Four Star Rodeo

Pat Narduzzi recently locked in his third four-star verbal (LB/DE Naquan Brown) for the class of 2021, and amidst the (nearly universal) celebration, someone commented on how it would be interesting to look at the four-star washout rate at Pitt. Certainly there have been a few. With the relative dearth of four-stars that Narduzzi reels in, each one is (in the fans’ mind) a precious commodity, and each should have an above-average chance of developing into a star. And yet, many do not. This article intends to detail just how good (or bad) we’ve been.

Being ambitions (and slightly drunk) I originally wanted to go back ten years. Then I realized it’s 9:47 on a Sunday, and I have to get up tomorrow and I am on my last half glass of wine. So I prudently decided to stick to the Pat Narduzzi era.

We’ll start with 2015. Which technically should not count as it was a transition year and these guys were Chryst Recruits, but what the hey. Two guys. Both pretty good.

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