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‘Tis the season for postseason awards. And Pitt has had some meaningful awards awarded. Yeah they went 6-5 and that was underwhelming (even in a COVID year), but you have to admit, Pitt still had some pretty strong individual performances. Especially on the defensive line. Patrick Jones All American? Check. Rashad Weaver All American? Check. (They were both two stars by the way. Just in case anyone was wondering.) And then Freshmen All Americans. Jordan Addison? Check. Kalijah Cancey? Check. (A couple of three-stars. Ho-hummm). Oh and lets not forget walk-on-to-all-ACC Center Jimmy Morssisey. Top-three finalist for the Bullsworth Trophy (awarded to the top walk-on player each year). Check.

And so it got me to thinking, maybe the POV should award its own postseason awards, not to players but to posters. After all, this blog is about you. And without the Pitt POV’s loyal readers and commenters, well I’d just be another jerk with a platform. And so I’m going to unilaterally award the first annual Pitt POV awards, (Next year I might even put it up to a vote~) Either way, thanks for reading, posting and being part of the community. I appreciate you all.

Most Frequent Poster – This would be an easy one to base on facts (just count the number of posts!), but the fact is that our most frequent poster doesn’t always post under the same handle. And well, they say that quantity doesn’t always make up for quantity, but you know what, this guy sure knows how to use repetition to his advantage. At the end of the day TEXAS PANTHER (i.e. TEX) wins this one. Congratulations Tex, many people have told you to shut the hell up, but to your credit you never, ever listen. (and we love you for it, all the same).

Most Rational Poster – Okay this one is a little more subjective, because there are a lot of rational posters out there. This poster needs to (in my opinion) straddle the line between optimism and pessimism and also add in a healthy dose of objectivity given the actual state of Pitt Athletics in the context of college athletics. I’ll be the first to admit this is no easy task. With that being said, there are a few posters that come to mind. First is the appropriately named VOICE OF REASON. Second is the sometimes poster, often reader ULTERIOR MOTIFFS, and third is the often hard-to-find TOSSING THABEEETS (although he did chime in on the latest thread a couple of times). After much deliberation (i.e. about three sips of my drink) I’ve decided I’m going to have to split this one into first, second and third team. Starting from the bottom up: Third Team: Tossing Thabeets (just don’t see enough of you) Second Team: Ulterior Motiffs (Always a timely post after a game, but seldom in between), and First Time: Voice of Reason (always ready with a comment). Congratulations Fellas, if we are ever in the same town at the same time I’d like to buy you a beer.

Most Team Spirit – There is always a guy who is pointing out the wins outside of Football. Whether it be baseball, or women’s basketball, or heck, even swimming and diving. Anyway, no matter what the sport, you can tell that this one cares about Pitt. Always upbeat, always has good news. An alumni’s alumni. MAJOR MAJORS this one is for you.

Best Tailgate – That which is understood does not need to be explained. LASTROWOFSECTIONFOUR…come on down.

Best Basketball Poster – I’ve got a soft spot for DAN 72 because he knows a lot more about basketball than I do and he shares it. Congratulations Dan and keep it coming.

Most Irrational Poster – Well I hate that one guy is getting multiple awards but you know who is going to get this one. His arguments are flawed, and if you’ve scored a B or better in Pitt’s symbolic logic class you can usually call him out (although he won’t admit it). He often repeats the same arguments over and over, and it’s pretty easy to predict which topics will set him off. Yes we Love ya TEX. It wouldn’t be the POV without you.

Most Negative Poster: Used to be UPITTBASEBALL, but The title now goes to THE MASKED MARINO. Only shows up when things are bad, and his takes? Well they will usually make you laugh to keep from crying. Are they the same guy? We may never know…

Best Newcomer: ARNOLD ZIFFEL. (From Wikipedia) Arnold Ziffel was a pig featured in Green Acres, an American situation comedy that aired on CBS from 1965 to 1971. The show is about a fictional lawyer, Oliver Wendell Douglas, and his wife, Lisa – city-dwellers who move to Hooterville, a farming community populated by oddballs. Arnold is a pig of the Chester White breed, but is treated as the son of farmer Fred Ziffel and his wife, Doris, a childless couple. Everyone in Hooterville (besides Oliver Douglas) accepts this without question. Arnold’s first TV appearance was in the second season of Petticoat Junction in the episode “A Matter of Communication”. Arnold can do pretty much anything a human can. He can write his name and change channels on the television. He watches the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite to keep up with the issues. [4] He signs checks and can adjust the TV antenna, and he is the smartest student at the local grade school. [5] He carries his lunchbox in his mouth, and often plays practical jokes on the other students. [6] Arnold is also artistically talented: he is working on a novel, he plays the piano, and he is an accomplished abstract painter, dubbed “Porky Picasso”, whose piece titled “Nude at a Filling Station” wins first prize out of two thousand entries in a student art contest. [7] [8] He even works as a “paper pig” delivering newspapers, although he has a bad habit of throwing copies so hard and so badly aimed that he sometimes breaks windows. MM NOTE: Please keep posting Arnold.

Top Guest Author / Most Analytical: Richard Hefner (aka PITT-COCKS FAN) spent his working days as an accountant (I think), and it shows. The POV would be much the poorer were it not for his weekly “Next Up” articles during the football season. They are jam packed with stats, figures and analysis (and a weekly reference to The Citadel as well!). Thank you Richard for your continued contributions to this humble Blog.

