’t say be happy. There are many concerns. But the first game of the season tends to involve shaking rust off. We dominated the first half, as we should have. A number of things happened in the second half that shouldn’t have, which falls on both coaches and players. I don’t know exact number off the top of my head, but more than half of our starters are new, and several are lacking significant experience. This is a young group that will improve as the year goes on.


      2. You have no idea how much I hate agreeing with you Mark. But when you’re right, we’ll, you’re right.


  23. Stop it. Seriously. Stop. Narduzzi can’t recruit and his scheme is junk. When Wanny was here UConn, Cincy, Va Tech and WVU were all top 10 teams. While he was a bad game day coach, he brought Shady, Revis, Deion Lewis, etc. here and won 8-9 games. This is crap. This game was a joke. If things don’t change soon, it’s ANOTHER 6-7 win season. I predicted a 7 point victory today and that’s what we got. More mediocre Pitt football.


    1. I agree. People are brainwashed to Narduzzi because he uses twitter and because he is from 1 hour from Pitt. I would of boo’ed them out of the stadium.

      Hell James Madison destroyed them last year and they had some NFL players. This is gross.


      1. Don’t diss on JMU. That team was/is the real deal. FCS National Champs! BTW, they played like champs yesterday dismantling the East Carolina Pirates at their place.


    1. And that team beat North Carolina to win its bowl game. You have got to give them that along with the only 10 win season Pitt has had since 1981.


  24. Funny how people at the game can see two totally different things. This team was bad. Not vanilla,just bad. They did try to go downfield, but there was no separation. The D was awful, and I’m amazed people still bring up Wanny in any context.
    The BiG was a huge winner so far this weekend, the ACC not so much. But the biggest loser was a tie between Baylor and the team with the best coach ever, you know, the one we should have hired. Seriously, 51 to the Terps? Sometimes you can do well with a special group of guys who buy into your message. It doesn’t always translate to other teams.

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  25. Great suggestions: Put our collective heads in the sand and ignore what happened. Great advice!
    I will admit that in the heat of battle today I posted such things as:
    – Our D stinks like Dog Dirt
    – The D is worse than last year
    – We can beat PSU next week – as long as we score 101 BECAUSE PSU is going to score a 100 on this Defense.
    Now that the game is hours
    over, and as I rethink these statements, I have to confess that……. they are still right on the money!!!! That was the worst display of a Pitt D since Majors 2 and the pathetic 1965 – 1971 Panthers.
    And don’t even get me started on our new Place kicker!
    But outside of all of that, everything’s Rosie as Punch with our football team at this point………


  26. I agree with MissingWlat, previous coaches would have lost this game. At least our guys didn’t fold. I hope the kicking issues were due to freshman nerves. Can’t win games if your kicker can’t hit from inside the 30 yd line. I thought the play calling in the second half sucked. Maybe that was by design to be vanilla, but geez, give the fans a break. Put a decent product out there. Give us a reason to sit in the cold drizzle and watch the end of the game. The second half was like last year all over again…. Glad I restocked the liquor cabinet last week. It was great meeting you, Reed, along with the few others I talked to.

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  27. For the last three years Upitt has ragged on our previous middle line backer being too slow .. probably correctly but at least at the start of the plays the defense was set and ready for the snap not wondering which planet they were on. And oh my the wheel route!!!!

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  28. So if Pitt has three stars and YSU has an average of 1.5 stars, will Pitt with its 3 stars beat the Dairy High School with their 4.3 stars? Overtime maybe. Anybody?

    Gotta scrap this game. More research coming. JaredJonesSmith struggled with the YSU DL who was a transfer from Fla. He was quick and JJS held on just about every pass play. One play in particular was when the two DL pulled a stunt and our two guys really, really struggled.

    Bookser being back should help. The OL and DL spacing was bunched up. Did anyone else notice that? Caused too much congestion in my opinion.

    Upitt get married today? If so, congrats big fella. You will always share your special day with a huge Pitt win.

    I think Foster got shut out today, but boy is he fast.


  29. Yeah, watched the end of that game. Against BYU which is typically a good defense.

    LSU has some talent. It could have been a bigger victory in my opinion.

    Best Max Browne quote ish (may not be spot on)- On the ball he threw into the ground – “Well when we practice I have thrown it into the ground to kill the play” . Ugggh, practice is over. Not to be picky.


  30. If DiNucci and Browne were neck and neck in the race to see who would be our QB this season what does that tell you DiNucci’s ability or maybe inability to handle the job? Also do we now know why that Soc Cal head coach had no issue with whatever school Browne chose to transfer to? My guess he was kind of hoping he transferred to some school USC played this year for obvious reasons.

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  31. A terrible second half. Were YSU coaches that good at seeing flaws or were players telegraphing what the plays were?

    Now, I don’t expect Pitt to win the next two games. But, the over the top bashing of the kids and coaches is just too typical of Pitt fans. Yes, fans is short for fanatics but allow a little sanity to show. Otherwise, drop Pitt football because you are doing a fantastic job of undermining every effort to build a stable program. Kids reading these comments only add to the local perception that Pitt isn’t the place to play.


