Post Christmas Perspective

Editor’s Note: What you will read below is not about sports. Nor is it about the holiday season. Nor is it uplifting. If you read on, do so knowing that you will probably feel quite sobered at the end of it. As for me, I think it’s important to publish, even if the timing may be a bit of a downer. Reed, our prayers are with you for you own wellbeing, and I’m sure the family of the victim are thankful for your actions, especially during this holiday season.

To our POV Family, A friend suggested I share something with you all that I was involved with on 12/22/20. I asked Mike if it was OK to do so and he said he wanted to.  First – let me make a couple things very clear.  What you will read below is only factual. It in no way, shape or form captures the  absolute horror of the situation. This wasn’t like in the movies or like you might see on TV – it was brutal, frightening, and the smell of gas, smoke and flames and the sight of flesh burning is something I won’t ever forget. You would think that one could look at what happened with the positive outcome and feel proud in some way. I do not one bit. That isn’t being humble – I just wish with all my heart it never happened.

I write this because I want everyone who reads it to understand the possible severity of decisions you must make and to be prepared to experience something unbelievable and tragic if you are in a position to help. Perhaps more importantly, please know that I beg you to take appropriate safety measures for you and your loved ones so something like this will never happen to you.  I won’t be able to forget certain things no matter how hard I try and, even though I found out last night the victim has lived, I feel no sense of happiness or joy; quite the opposite in fact, but I’ll work on that as I must.  I have been around the block a few times both professionally and personally, but man, this has really thrown me a hard punch.

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