Best Poster: Okay so where to begin? When I first took over the POV, I jumped on a plane from Atlanta to Pittsburgh in time for the 2018 Virginia Tech at Pitt game. You remember it:

There I was introduced to many of the “usual suspects” at LASTROW’s (i.e. Fran’s) tailgate. One of those suspects had few words to say, and yet he had a presence. The way he shook my hand, the way he looked me in the eye…told me he was different. I’ll remember that handshake and that gaze for as long as I live. He posts regularly. And if all Pitt fans embodied the qualities that he embodies, well, Pitt would have one of the most passionate, loyal, and steadfast fan bases in all of college football. He celebrates the good, and he doesn’t sulk during the bad. He believes in the University and its mission, and he defends what he understands to be right. You cannot ask any more from a Pitt Man. This year’s winner of the best poster award, is THOMAS EICHER, i.e. IKE. Additionally, this award henceforth will be known as the IKE Award It will be awarded annually to the commenter who best embodies the qualities of passion, perseverance, optimism, loyalty and support of Pitt Athletics. Hail to Pitt and Hail to Ike, a man we should all be proud to say is a friend and fellow Pitt POV’er.

Have a Happy Holiday everyone.

Michaelangelo Monteleone

201 thoughts on “POV Postseason Awards

  1. Seriously, if it is not too much work, you should consider doing two versions next year, MM: Editor’s choice in which you simply select the awards and one done by POV vote (with four/five finalists in each category possibly selected by you or nominated by the community).


  2. The most Negative poster is pretty obvious…Tex is by far most negative about all things Pitt.

    You must have been drinking some really good stuff Mike.

    So should have gotten the Trifecta.

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  3. So Tex should have gotten the Trifecta award. Winning in 3 different categories.

    We still love ya Tex ! But it is …what it is !


  4. To Majors from the previous thread:
    I like the tailgate vaccine idea…I will offer free beer if you get the vaccine.
    After all, the Burgh used to be a shot and beer town…back to our roots!

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  5. Great stuff Maestro and I am proud to call Ike a friend.
    Excellent choices.
    If I may I would like to add “most generous POVert” as BigB, Bernie.
    He has purchased more shirts, flags and tailgate food/booze than I can count.
    ALWAYS gives them away…he’s like Santa! 🎅
    Lastly, tailgate props need to go to Wolfe and Scooter…we are the 3 man Rush-like tailgate power trio.

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  6. The heartiest of congratulations to all POV winners, all richly deserved … and the happiest Festivus for the rest of us!

    And for those here who may feel slighted, please consider ….

    — Peter O’Toole did not win the Oscar for his role of TE Lawrence in “Lawrence of Arabia,” losing to Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

    — for that matter, Al Pacino was nominated 5 times in the 1970s including for his performances in Godfathers I and II as well as “Dog Day Afternoon” … but never won

    — in 1939, classic movies such as “The Wizard of Oz” “Stagecoach” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” lost to “Gone With the Wind”

    — in 1969, Ted Sizemore won the NL Rookie of the Year while the Pirates’ Al Oliver finished 3rd despite outhitting Sizemore .285 to .271 and having 24 more RBIs

    and last but not least ..

    — also in 1969, The Stones recorded ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ and ‘Gimme Shelter’; The Beatles made “Come Together” and “Here Comes the Sun”; CCR made “Proud Mary” and “Green River”; 5th Dimension “Aquarius”; Sly and the Fam Stone “Every Day People”; Marvin Gaye “Heard It Through the Grapevine”; Stevie Wonder “My Cherie Amour”; and Marilee Rush “Angel in the Morning” …. but the Billboard No, 1 Hit for 1969 was … wait for it …. “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies (a group that didn’t even exist)

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      1. Larry Fitzgerald losing to Jason White was the reason i stopped caring about the Heisman. Highway robbery


  7. Great write-up, Maestro! And what a perfectly worded acknowledgement of the value that Ike brings to this forum. You don’t have to antagonize people to have an impact. Ike, congratulations! We salute you!

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    1. Also made one more addition – top guest author. Should be pretty easy to figure out who and he deserves some credit

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  8. Congrats to our great D-Ends.
    I still lament Twyman opting out. I wonder if he does as well.
    Good chance he would have been the third All America on that line.
    If that were the case they would have rivaled the greatest Pitt line ever.
    Greene, Jackson, Boyarsky, Meisner and Neill.
    Eff Covid.


  9. Merry Christmas everyone. A bottle of vinegar and bourbon for everyone’s stocking. No Koolaid or Fantas though.

    Although I truly believe that most Pitt fans are fine with mediocrity and the state of affairs at Pitt, those individuals who comment on this site are by far the ones who are most passionate, opinionated and care with all their heart and soul.

    I don’t believe many who post are content with the mediocrity of the football program. We differ as to whether Narduzzi should go now or go sometime later.

    As I’ve stated before, forums like this help connect us fans. I’m a big believer in connections hence my MPC advocacy. Being connected means you are engaged. It helps prevent apathy which can kill programs. Positive talk, negative talk is all good talk.

    My award for best Pitt site goes to the Pitt POV. I truly think the articles and discussions are the best. Better than cardiac Hill. Better than the rivals panther lair board. Better than anything Dokish. tweets.

    For my go to source for knowledge of Pitt sports, the pulse beat of fans and for the occasional laugh or cringe, you can’t beat the POV.

    I’m sure Louis riddick, Wanny and Walt agree.

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  10. Many thanks for the award, Michaelangelo. I will wear it like a badge of honor! And as for ike, his contributions are unmatched, and he is certainly the most well liked by the posters on this site. Congratulations, ike, it is a well deserved award!

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  11. I’m sorry I’m not around as often. Work from home actually means more work from home … those office cooler moments where I can just walk over and talk to someone to get something done are now a 30 min scheduled video conference. Lol.


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  12. First let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Second, praying for you daily Ike…..have two other friends in the same situation.