    1. Well they are correct, because in the second half, the Pitt defense seemed to make that conscious decision that, “this is not the place to play”.
      This game should never have gone to OT. That’s on Pitt’s D. Sorry, no excuses.


  32. Concerned what game were you watching? The Pitt defense had a terrible 1st half also. There were so many wide open receivers in the first half that the only saving grace was how poorly YSU executed their offense with all the available options on the table.


  33. Browne will be fine. Narduzzi sent him out there with hand cuffs on. PN almost out smarted himself hiding the offense. Browne showed a good arm. He slides well in the pocket. He got sacked because the OL sucked.

    The LBs are horrible. Zeise was lost all day. He missed covering the wheel route every time.

    Briggs should not play. Too slow.

    Ollison, Hall sucked. Play Davis. Ollison looked slow, no moves, no power.

    Officer and Hodges had horrible games. I think Hodges was replaced toward the end of the game.

    Positives, Dane Jackson. Weah, Flannigan, Davis, Garner.

    Same exact statements on here after game 1 last year. Calm down folks.


    1. Did you see QO hurdle the defender in the 1st qtr? He will be fine – it is the O-line we should be concerned about.


  34. I think I agree on both sides on this one. 1) barely winning does NOT have me concerned and I totally expected what I saw and I expect we will see big improvement. 2) Big improvement from THAT means mediocrity. Pitt should be turning the corner here in year 3 and it will not happen. And that is not good.


  35. I love the we held the playbook back crowd. They are D1-AA. Embarassing. You guys raved on Zeise who played 5 snaps in his life. Another Narduzzi experiement gone bad. You guys praise him all you want. He is lucky ge doesnt start 0-4.


      1. The Soto and Aston experiments turned out well too.

        I’m not ready to give up on Zeise yet either. It’s valid that he is only in his first full game. He certainly didn’t deserve any preseason hype.

        On one of those wheel routes (I think 3rd TD) Maddox was out in the area, took a bad line on the ball and whiffed on knocking it down. I am not sure whether Maddox was supposed to be primary out there but if not something was wrong with Zeise in the coverage. Zeise and Maddox also had a mixup on on an earlier wheel route that went for like 20 yards and were waving and yelling at each other afterward.


    1. I don’t see a lot of it here, but why is anybody so sure that Pitt held back on the play book? Pitt didn’t really reveal the sweep action, downfield throws or shovel passes against Villanova last season. Yesterday Pitt successfully ran the sweep action with Henderson and tried to throw downfield but largely failed. What great things should I anticipate that Watson has left up his sleeve? This season most of the personnel are known quantities other than the tight ends.

      Even if one accepts that Pitt was holding back again yesterday, it was with a first year QB. Peterman had a full, successful, season behind him heading into last year. Browne played his third game over two seasons yesterday and did not look good in doing so.


  36. I have never been more vested in any athletic activity than I was in Pitt football leading up to the start of the game and I am no spring chicken. Personal commitments forced me to stop watching game at end of regulation (don’t ask). I did not know who won until 2 hours after the fact. I was marginally relieved Pitt won but after the end of regulation I decided that I wanted nothing more to do with the program. It’s my life and I choose what’s important in it. It was worse than the Duke game in 2015. Now with hindsight of another day and having watched the overtime I am thinking maybe I will give next week a chance for the team to at least show some character. What’s scary is that you could tell the team knows it stinks. Actually what is scarier is that it knows the coaching staff stinks.


  37. Let’s not get too critical of this Pitt team — yet. I contend, Pitt bagged it in the second half looking to next weeks game in Center County. I expect to see a better Pitt team on the field next week but don’t believe it will be enough to stop the home team. H2P!


  38. @Erie, avoid the monkeys throwing $*^&%% at you at the zoo. Had similar feeling at the game yesterday. @Annie, don’t recall meeting you yesterday. Hope my memory isn’t that bad. Maybe at the next one…@Big B, the flags came yesterday while I was at the game. Thanks.

    Note: Fran – she was the lovely lady with the gold Pitt shirt on.


  39. It is about the ACC coastal and not about a series vs Ok ST. This is the year that Pitt especially on D turns the corner and makes significant progress. If Narduzzi is saying the same stuff after the GT game or seeing the same breakdowns on D, well this is why I thought 7 wins was most probable. No more Conklin, Hill Hartly suspect development.issues. Three bad defensive nightmares and you fire Conklin on the spot. Promote Partridge and let the others know they are on the hot seat.


  40. Reed, you saw Garner play horribly, really? The media several times singled him out as a strong performer yesterday, and that’s what I saw too. I think you’re way off base on that one.

    I do agree with almost everyone else out there, Browne looks pretty poor. It would surprise me if he develops into a solid QB this year, then again that was just one game so who knows. I’d start getting the #2 guy ready, presumably Ben, if it were me, and I mean game reps.

    Also, Jones-Smith obviously can’t handle the speed rush, so he should either lose his spot or shuffle to guard, and frankly O’Neill did not look comfortable at LT. I think the OL needs tweaked. I can see now why Bookser got only a one game suspension despite his rampant stupidity.

