POV Postseason Awards

‘Tis the season for postseason awards. And Pitt has had some meaningful awards awarded. Yeah they went 6-5 and that was underwhelming (even in a COVID year), but you have to admit, Pitt still had some pretty strong individual performances. Especially on the defensive line. Patrick Jones All American? Check. Rashad Weaver All American? Check. (They were both two stars by the way. Just in case anyone was wondering.) And then Freshmen All Americans. Jordan Addison? Check. Kalijah Cancey? Check. (A couple of three-stars. Ho-hummm). Oh and lets not forget walk-on-to-all-ACC Center Jimmy Morssisey. Top-three finalist for the Bullsworth Trophy (awarded to the top walk-on player each year). Check.

And so it got me to thinking, maybe the POV should award its own postseason awards, not to players but to posters. After all, this blog is about you. And without the Pitt POV’s loyal readers and commenters, well I’d just be another jerk with a platform. And so I’m going to unilaterally award the first annual Pitt POV awards, (Next year I might even put it up to a vote~) Either way, thanks for reading, posting and being part of the community. I appreciate you all.

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