    Thank you MM for the award. It’s my labor of love. Just when Pitt is making progress, we lose Champ, our best player and Toney. Knees are puzzling parts of the body. I’ve had 2 major knee surgeries and have witnessed many more including my daughters who played BBall for Carlow.
    Even with the huge advance in technology (until the late 80s, no one had heard of the ACL)
    a knee injury is one of the worst.

    Here’s hoping Champ comes back healthy in 2 weeks, not 8!!


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  13. Appreciate the award, MM. But I can only share it with many others, especially Team Spirit members Annie and Erie Express.

    And hey, who went to basketball games through the Stallings winless-in-the-ACC season? Well, I know two guys who did – Fran and Scooter. Now there’s some serious team spirit!

    Go Pitt.

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  14. Very nice, Maestro. Post season awards are nice, and they afford a reminder to reflect on the recipients’ in-season performances which led to their selection.

    In the case of Ike, his in-season perfomance(s) were much more meaningful to us than is his post season award to him.

    Well Done, Iek!! A rare combination of sincerity, humility, passion, tongue-in-cheekedness (I made that up), and Rock-n-Roll! Really love the Ike v Tex / Tex v Ike banter! Both deserved of the coveted “Point/Counterpoint” Award!

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    1. I’m proof of what Ike and wwb have said all along – that a 2 star or transfer (I came over from the Pitt Blather), can become an all American one day.


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  15. Mike – Thank you for the award. I just wish I had your writing skills.

    Did I read that Shadyside Academy (Sewickley Academy’s arch-rival (or was when I attended)) changed their nick name to (THE Citadel) Bulldogs.


  16. My very long message I wrote early this am on my cell phone somehow didn’t post but will not try to re-do what I consider a “masterpiece.” Love the awards and all who post ….we need the yang to go along with the ying…makes the PITT world much more interesting..

    Tex has to have a staff of researchers and writers working under him…committed to his beliefs and is prolific with his out-put-BEST MOTOR on the POV.
    UPitt is usually right on matters concerning PITT…love his contributions and his edge. BEST GIVER of NICK-NAMES!!!

    Long time contributors…I read the Blather for several years before posting and names I still see from back in the day are wwb/wbb and GC….Emel was another one of my favorite posters but dropped off the radar December 2016…he was coming to our POV tailgate in Charlotte but never made it…thanks guys for all the time you put in making this a great place to visit and interact.

    Richard, thanks for jumping in with stats and articles…you bring another informational dimension..keep doing what you do best..we appreciate your in-put.

    Ike/Iek….our HAPPY WARRIOR…..looks at sports and his beloved Panthers through a realistic lens, looks for the positive and always being fair. Wish I had more of your demeanor and less of mine. Love you brother.

    Finally, Reed thanks for your years of labor. I don’t if you even realize what you created from the years on the Blather and forming the POV, a gift to all of us that we open daily. Salute to you Commander……..and Michael a big thank you for taking over the wheel of this ship and continuing to lead us on our journey.

    Loved the horse and sleigh video ,,,,I will be home for Christmas,,(screw Ebenizer Wolf)

    Merry Christmas folks

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  17. Christmas Eve Bowl update: ESPN 3:30 – New Mexico Bowl Hawaii (4-4) vs Houston (3-4)

    But before you yawn and scoff …. you should know that this is a rematch of the head coaches in the 2011 Backyard Brawl. Yes, it’s Fraud Graham vs Dana Holgerson

    So, to to hell with the 7 seven fishes … or the ham or turkeys … and hurry up and hang the stockings without care!


  18. Congrats to Coach Harley. He is going to be Defensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach in his new job.

    Now, the search continues for that big-play thumper Panther middle-linebacker…

    Go Pitt.

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  19. Since this is the holiday season, I won’t point out that Tex was actually not a 2 star transfer to the POV but a PWO… 🙂 (oops, I just did!) Or was it a team manager? But look how his star has risen! Winner of two awards! Happy holidays to all!

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  20. Let’s see…he was a consensus 4 star minus penalties and transfer fees equals about 3.25 stars in today’s ranking equity. We’ll take him. Welcome Marcus.

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    1. Minor must pay the substantial penalty for the early withdrawal (transfer) and lose his stars…it really is ridiculous


  21. Beautiful presentation of the IKE Award, MM. Perfect articulation of what Ike means to the POV. As Max Mercy described the Whammer in The Natural so it is said of Ike: “The best there ever was, the best there is now, the best there ever will be.” Congratulations Ike and congrats to all the other award winners. And Merry Xmas to all the POVers. And thank you Reed for both starting and defining the POV. And one last comment: Tex is not negative; to the contrary, he believes perhaps against all reason (certainly against 35 years of history) that Pitt can be great.

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  22. Marcus currently was the only 4 star OL transfer in the portal. Good job by Pitt to land this 6’5” 290 lb tackle who will be eligible immediately.

    Welcome to the locked gate community of the Pitt Panthers.



    1. Thank you Santa for a 4 star O lineman. Good transfer pickup. Credit who recruited him over.

      I’m sleeping with one eye open tonite to make sure Santa doesn’t leave a packet of Koolaid or a sugar plum in my stocking. I told him vinegar and bourbon only to go along with the coal and onions.

      Behind UPitt on the Naughty List

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  23. Plus he is “an avid and talented golfer”
    Need to send an invite to the next POV outing along with Bostic, I hear he’s got game.


  24. What a (300 lb) Stocking Stuffer!! 🧑‍🎄

    …and I heard him exclaim,
    ‘Ere he drove out of sight,
    “Merry Christmas to all,
    And to all a good night”!