    Upitt, I’m not sure who you’re referring to, but I don’t recall anyone on this board every raving about Zeise. One thing is for sure though, he proved he doesn’t have the athleticism to stay with an athletic back, I guess its good to find that out now; that fact/quality will not change no matter how much experience he gets.

    All in all, if I had to pick out strong performers from week 1, I’d be hard pressed to find many players, besides maybe Garner and Jackson, to a lesser extent Ollison.

    Replacements? Again, I’d start grooming the #2 QB with live game reps, and I’d replace the kicker now because kickers with mental issues almost never resolve their situations; I don’t care about leg strengths, it’s overrated, most kicks are made within 40, accuracy and consistency is far more valuable.


    1. I have to agree. I thought Garner, Jackson and Idowu played fairly well in this game. I know many are concerned with Whitehead returning, but I am anticipating Wirginis’ return because he has a knack for making big plays for losses.


  41. Secondary coach needs to be replaced, maybe the linebacker coach as well. Conklin is a good recruiter. Saw Herndon playing a lot at right guard, need Book to be back playing.

    PED State liking their chops for next week, we got them right where we want them. LOL.


  42. Expectations were lowered yesterday and Pitt won the game. The nitters are more confident than ever and their fan base is expecting a big win.

    Did Pitt beat ND the same year they lost to YSU? That was a tough year –

    If nothing else, this coaching staff got woken up yesterday. There is a lot of work to be done this week to prep for the creeps in creepy valley.

    No more excuses – play your best players now. Not sure we saw all of them yesterday. Did Clark and Pine play much? How bout Sibley, Reeves, McKee, Hamlin, Pugh and Ford. Or either of the 2 freshman WR’s – Butler and Smith.

    This team needs a “boots to the throat” attitude. The 1st half set us up for the stomp. The boots came off at halftime.

    Not sure why – focus, talent, attitude or coaching? All of the above – better preparation must be in the cards to best psu.

    The student section chanted it best yesterday – F_ – _ penn state!


    1. The year Pitt lost to YSU, they put a whooping on a ranked Va Tech just 2 weeks later… Later on, they lost in OT to undefeated 2nd-ranked ND … but could have won but a short FG attempt missed to the right by 2 feet …. sound familiar?


      1. The full story is that VT turned out to be only a fair team that lost 5 of their next 7 after losing to Pitt. They later beat Rutgers by 3 in a bowl game to finish 7-6. I’ll give you the ND game though. Pitt jobbed by refs with phantom PI in that one.


    2. Clark played. He was open for passes twice I believe but Browne didn’t even glance at him. I think he even threw his hands in the air once in disgust.

      Sibley, Reeves, McKee and Pugh did not play. Hamlin and Ford didn’t dress.


  43. Everyone – I think I know what ails Pitt football. Me. I didn’t watch the first half, apparently Pitt looked pretty good. I watched the second half. They stunk. I’ve noted this trend before: I don’t watch; they’re pretty good. I watch. They stink. Please someone stop me, before I watch again. – Hobie


  44. Best team I saw play yesterday was MD. Granted PSU played well against a terrible visiting Akron team. FSU fell apart against AL. As to us, we played good and bad yesterday. Having seen us play several times at PSU, I always fear the worst but at least now there is instant replay.


  45. Quite a few on here thought it would be close 7-12 points, one poster had us losing and UPitt correctly said ” take YSU and the points.”
    Didn’t see it but respect the opinions of all who did watch as this group has a basis of FB knowledge and more importantly love our school and want to see progress. I will take this victory in game one and like my marriage move forward for better or worse. Such is the life and existence of a Panther fan.
    @Reed … your ? Article was dead on.
    @Concerned.. I agree wholeheartedly.
    @Annie.. great post! Hope meet you at the POV tailgate for the Carolina game.
    Hang in there gang – we all passed our stress test yesterday!


  46. Huff – played in the creek with my buddy Larry almost every day. Thanks for the thoughts and whammy..
    I sat at the game and was determined not to rant on the field and as I read through in game posts so much for that. A year has past and nothing changed, it is atrociously marked for an ACC field. Mid field logo still looks like a bird pooped and someone wrote Pitt in it, end zones a joke – it is PITT not PITTSBURGH Heather and the diagonal stripes went out in the 1950’s. Sue the cheap fracking Rooneys. And for fans who say the ‘stillers play the next day’ They don’t play the next day this weekend. IN fact only half of Pitt games are followed by a STeeler game the same weekend. ACC logos not on field but on a ground tarp – a joke, no excuse. Put your attorneys to work Heather and quit handing out awards after every play. By the way when did they erect a parking garage outside the gates – yeah more tailgating and hire a firm to do it ha ha. (Hope to be at Rice tailgate) Roooneys make more money on the parking garage, we could at least get a respectful looking field. Pay attention to what it looks like on Steeler Sunday, night and day. Most don’t know Art Rooney was the biggest bookmaker on the North Side – won money at a race story is bullshrt – I talked to older police when I started as ADA 30 years ago -. All bookies I have met are cheap, shyster – though fun to use for those who bet, i guarantee if STate Penn played there they would get the royal treatment. Pitt administration is a joke and that include you Heather and your “fan ccmmittee” Compare how the field is marked for Steelers and compare with Pitt. A D1 joke, I need to catch up on more posts before I post on the game but I always thought Nard wouldn’t can Conklin till after the season, Can him now and get rid of this horrible scheme.. No penetration whatsoever. McSwirley will kill us. 😦