  25. From Chris Peak @ Pantherlair

    “When Marcus Minor decided to transfer after four years at Maryland, the former four-star offensive line prospect started with people he knew.

    Fortunately for Pitt, the Panthers had three familiar faces on the coaching staff: head coach Pat Narduzzi, who recruited Minor out of DeMatha in the class of 2017; receivers coach Chris Beatty, who was on the staff at Maryland for the first two years of Minor’s career as a Terrapin; and offensive line coach Dave Borbely, who recruited Minor to Maryland.

    That familiarity paid off on Thursday when Minor made a Christmas Eve announcement that he will be transferring to Pitt.”

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  26. Of course anyone who posts on the POV cares about Pitt and makes a contribution to whatever discussion is taking place at the moment, but all the award winners are at the head of the class. Congratulations, gentlemen !!

    Congratulations, Maestro, on doing such an incredible job this year. Bravo !!

    I thought Annie might get an Honorable Mention of some sort for occasionally wading in among this bunch.

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    1. When I read your comment, I thought you were being sarcastic. Unfortunately that was not the case as I quickly researched it. Too bad the Penguins ownership could not buy the Pirates. The Pirates only exist now to make Nutting richer and richer, the fans be damned!

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      1. Bell’s value went up a tick with the Designated Hitter, but you just can’t put the guy in the field. He can’t throw the ball with any accuracy. His hitting is quite erratic…when he connects it goes a mile, but he hasn’t connected enough now that he sees less fastballs…

        Hope the Pirates somehow got something of value for him. Sure are bringing in the pitching…


  27. Marcus Minor played right tackle for Maryland, but according to Chris Peak, Pitt talked to him about playing guard. Surprises me a bit – in spite of Warren improving some, I’m still a bit skeptical of him at tackle.

    At any rate, nice to add an OLineman who can contribute somewhere immediately.

    Nice job by Pitt.

    I like ike!


    1. The starting OLine probably will be:

      Goncalves LT
      M. Minor LG
      Kradel C
      Zubovic RG
      Warren RT


      Van Lynn LT
      Houy LG
      Owen C
      Wilson RG
      Taylor RT

      All with game day experience. Only one 4 star among the group.

      Merry Christmas – up early to put the ham in the oven.

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  28. Here’s a quote from Marcus Minor where he likes Coach Duzz’s “transparency”!!!! Must be internal transparency…kind of…

    “He seems like a big family guy, big on transparency, big on letting me know what’s going on,” he said. “That’s what I felt like I needed in a new program: transparency, what’s going on, what I need to do to be my best self. That was big for me and I think it will be a big factor for the program.”

    Go Pitt!

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  29. Just got wind of these great awards deserved by (all) many. In fact, it’s not me at all or even others. It’s the POV in it’s entirety. Now it’s my turn. I would like to thank Mr Reed and Kohberger and Mr. Michelangelo Monteleone. The one light that shines the brightest for me is the civility on display night and day here. I’m also very proud I’ve accumulated well over 35 email addresses. I use them for private and chain emails for planning small and large things. Well, I actually don’t plan them I’m just put on a committee.

    It’s just not being humble to try and downplay the love you all showed me the past month. I belong on the POV during these rough times but my strength has been zapped from me. I was wondering how I could thank all you gracious people for all your kind words while letting you know I’m still here. So thanks Mike and thank you all very much.

    Final note on my health. Due for a second stomach tap on Monday after they took out over 7 liters of fluid last week. The good news? Liver still chugging along and the abdominal fluid tested negative for cancer. Not so lucky with the kidney The Urologist says it may be inoperable?

    So I’ll sign off with a hearty MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and sincere thanks to all. and don’t forget H2P! (I’ll be back)


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  30. Seems like our woeful offense got some relatively good news lately with the decent incoming class, picking up an experienced Big 10 OLineman, and getting this Pickett guy…

    In 2021, I’m holding out — HOPE for the offense and HOPE for the vaccine…

    Merry Christmas to all POVers!

    Go Pitt.

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  31. just like when I was a kid, I woke up early to open my present …. a Josh Bell jersey. And a very Merry Christmas to all of you


  32. Thanks Santa for the Koolaid in my stocking this morning. A perfect regift item. 🤠

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Tex raised in the Christmas Tree Capital of the World 🌲

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  33. Ike, that is very good news I’m reading on Christmas morning and is by far the best present I’ll get. Are you on a kidney transplant list?

    Either way you are a tough nut to crack and I look forward to reading, and disagreeing with, all your years of future posts. You have my number – call if you feel up to arguing about Narduzzi.

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      1. Ike, if a transplant does look possible in the future please use me as a resource for any potential donors who might hesitate because of the unknown. I’ll talk or meet with them and walk through what we did down here to get ready. If you remember I went through all of the two month donor prep before they retested me (based on my large size) seven days before surgery and found a speck of arterial plaque to disqualify me.

        You know I’ll do whatever you need in helping someone help you… Hang in there brother, you have a great attitude in life and must know what pleasures your friendship has brought to all of us on here and elsewhere.

        Screw HTP – how about HTI (Hail To Ike)!

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        1. Thanks again good friend. Still lots of tests to wade through but you can bet I’ll use all resources. Crazy part is……..at first I wasn’t sure I wanted to involve the outside but man now it feels like I’m fighting for hundreds of people, good people! LOL in my life I’ve gotten lots more “F ike than HTI

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          1. I find sharing personal stuff with others is OK if there are some experiences to share or maybe some advice to give – lots of time they are intertwined as you have done. Especially here on the POV as a lot of us have opened up about our younger lives and we had that wonderful guest article series of why we are Pitt fans… You had a great story to share then as others did also. Sometimes I have gone back and read some again.

            There is no doubt in my mind that for a public blog the POV is unique in that sense.

            Even though I don’t comment much any longer I still read some articles/comments and appreciate everyone on here. It is truly a social “family” we have and thanks to Mike and everyone for making it that way.😃

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  34. Merry Christmas to you all!

    Maestro – thanks for the post (and I heartily agree with the award recipients). I’d like to thank you for keeping this site going for another year – and a particularly tough one. A nice source of distraction for many here.

    Here’s hoping we find ourselves at Red Lot 5A come Labor Day weekend. Cheers!

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  35. Watched the first half of the 2016 Pitt vs Clemson game last night. DVR’d the rest for today.
    Forgot how great it was. Jordon Whitehead’s 100 yard fumble recovery that was overturned
    was a thing of beauty. Conner and Peterman and all the rest. Galambos best game ever.
    Thanks to ACCN for a little Christmas cheer. They probably replay this year’s game today.

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  36. Sorry to hear the news Ike. I think you will beat this and get back on it very soon. Praying for you. You are one good guy even if you like Gorilla Calves.

    Wbb- You award he was traded to Washington on Christmas Eve. Take back the Jersey.


      1. Anything with pirates insignia post 1979 should be burned much like Pitts coal miner daughter uniforms. I hope nobody got one of those in their stockings.

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  37. as expected, CB Phillip O’Brien Jr just committed to Pitt. He had previously committed to Auburn but flipped after AU’s HC was fired. If Rivals and 247 are to be believed, he got offers from the likes of Bama, Florida, Georgia and PSU …. though just a 3-star

    This will make Tex happy since it will lower Pitt’s average star rating from 3.09 to 3.07 (per my calculations). But Pitt will still be 4th in the ACC behind Clemson, Miami and UNC

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    1. Looks like Phillip O’Brien has good closing speed.

      Also looks like he’s another post-play “celebrator.” I’m okay with that at the proper time and place…

      Go Pitt.


  38. His offers if real are impressive. 5.6 rated safety. That’s probably his natural position. Probably doesn’t have the speed or hips to be a corner.


    1. If they were all real. It’s not like rivals asks to see proof of a offer with a written letter.

      From what I understand it’s based on what the recruit tells them. Rivals doesn’t have time to verify by calling the schools or finding the recruiter.

      That’s why you need to look at visits. Auburn from what I can tell was his only visit. You have to be invited and actually show for that to be listed. Easily verified.


  39. according to PantherLair, he made a trip to Pitt and WVU a few days ago. Good thing it was about 50 deg then.


  40. By all indications, Pitt has had a great recruiting year. I’m not sure if transfers are considered part of the recruiting class, but Minor would certainly help the ranking, and it is now doubtful that Pitt will take any more OLs. Narduzzi once said that if a recruit wouldn’t sign early in December, then he was not sure he would still want him. There are obvious exceptions such as O’Brien. It will be interesting to see who replaces Harley. Perhaps a displaced DC from a top program who could eventually be good enough to move up to be Pitt’s DC if ever the need.


  41. Narduzzi just starting to hit his stride… watch out boys and girls…HO…HO…HO… Merry Christmas…. maybe he will put a 4 star QB in our stocking.

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  42. 6DBs out of a class of 23…. slightly more than 26% of the class are defenders…..

    We had a good D but the Duzz D is susceptible to the deep ball… the game changer… the momentum sucker…

    For me , I would like to feel some recruiting excitement on the O side… not talking bout KP and his granddaddy returning…. 6 years of Duzz and not feeling it…. doubt Duzz would bring a dynamic up and comer O coach into his locked gate community…. so one who would shine.

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    1. Six DBs seems like too many in one class to me. I guess sometimes you get the opportunity to bring in a player you especially like, after you have already signed the number of guys you wanted at that position.

      I think that happened with Baldonado at DE, as another example…

      Go Pitt.


  43. Finished watching the Clemson replay. Remarkable that Watson threw for 580 yards.
    It just proves how important a great offense is. That team was loaded on O, but Narduzzi,
    didn’t seem to notice, and our O has been deficient in talent ever since.


  44. 11 of the 23 commits this year were on defense which I assume is the only time there were more offensive commits than defense under Narduzzi. The year before, 10 of the 18 were defense; and the year before 11 of 19. This does not include transfers which probably favors the offense.

    I would think the quality of the defensive commits are better also, although, as we know, there were certainly some 2 stars who have done very well. Not sure how much it will help but there certainly appears to be more capable (or experienced) depth in all positions


    1. That’s what happens when you are rich, handsome and have a ton of followers.

      Pitt is that hobo who lives under the Tarentum bridge whose only followed by flies.

      It is what it is.


    1. They like to run. But nobody attends their games either. Tough for that school given the competition with the bills and the Orange. Plus hardly any tradition. They were division one then dropped and then became again. Very nice campus though. Just the stadium is nothing special. It is an erector set.


  45. Marshall was on Pitt’s original schedule this year. There were undefeated this year until they lost last 2 games …. Rice inexplicably shut them out and then lost to UAB 22-13.

    They have real good defense but not so good offense. Pitt would have beaten them 13-10 on a 53 yarder by Kessman


  46. Good football game – Marshall vs Buffalo

    Pitt filled two positions of need – OL (losing Morrissey & Hargrove) and Safety (losing Hamlin & Ford). The latest two additions to Pitt could be major contributors, if not starters in 2021.

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    1. How long did it take Ford and Hamlin to learn the position. Will be tough for any frosh to start and make a positive impact. If they start, pitt has some real depth issues then. Best if both redshirt. Pitt needs to learn to reload instead of rebuilding. You dont reload with true freshmen. Running back and receiver are the only two that I know of where the learning curve isn’t as steep nor significantly more physical maturity required. But both recruits seem to be solid and hopefully future starters.