  47. Coaching staff absolutely stunk in the 2nd half. YSU adjusted and shut the dink and dunk offense down and Watson and crew had no idea what to do. Pathetic and scary. Running on every 1st and 2nd down and only passing on 3rd and long is a game plan by 5th and 6th grade coaches. Quality control coach my butt. Honestly, does anyone remember a pass longer than 10 yards on any down other than 3rd?

    Browne panics, terrible pocket presence, and clumsy. With Jones-Smith and O’Neill beaten on speed rushes its a formula for disaster. Perfect pass to Flannagan was singular bright spot. Weah won the battle for the winning TD, not a coaching or QB credit on that one.

    First wheel route TD was totally a mental mistake by Zeise, he looked into backfield and took a step toward LOS losing the RB. Don’t know for sure if he could have covered it without the mental error, but had no chance the way he played it. Better get fixed or Barkley will score 5 TDs with same route.

    Dane Jackson actually looked like a real D-1 CB. He stayed in step on deep route and believe it or not, turned to find the ball and knock it away. Didn’t see that all year by any CB last year. Also knocked down a slant pass, so if looking for a bright spot I’d count him as one.

    QO was also very effective in the first half when the OL was able to open a hole for him. But once YSU played with 8-9 in the box and Watson was too incompetent to figure out how to counter, his day was over.

    DL couldn’t have been worse. Pitt didn’t have a single pass rush that looked like anyone could beat their block, and it appeared to me that none were being double teamed. If Partridge is such a coaching genius, you couldn’t tell by his DL play. What’s worse this is even true on obvious passing downs.


  48. Don’t agree with the Ollie bashing. 96 yds rushing, 35 passing, two TD’s, not bad, especially when they did not spread the field in any way. No he is not flashy. Davis did look good albeit briefly, hopefully he will be the lightning to Ollie’s thunder.

    I am concerned about Browne’s immobility, especially if the pass blocking does not improve.

    It is a positive that Pitt came up with just enough plays to win, we have seen plenty o’ times when they have not.

    But it is pretty clear that our defensive front seven will not be enough to give us any chance vs PSU or OKST.

    So the big question is, will Wirginis and Whitehead be enough to contain GT? We could be in big trouble since our D-ends and outside linebackers don’t appear fast enough to stop GT’s option.

    Nice to see the interceptions but they were both poorly thrown balls and not exceptional coverage or great defensive plays.Don’t expect throws like that in the next two.

    While I still haven’t given up on Browne, his flaws were apparent and we still don’t know if he can throw down field.Overall the offense should be pretty good. For now the defense looks too much like last year and without Ejuan’s big plays.


    1. I actually thought Ollison showed more flash than I can remember from two years ago. He did an excellent hurdle to add about 15 more yards on a swing pass and also tried a spin on a run. He had few holes in the second half.


  49. The game was ugly but as others have said, so was Villanova and they were much weaker than YSU. The front seven was most concerning, however, and vanilla or not they got pushed around in the second half. The corners actually covered pretty well and had some breakups. It was the linebackers that blew assignments leading to big plays.
    I would also like to point out that Blewitt started last year terribly. I believe he missed 3 of his first 4 and we know how he finished last year. Obviously comparing a senior to freshman is tough but kessman clearly has the leg and it isn’t like he shanked the kicks either.


  50. Did Matthews get any balls. How did QH do? Haven’t head his name mentioned.
    I was hoping both of those players would be utilized in a downfield passing game- routes of 10 yes our greater.
    Matthews is tall but can he get open?


    1. QH played his usual good game. He didn’t have any super flashy plays but he was a steady presence in the run game and got a couple passes. He did well overall… he’s going to be the most needed player on offense the whole season


  51. Matthews I think had one catch. Fell down on his break but still caught it from his knees. Henderson caught one screen and I think got 7 yards on it. Receivers really did not get much separation. Browne missed clark open a couple of times. Otherwise the receivers were covered pretty tight


  52. EE I hope you saw enough to realize Pitt needs to add mobility at the QB position to make the opposition prepare for that possibility. Browne may set the record for being sacked the most at QB in Pitt history if he plays the position all year. Pitt’s only hope for victories is by scoring a boat load of points each game and never but never having to rely on the defense to secure any victory. And for Pitt to score a boat load of points they are going to need a good QB that a least present the run option. Also play two of the of the follwing three of Henderson, Ffrench and Lopes at all times along with Weah, They give the Pitt offense an explosive combination from any QB that can get the ball into their hands. I vote for Pickett as the best choice to lead this team going forward.


  53. As a reminder of last year’s villanova vanilla game – here is the link to the box score – note that Blewitt had the same stat line as Kessman (0-2 FG’s and 4-4 PAT’s) –


    And Peterman was average 18-32ish for 175 yards and 2 TD’s…

    Laying low to surprise the nit wits almost cost us a W. But it didn’t and for that I am thankful. I did find a few more grey hairs though this morning.

    Surprise the secret shower stewards in creepy valley!


    1. And our rushing attack that killed psu, ran for 86 yards on 34 carries vs villanova –

      It really is not that bad guys. Enjoy your week and don’t sweat the small stuff. Duzz will keep you, me and James from state college in the dark this week.

      Now that is entertainment – lol.


  54. Saying TD pass caught by Weah was all him not fair to Browne who put ball in the only place Weah could have caught it. Catch was truly terrific and clutch and it is sad that the awful game experience has disallowed us from celebrating how awesome the catch was.


    1. That isn’t really true. Watch the play again he threw it behind Weah so he had to reach back and snatch the ball away right above the Defenders helmet if the defender had his head up that would have been an incompletion and he still had room to throw in front of Weah and which is where the normal pass should go; it wasn’t a bad pass but Weah scored that touchdown on his own pretty much.



  55. Where do I start. Well two things come to mind.

    .1 Really enjoyed meeting some of POV tailgaters and oh, PITT did suck second half. but ….

    All I read leading up to the game was how great YSU is. “It’s going to be a tough game and I wouldn’t be surprised if PITT lost and take the points”. So, all you people were right except now, you want to tell us how PITT nearly lost to a piss poor D-2 school. That’s talking out of both sides of your mouths.

    Yet, that doesn’t take away PITT’s poor second half and it leaves a lot of questions on the table

    How good or how bad is Browne? Throwing the ball in the dirt on second and one (i think) was really bad (stoopid) for a 5th yr senior.

    Can PITT not lose to psu by 52 pts? << Akron

    How much did PITT hold back yesterday?

    Like Wlat said. Same talk after last year’s Nova game. Exactly the same.

    A 3 year starter at QB is going to be tough to play against at any level.

    ..and oh Pollini is a really great coach, Tressel should have been PITT’s AD, YSU has 4 D-1 transfers on and on and on we went…

    ..but… PITT did suck second half.

    Did Lumpy Chryst lose to this team a few years back?

    From my seat it looked like Garner played a fairly good game and I thought Watts did ok as well.

    To be honest though, I’m not sure many of you aren’t right, PITT did suck second half.. and I’m a little upset Dinucci didn’t take a few meaningful snaps.

    I guess we just have to wait for next weeks game against the fighting pedophile enablers for some answers. ..ike



  56. Yes Chryst lost his first game after suspending a bunch of guys. This is Narduzzi’s third season.

    No chance that Pitt changes QB’s. Browne and DiNucci have taken all the snaps. Pickett will only see the field if Browne and DiNucci are both injured or completely crap the bed in the next two or three games.

    I could see Browne getting injured if the line doesn’t get better because he is immobile and doesn’t seem to have much pocket awareness. DiNucci on the other hand moves pretty well.Really don’t know if either guy can take a hit, but I am pretty sure we will find out next week.

    Teams don’t win many games with D-ends that don’t apply pressure and don’t make tackles. These guys need to get better fast.


  57. Copied from game day thread <posted there because I’m an idiot, so DO NOT give me a Twitter account>:

    So how do you deal with replacing/exchanging out 3 of 4 team captains? Tough situation but I guess I can just HOPE that Max needed to knock off some rust. I think he gave YSU that opportunity on the play where he “ran” to center the ball for the winning field goal attempt…ok, maybe he waddled as a gesture of disrespect to the “Penguins”….nah, but the YSU guy that plastered him, nearly knocked his head off along with almost separating his limbs from his body. Can anyone explain THAT play call rather than a hand-off where we might gain a couple yards/inches with our awesome D-1 front line push vs their under-sized D-2 line rather than adding a few yards to the freshman kicker Klessman’s task.

    And Briggs? Looks like he plays way too “jacked up”, which is exactly how he looks physically, but not so sure jacked-up gets the assignments done during the games. Looks like he is a real leader in the weight room, which is ok, but weight room commitment doesn’t always translate to on-field performance and it looked like he just doesn’t have it there, at least not yet .

    Maddox? Who’s to know if it is scheme where he simply can’t deliver or more blown assignments or what? Let’s face it, as many have mentioned above, the fact that there were NO SACKS means the secondary will likely be exposed for any weaknesses, but at the same time, there were way too many wide open receivers that any decent quarterback would find. OMG, Rudolph and McSorley are going to come in blown up with helium or maybe hydrogen, ready to drop bombs EVERYWHERE!!! I am already running for cover.

    Weah, nice adjustment on the game winning TD, not forgetting that he dropped the first one at the 50 placed right in his hands earlier in the game. Weah is not the problem.