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  47. In order of importance.

    Ike – keep fighting but remember you are not all you got. You got the POV brother and sisterhood behind you with many thoughts and prayers. Maybe not shared opinions….. but all agreed on thoughts and prayers.
    MM – thanks for the nomination of newbee. Not sure it is deserved, but i am squealing with delight here on the farm. Thanks for listing my friends that made it all possible.
    MM – if you run the POV like Heather runs athletics, the POV contributors may vote not to vote because their posting season was so hard on everybody and they just can’t do it.
    2020 – In six days 2020 will in fact, be hindsight. That was for Professor Obvious, whoever that is.

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  48. Pitt football is recruiting really well. We are 2 close losses this year from me feeling pretty good about Pitt football. What a difference two points and two wins can make. With Pickett returning and the influx of talent it really comes down to whether narduzzi can just win the games he’s supposed to.

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    1. The rosy picture and now the not rosy. 2 more losses and we’d be 4-7. Not good enough for those 2 wins, Pman. Not bad enough for the additional 2 losses either. We were mediocre. We ended up being what we were supposed to be.

      After the nfl draft, many will look back and realize we played 11 games and didn’t take advantage of the talent on the roster. The NFL draft is the barometer for talent, so we will see. If 6 players get drafted, is 6-5 underachieving? I would say yes to that. I looked at the school to the east for perspective since they have had what we think we will have drafted this year.

      Dairy High number of players drafted last 6 drafts – 5,6,6,1,5,5 with corresponding wins of (11,9,11,11,7,7)

      I also counted a total of 14 Pitt players on the 2020 NFL rosters, good for 32nd ish as it is a tie. Typically this is where Pitt ends in the rankings for performance, mid thirties. Mediocre.

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      1. or how about the original 12 game season and Pitt wins 8 (or possibly 9 with Twyman), and we are now waiting for the Military Bowl or Sun Bowl next week. The down side is Pickett would be playing his final game … though I’m still not convinced that is a down side

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        1. Prove it. Can’t guess at things you will never have an answer too, silly.

          Try this. Since Twyman left, maybe Kancey and others got meaningful snaps and improved versus sitting on the bench and not developing for next year.

          Look, when Mr. Ed started talking around the barn, he could have opted out once he was so great and remained silent. If he would he opted out, than me, mighty mouse and winnie the pooh would never had made it.


          1. Exactly. I hate what if and what about isms.

            Pitt is what their record says they are

            A team that didn’t beat one team with a winning record.

            They aren’t just mediocre. They suck.


  49. —I see where the Duke women’s basketball team is canceling the rest of their season because of Covid concerns. (The Duke men’s team is pressing on…)

    —RB Rodney Hammond was offered by PSU and UNC, among others. I take that as a positive sign since those two teams have been nailing it on RB recruiting… I did see Rodney fake out a guy on one of his highlight runs. Not exactly Dion or Ray, but I guess that’s progress. 😊

    Go Pitt.


  50. Major question: who is the QB of the future? If Pitt is to continue on an upward trend, there must be a capable QB to take over from Pickett, or we will be seeing a backslide to maybe 5-6 wins instead of 9-10 wins. The great teams all have great QBs.


  51. Right on VoR… that’s why I am just not feeling it and lament when it comes to O recruiting…. no above average QB leading then we can slide below .500….. wasn’t impressed with Yellen at all… Davis must lad behind JY… now Patti- kid has a nose for the end zone with a couple of passing and running TDS in his PITT career…. he probably would not be on a quality Div1 roster…. QB recruiting has been abysmal….
    Still can’t believe basically zero production from the TE position… blame that on grandpas Whip… it’s a damn football game played by kids who have played it there whole life… surely, you can scheme to get someone open several times a game…You gotta make the D respect the possibility but no…that part of Whips game call is MIA….

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    1. BigB, while the back-up QB’s didn’t distinguish themselves, they were thrown in vs. Miami and ND, with no running game or as you said Tight Ends. So not really a fair assessment, hard to get much going vs those defensive lines. KP really didn’t do any better vs. Clemson. So, I don’t think it is bad as you think.

      Regarding tight end, they were relying heavily on Krull so that didn’t work out. He is back plus two new recruits.

      The thing that mystified me the most was the heavy use of V. Davis at running back, yes he did pay off in the final game but really. I get that Carter and Izzy were beat up, but to absolutely not use Sibley especially on the goal line seems stupid. And what was up with the Wildcat? If it was worthwhile you use it more than once or twice a game. Plus it really doesn’t work without an elite guy like a shady McCoy running it. And with an O-line that is more than decent. How much time was wasted in practice? Boggles the mind.

      I said before that when KP came back and was forced to think pass first, run second he was a better QB.
      He stayed in the pocket longer, got rid of the pass quicker and when flushed looked down field for a receiver.

      Having said all of that, BigB’s concerns about offensive recruiting are justified. Much poorer than the defensive recruiting in terms of production. Pitt has been much better at finding and developing guys on defense. Look who got the awards this year. The biggest reason is that the O-line guys have not flourished like the d-line guys. Twyman, Weaver and Jones are amazing examples. The second thing is that four star running backs have not played like four star guys. The third thing is that receivers and tight ends have not really come through in a big way. Ffrench was great and Addison should be too, but after that pretty pedestrian. Turner was a good transfer, Mack played his best three years ago. Average play out of the rest and the number of drops, and don’t give me that BS about KP’s passes being downward.