    I did not make a prediction for the season on that thread, but anything better than 5-7 will be a surprise for me at this point. Had I posted my guess on Friday based on nearly nothing, I would have optimistically said 8-4 and then a bowl win. I am more than willing to modify upward again, but unfortunately probably not going to need to even consider that with the next 2 games. This is the last week I get to fondly think of the numbers 42 and 39 and I can’t even smile much inside any more after yesterday.:>((

    On a positive note, my daughter absolutely loved her tours of the school considering Pitt nursing vs. UMd and others. The flip side, my costs for her to “enjoy” the Pitt experience will be massively higher.

    BTW, USC replacement phenom had marginally worse day v. Western Michigan than Max.
    Sam Darnold C/ATT 23/33 289 YDS AVG 8.8 TD 0 INT 2 QBR 71.0

    Still H2P!!!
    Last week to cherish the numbers 42 and 39. :)))


  58. I like to think the majority of the comments are objective on here. The film doesn’t lie, which brings me to my next point. Coach Narduzzi mentioned at the halftime break that it was probably one of the smoothest first halves of football since he has been here. I disagree. The first half was better than the second half, that is for sure.

    However, if you will recall, we received a great phantom block in the back call on a long pass completion and also YSU missed a wide open wheel route where their qb overpowered the RB….or that would have been an easy first down on a third and 13. I think they missed the field goal immediately following that defensive mishap.

    When they look at the film, the three best plays that stand out in the first half was the toss to Flanagan (great throw), the QO leap on the pass completion, and Dane Jackson actually turning his head on a pass breakup.

    I will ask again, did it look like our OL and DL played in a bunch type formation? Our spacing between linemen overall (not on every play), looked really odd to me. Maybe that was the plan, but it was weird to watch.


  59. Maddox had a nice break up in the end zone on the one play.

    Did anyone who was at the game notice the YSU player laying on his back in the middle of the field during a YSU punt in the first half? Dam oddest thing you would ever see.


      1. His # was 15 and so was the return man. You can’t have two players with the same # on the field for the same team. He laid down to cover his # – when the punt sailed the refs were looking elsewhere.

        He was trying to avoid a penalty.


  60. Some thoughts from a non-thinker.
    Good -1) Browne has his limits but we didn’t open up long routes to keep pressure off him – too early to make a final determination he is no Nate but we knew that. Pickett is indeed the best QB Dan 72 but i hope they don’t waste a rs year on this team,
    2) we won
    3) offense made plays when it had to
    4) MacVitt looked good with headphones on keep him there..
    5) true freshmen played, I was surprised the most with Tyler Sear who made his catch
    1) this scheme and Conkiln suck and Narduzzis’ ego wont give up on this scheme that is not that good, in fact it sucks. I really like many aspects of Nard but he has to put the team over his ego. Several years ago WCC gave up the funky 3-5-3 or whatever and got bombed then they went back to the next year they had success. Nard when he came talked of how simple this defense is and the players always looked lost and this is year three, Heather or someone needs to lay down the law after the year, maybe Reed and UPitt , Maddox got in zeise face several times.
    2) Pitt mailed it in in the second half
    3) Bricen Garner when he removes mistakes and plays in a real scheme has it in him to be excellent. He made two big plays
    4) Dane Jackson was better than the other self-ballyhooed dback.
    5) As I have said our LBs are a huge weakness, Zeise was lost,
    6) Absolutely no pressure,
    7) Did I mention we mailed it in in the second half.
    8) Whitehead and Wirginis packed it in when they weeded up – how can some of you think their return will improve this mess. Whitehead had great first year then it all went to his head and he turned his eyes to the pros. Weed has medical benefits but it does create the stoner approach to life, sloppy. Go back to the weed Doc you are killing my chill. ha ha 🙂 just kidding.
    We will have to scamble to make my 7-6.


  61. Moved here from Chicago 10 years ago and became a Pitt season ticket holder because of Dave Wannstedt. First 2 seasons 6-6 & 5-7 but still grew to love Pitt football and think the team HCPN is building is better in character, discipline and yes even talent than the teams of HCDW. As Pink Floyd put it “Hey…Leave them kids alone!” They’re kids. I don’t see a lack of effort so some of the criticism is way too harsh. I agree that Pickett looks like the future at QB but not ready to give up on Browne yet.


  62. A lot to be concerned about with this game.

    I watch Brain O Neil get pushed on his back numerous times.

    I wonder how healthy his shoulder really is???


  63. Great post RKB. Looks like it’s going to be Carrigan moved to O-Line and what I heard was going to happen…. and Jackson did play represent as well.

    6&34. I guess that was PITT punting when the player was laying there like he was in a casket (flat on his back)? I guess that he was hiding from a gunner as he rose from the dead immediately after the punt or he was hiding from the refs player count and he was an extra man on the field? But it was very odd indeed.

    I think too much is being made out this game. YES!!! they didn’t finish strong but….. Nova wasn’t anywhere near as good as YSU last year. Wells does NOT stink, in fact he’s pretty good.

    What were the “I told you guys crowd” thinking when PITT was up 21-0? Bupkis is what = nothing. PITT won when they decided to throw one pass to Weah. < Could this mean anything? … ike

    Winners think different than losers.
    Winners think they are going to win
    Winners do Win.


  64. Well, our defense ranks #80 in total yards allowed and #100 in pass efficiency defense, so we are improving, right. Was hoping for a defensively dominant performance so that our numbers would be skewed towards the better and help offset game 2 and 3 results.

    Gamed turned completely when Pitt was first and goal from the 4 and couldn’t score. Showed we were mentally week. Football is a mindset, especially in the trenches. Everyone can vanilla all you want, which may be true, however, mentally you still have to beat your guy one on one. Vanilla or no vanilla. We didn’t do it in the first half and we didn’t do it in the 2nd. Trenches = mentality.

    Bizno and Dorian G waived yesterday. Again, trench warfare is a mindset. Those two were nice players, but without a “switch”. I didn’t see a switch turned on from any lineman yesterday from either side of the ball. Our guys are light in emotion and mentality playing tough to the whistle. Why?

    All we hear when these kids are recruited is that they have a “motor”. Hopefully our guys motors get tuned up going forward. Their athleticism got them to this level, their mentality will get them to the next, or not! It’s a choice to be great. Any thought on the athlete mentality to succeed on this level or did I capture it?


  65. Last year I said O was vanilla vs Milli- Vanilli, but the problem is 2 fold. The d sucked and truth be told if their qb did not overthrow 3 receivers it would have been tied at half. The other half is that the players on O last year were outstanding and I felt they would get it done. There seems to be little hope for the D. They are dazed and confused. Anyone at the game saw there was no pressure, even on those rare times they blitzed they couldn’t get there, and again, this was NOT a very mobile qb. You don’t have James Connor running behind a dominating Oline.
    And for those of you referring to last years posts, even the naysayers said the D was solid, abeit against a weak opponent.
    The loneliest guys at Beaver Stadium next week will be the Maytag repairman and the Nitters punter.


  66. Sorry EE didn’t see your comment. Hey and btw, great to meet you yesterday and all the POV folks who got out there.

    I would give everyone I met a shout out but I would probably forget a few and wouldn’t want to do that. Fran, you were great and we had a blast. Thank You, Bernie, Reed and all. Let’s do that again!! … .ike

    POV is MVB (most valuable blog)


  67. Hard to envision Partridge as the DC when his unit generated the pass rush of a pile of manure.
    As for Zeise, comments of him being ‘smart, fast and strong’ proved to be woefully inaccurate.
    Aside from QH and the tight ends, we were atrocious.
    If this pain continues, i am going to switch to watching free porn. At least with that, someone always ends up with a smile.


  68. Almost forgot, on that throw into the dirt by Browne when we needed the clock to run, who did that remind you of???


  69. Ike–“Pollini is a really great coach”, a little over the top. He major league mismanaged the clock. With 5 minutes remaining and down by 7, he was running the clock like his team was ahead.


  70. So Pitt-like. They win and still manage to make you feel bad. You watch games with people who are not Pitt fans and they don’t understand why you are worried when your team is up 21 puts. My lone bright spot yesterday was Dane Jackson. Covered well and played the ball. There’s hope for d-backs yet me thinks.


  71. Joe Knew I would name the former QB but his biggest fan would get upset and I am being nice. Some QBs just dont have football sense One bad thing on Browne – he locks his head on the primary receiver, doestn look off, doesnt scan the field. But this was game one and I am not sure there were other WR free. He is no Nate but we have had worse.


    1. So much for the crazy thought of the day/week.

      I like it but with no team leaders the likes of Peterman and Conner, Aston, and the entire atmosphere they created, NO F’IN WAY! Any YOU who were closer to that Northwestern debacle where THOSE leaders were KNOCKED out early, should know better.

      But, I will try to grab on to anything positive over the next few days and get back to having some hope….even if delusion is necessary. ;))


      1. ^^^and, not Any

        Now I am letting this one pass as potentially non-delusional, but if you ever come close to something like this prediction with our basketball team, you will be immediately sent away in a nice white jacket with many straps on it.


  72. Anon, wasn’t me saying Bo was a great coach but that’s the kind of talk I read and heard leading up to the game. ( I was quoting others) YSU was built up to be a real threat to PITT until it became factual. Then all of a sudden they became the worst team and coach in football history. That was my point.

    PITT did suck in the second half though and Browne definitely stares down his first read.

    Did Hall get banged up as well?

    So many new screen names, it’s great. … ike



  73. Look – by the end of the year, we will be able to say we beat the FCS champion AND won the FBS Championship – and the beating the FCS champ was the MORE DIFFICULT game!! Yeah, it may be a long-shot, but I will always stand behind my school and my team. You folks ready to get rid of Coach Pat N were likely also the guys ready to dump Wanny and Jamie D. Remember how well those moves turned out?? Apparently not. Stick with these guys – they will pull thru. And as always – H2P!


  74. Pitt was held back on both sides of the ball. Browne will be fine, and the receivers will be as well with others stepping up, but the O line needs to settle in. D may have some issues, but they appeared to play in a basic Cover 4 most of the day (others here likely have greater insight on this), and suspect that will change beyond this opening game. Appeared to be some things out there that were not intended to be seen again (should make many people happy). Ike/Giffer nice posts. H2P


  75. YSU gave WVU a game last year. 14-14 at half. Over 400 yards of total offense. WVU went on a 17-0 run in the 3rd that squashed them. 38-21 final score.