      We haven’t had a great receiver since Boyd. Not that we are in their league, but every year Clemson and ND have five guys better than ours. The kind that make circus catches routinely. It does help when you have a QB throwing the ball on the money, hitting their guy in stride most of the time.

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    1. Interesting that they like O’Brien as a safety, but also could see him as an outside linebacker. That might make him a good hybrid guy for covering TEs and wheel routes.

      The article also states: “Does a good job of staying deeper than everybody else and keeps everybody in front of him.” He’ll have to get rid of this nasty habit to see the field for Pitt. 😊

      Go Pitt.


  52. Michelangelo, great pick!

    Thomas EICHER is my father.

    I’m proud of that! It’s not always been easy 😳😉, buts its always been love.

    My main man congrats! Love you and lucky to be your son!


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    1. Darren – Super post. We’re crazy Pitt fans here, so your father is a perfect fit and a perfect spokesperson…

      We’re all rooting and praying for him.

      “I like ike”

      Best wishes to you and your family.

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    1. No way I want to have to start over again. The recruiting is improving and the players like the coaches. The facilities are improving too. I Lyke where Pitt sports is heading right now…..especially in BB.

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  53. So we are heading into year seven of the Coach Narduzzi era. I am hoping that the Pitt administration has made a conscious decision to try the long haul method of football success, similar to Ferentz at Iowa, Beamer at Virginia Tech, Edwards at BYU and numerous other examples. It is not something they can state publicly for a lot of reasons. But I believe all those other schools who have made stability a key component of their program were able to navigate through low points to get to a higher than average success rate on an ongoing basis. Coach Narduzzi is 54. Maybe we have just witnessed year 6 of a 20 career as Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Panthers?

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    1. Stability has been there for Pitt in the past only to see the administration, which doesn’t know how to run football, destroy what was being built. Pitt easily could be on its third coach since 1986 but thought it would be “cool” to fire the coach and hire a new guy just to be in the news for a couple days.


      1. Too many a pitt coach decided to bang the cheerleader coach instead or have affairs. See gottfried and Walt. I personally don’t hold that cheating against them.


  54. From Arnold’s statement above that Pitt underperformed this year based on the number of Pro Prospects.
    Most would agree based on our pre-season expectations, even though the pundits predicted otherwise.
    So if Pitt did underperform, by how much? I don’t think anyone expected Pitt to beat Clemson or ND. If you are saying they should have performed better, maybe, but did you see what Clemson did to ND?

    Without KP, Pitt had absolutely no chance vs ND or Miami.

    So that leaves two one point losses. Two teams whose QB’s played slightly better than ours, but games that could have gone either way. So how much did Pitt underperform? Not really that much.

    Was it disappointing, of course it was, but considering that after the NC State game many wondered would Pitt lose out. Three Pitt blowouts and a loss to Clemson was really the most impressive end to the season in some time.

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    1. Pitt underperformed by definitely 2 games as they should have beaten BC and NC State with Kenny. I would like to have seen how they would have completed with Miami had Kenny played. So 2 game underperformance at a minimum.

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  55. here is the original 2020 schedule

    09/05 – Miami (Ohio)
    09/12 – at Marshall
    09/19 – Richmond
    09/26 – Duke
    10/03 – at Miami
    10/17 – Notre Dame
    10/24 – Georgia Tech
    10/31 – at Florida State
    11/06 – Virginia Tech
    11/14 – at North Carolina
    11/21 – at Virginia
    11/28 – Syracuse

    Based on how the season went, I see 3 losses (Miami, ND and UNC). Note that Duke was not very good and UVa was mediocre. Pitt beat everyone else in the ACC. Marshall wouldn’t have been a pushover but it’s hard to tell because they played an entire mid-major schedule.

    Thus, as far as pre-season expectations …. it is not far fetched that Pitt would be seeking its 10th win in an upcoming bowl game (or at the least, its 9th win)

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    1. But this was supposed to be the ten win season. Pitt will have at least 6 players drafted. A major disappointment. That old schedule maybe just gives pitt one extra win. Pitt is the poster child of underperformance and mediocrity. Lost since 1982.

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        1. But reality is 6. I still think the $4 million dollar a year coach will never win 9 games. Just not a good value in my opinion.


    2. Of course it is speculation, but depending on how Miami and UNC did, Pitt might have won the Coastal.
      ND doesn’t count as an ACC game. Also, if KP doesn’t wreck his ankle he plays vs ND and Miami.
      Of course the other big thing is having Twyman reek havoc up the middle, could have made a big difference. Covid sucks, and so did the ACC reschedule.


  56. A qb makes all the difference. Tom Brady that 43 year old goat proves it. He’s worth 6 wins. See Tampa and pats records previous year and this year. Kenny coming back is probably worth at least a win or two. Hence my over/under is 7 for wins. Now if pitt could only establish a running game.


  57. here is the proposed 2021 schedule

    9/4 UMass
    9/11 at Tenn
    9/18 Western Mich
    9/25 New Hampshire

    at Duke
    at Ga Tech
    at Syracuse
    at Va Tech

    maybe the ACC will make changes (not sure)


    1. 8 wins with that schedule seems doable and cause for contentment. More would be a pleasant surprise for me and 7 or less is SOP.


      1. Need to go big or go home. Woodie has more value on the recruiting side, but he will be good at attracting speed at the LB-er position too. This would be an upgrade to the coaching staff.

        I’m no agent – just trying to give ideas to Duzz and Heather that are above the grad assistant level…


  58. he certainly is qualified and has good roots in Florida. But would he leave Willie Taggart who he has been with since Western Kentucky (4 jobs ago)?