    This game is on the coaches for trying to be cute. This saving the playbook crap is for the birds. I understand not throwing in any new wrinkles but you didn’t have to save any packages. There’s plenty of tape on what Canada likes to do … including the LSU game last night.

    Watching the LSU game actually helped me step away from the ledge. This game featured one dimensional jet sweeps not really mixing in anyone except QH. Not much pre-snap motion after half. No tosses. Go watch any Pitt game from last season or LSU last night. How simplified this offense was cannot be understated. Once you dig deeper into he playbook, the pre-snap motion and trick tosses and sweeps will hide weakness too.

    I do think Browne has a short leash and I am concerned about mobility. A mobile QB adds one more layer of deception with the read-option.


  76. Reed. The weather sucked driving up from Maryland yesterday morning. I did not have time to listen to,the whole,podcast or all the responses. So forgive me if I’m repeating something. This game changed at the begining of the 2nd half. YSU received the balll 1st and we held them. We got the ball back. We drove to mid field. I look up at the scoreboard and saw it was 3rd and 2. I just thought 2 runs up the midddle,with QO and we get the 1st down and continue the drive. We ran the worst, I mean worst pass play ever. Brown goes back to pass and gets pressured and looks over the middle were there is NO receivers and throws a pass to the right flat we’re the d -back for YSU has the running game back smothered. We had to punt for the 1 st al day and YSU never looked back…


  77. As bad as that was yesterday, what is most worrisome is the lack of leadership on this team. No Connor, Peterman, Bizno, Dorian, Galambos, Caprera, Tyrique, Ejuan, etc…. Some of those guys had flaws but they believed the could compete with anybody. Who do we have like that now?

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  78. I have learned to deal with Pitt sports by expecting a little more than mediocrity most of the time. Pitt does not want to win championships. I don’t care what they say, it’s all bull. Pitt is a very rich school who doesn’t need donor money to thrive. If the administration wanted to win championships, we would see the changes.

    Even the magic of 2016 with two great wins fell short of a 10 win season, a bowl win, and a final A.P ranking. We plateau at 8 wins. This season without Blewitt nailing Clemson and Canada outsmarting defenses, we won’t reach our plateau.

    Don’t get upset. Pitt is playing out the destiny it wants.


  79. Reed,
    Longtime and avid reader but wanted to get everyone’s thoughts about any perceived “tightness” on both sides of the ball in the 2nd half? Maybe I am imagining things but that trend cannot continue into next weekend or the scoreboard will get lopsided quickly.

    Thanks for all your effort into this site and the many knowledgeable folks that contribute!! HTP!


  80. YSU made adjustments at half time while HCPN told kids to let up a little.

    -19 at PSU is not to bad, seen worse.


  81. That game left me feeling physically ill — that shows how bad I have Pantheritis…

    Was disappointed in too many players (and coaches) to name.

    Saw Henderson get held up or lost in traffic on a couple of pass routes. Not good. With his quickness he should be open all day — but he wasn’t.

    Said hello to Paul Z. after the game. He said EZ never played LB and will have a learning curve. Said EZ was “picked” on one of the wheel routes.

    (I was actually glad to see the wheelroutes because I remember Barkley scoring on one last year when Caprara tried to cover him. Tough play for any LB on a speedy RB).

    I have written off the next 2 games — success to me will be no significant injuries. The big game, and one I dread, is GT.

    I still think this team can be decent eventually, but the offensive talent level vs. the next 2 opponents will be too much to overcome and the scheme vs GT is always a huge problem… Starting with Rice I still think we will have a nice run.

    GO PITT!


  82. Max looked more like Min, but remember that Nate was really limited in the first few games last season. Like the new OC was afraid to let him throw the ball down the field – just like Max / Watson yesterday???

    I know it’s crazy, but I’m clinging to the hope that Max can play better…


  83. Pitt is undefeated – Hoopies can’t say that!
    Pitt is undefeated – Aggies blew a 34 point lead. That coach is on the hot seat.
    I’ll take our win over YSU. Its a W! Point spreads don’t matter.
    H2P – beat the S#*$ out of PissyU!!


  84. Any really good cook knows that the first waffle goes in the dumpster. Pitt is fine. Think rope-a-dope.


  85. Browne 40 yd a good .3. + seconds faster. Than peterman. Faster than Big Ben ( the Steeler, not the POV legend) combine dash, too, I know speed isn’t the only thing, but he can run, and will run enough to help win a couple big games.


  86. I wonder what the value of halftime is. That must have been some real inspiring speech by Duzz. And how about those halftime adjustments? Weren’t they fantastic?? I can see why Dad Ziese would make excuses for his son, but the fact remains that Zeise (the player) stinks, and it really says something that in year 3 of the Duzz era Pitt must use these types of retreads in key positions. I wrote before that based on known quantities and announced future recruits it will be 2020 at the earliest before there are some legitimate linebackers on the field. That might be too late for the Duzz, and we may be starting over?


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