    1. It would be great to know that an offer was at least made to a great prospect. I’m hoping the same for Quip CB transfer from Kentucky (Devonshire) – there will be players moving on to open a spot for a talented 4 star CB who will add nice competition. Devonshire might look at the other 4 star CB’s on the roster (Battle & Royal) and look elsewhere.

      The answers are in the secret sauce along with the meatballs.

      Unlock the gates and give the fans a look behind the curtain.


      1. Yes. And for those that don’t know, Love is that secret ingredient in those meatballs.

        Tex -gates keep people out. Open doors are an invitation. Mind you I’m armed.


      2. “Unlock The Gates”

        Erie – well said. I don’t think Pitt’s admin, or most fans, have any idea how not having open practices hurts a program like Pitt’s. It sure as hell hasn’t brought any more wins over the last three wins then we would have if the media could actually write more in-depth instead of being force fed Pitt’s pablum.


  59. Would Devonshire be another Petrishen? Not a real difference maker.
    They say he had a chance to start at Kentucky next year, but he is still leaving.


  60. Petrishen is an OLB/S who walked on from PSUX. He came for the education.

    Devonshire is a lockdown CB who wants to play the scheme Duzz has set in Pittsburgh to get him to the NFL.


      1. GC – Petrishen came to Pitt as a walk-on. On Sept 1,2020, HCPN announced that he & Jake Zilinski were placed on scholarship.

        Tried to link article but WordPress is still mad at me. Source was Pitt athletic department football roster. I clicked on roster then bio & then related.


  61. Erie, he would make a great replacement.

    So the ACC took away Duke, VA, and UNC and gave us Clemson, NCST and BC in their place.
    Seriously, the only way they could have made the schedule worse was to take away VT or GT and leave UNC on the schedule.


  62. Any truth to the rumor that the ACC is looking to SP to replace Swofford as ACC Commish???

    (Just Kidding – don’t sever my typing fingers!) 😉

    With Swofford (UNC Man) gone, maybe we’ll do better, if another Covid Season schedule has to be drawn up.

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  63. Well, where are we now when it comes down to Narduzzi…….. good coach/bad coach?

    Is Pat a good, decent or lousy recruiter? Seems to me that PITT had a few 4* recruits these day. Is four or five enough? I can remember when star players were the barometer and these parts. Well that was until “other offers” became the measuring stick. You know, in case Narduzzi brought in some better and higher ranked 3* players.

    When I look at this years recruit list I see a lot of both. Highly ranked players with other teams offering. What? What is right, new one is Narduzzi can’t coach up the players. Let’s call in the field goal crew who have been working overtime moving the goal posts all over the field.

    While you are calculating rankings, remember, transfers are like Hall’s long runs, they never really ever existed.

    Remember the old saying, complaining about the schedule is just an excuse? Well that ole rule is now antiquated since PITT played a tougher schedule when the ACC decided to update this years schedule to rip PITT a new one by adding Clemson and others that were tougher opponents than originally scheduled. PITT has played Clemson THREE times in a row on the road. Sounds like built in excuse to me?

    Anyone like KP coming back?
    I’ve argued a little with people that swear Kenny has already played 5 years. I’m glad he’s back but must say I’m a little indifferent on the subject. But I see no one on the current roster that could do better than Pickett. Hope this makes sense and please don’t count the many typos.

    You can count on POVers when the chips are down

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    1. ike,
      To me the recruiting is gradually improving, but what you do with said recruits is the bottom line. Narduzzi’s game day coaching remains a weakness. If Pitt had won BC and NCS you wouldn’t hear a peep out of me.

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  64. Ike – Nice long comment you wrote. The above is the Ike I know. Hope it didn’t overtax.

    I would love to discuss your questions in detail but I type very slowly. So as a HC B- As a recruiter-N/A, He should be a closer. He does have SOME (not all) talented recruiters working for him. Kessman would be o-fer on FG’s if that crew kept actually moving the goal posts like some do.

    Correct on the transfers, They take up a scholarship and they are what they turn out to be by the end of the season(s). Pitt did get screwed on the scheduling. Agree with you on KP.

    That took me 16 minutes.

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  65. BC is loading up their D through the transfer portal. They just picked up a 4 star DB from FL State, two DE’s and an ILB, all 3 star recruit from their HS days.


    1. I take it that Hafley hasn’t been there long enough to rebuild thru HS recruits. I would say that in a few years, he will get to a point where he has developed sufficient depth …. but not sure he’ll be there long enough


  66. You have to have good players to be a good coach, great players to be a great coach.
    In most cases the coach with the better players wins. In both of our one point losses the opposing QB played better than ours that day. Made the big plays when needed. Same with the running backs. Coaches can only do so much. That is why recruiting is paramount. The Portal gives coaches a second chance at recruiting, filling holes where possible and upgrading and improving depth.

    Having better players than your opposition is the key, that is why scheduling is so important, when it comes to wins and losses, the ultimate barometer. Nobody remembers how tough your schedule was, just how many games you won.

    This is why I question whether an elite league will happen. The top dogs in each conference like winning, teams like PSU tOSU, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas USC and lately Clemson have made their legend beating up on lesser competition. Even Alabama has had much better players than the others in the SEC for many years.

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  67. Pitt has an OOC away game with Tennessee next season – their four star SR QB is in the transfer portal, who happened to be replaced by 5 star trueFR Harrison Bailey.

    Pitt also hosts Clemson, Miami and UNC at Heinz in 2021, all three with very good QB’s. What are the chances all four QB’s outperform KP?

    Each of these four teams has a 4 star RB who starts in their backfield (UNC’s & Clemson’s will be a 1st year starter).

    Pitt most certainly will be the underdog in these four games. The other eight games are winnable as either toss-ups or Pitt being the favored team.

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