2020 Year in Review


What. A. Year.

What a doggone year.

As we wrap it up, all I can say is thanks to all the readers and comments who make the POV what it is. Yes, traffic is down since the Reed Kohberger heyday, (partly a function of me not writing as much, but also probably a function of me not having as much piss and vinegar to spew about, and well Reed was also just a damn good writer), but traffic still pretty damn strong. This year we had over 525,000 page views, and over 55,000 visitors. Those visitors generated over 32,000 comments. That’s 87 comments a day on average, every day of the year. I don’t think there is another free Pitt Panthers sports site in the world that generates that kind of traffic and engagement. Kudos to you Pitt POV’ers.

We’ve had visitors from over 50 countries, from the far east (headlines by China, Malaysia and India) to the Old World (Portugal is actually our top European country, but UK, France and the Netherlands are not far behind), to Latin America (Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador), and of course Australia (perhaps Christodoulou friends and family tuning in?)

We’ve also had some really good content and discussion. And after all that’s what it’s all abut. Richard Hefner stepped up this year with his “Up Next” series as well as some hard hitting recruiting analysis and I’m happy to say that one of his post’s was the top post for 2020! Great Job Richard and I really appreciate your contributions! Here are the top five posts for the year, as measured by pageviews:

  1. Richard Hefner’s guest post about Power five recruiting (and Pitt) earned top honors with 5,877 views. 2020 Power Five Recruiting (and Pitt).

2. The passing of the “O” clearly resonated with Pitt POV readers as well. My “O”bituary came in at #2, with 4,940 views. An “O”bituary. Pitt mourns the passing of a Legend.

3. Quarterbacks and offensive linemen are always popular topics. A recruiting article about the commitments of QB Nate Yarnell and OL Marco Fugar grabbed the #3 spot with 3,490 views. A Texas (Panther) Quarterback…and Florida Protector.

4. No year would be complete without a robust discussion around an on-campus stadium. 2020 didn’t disappoint. My “Where to Put the Stadium” piece landed at #4 with 3,468 views. Where to Put the Stadium?

5. Rounding out the top 5 was a piece on Football Preseason All-ACC Selections. Spoiler alert, two of them didn’t even play, and one of them didn’t finish the season. 3,251 views. Ten Preseason All ACC Selections.

Honorable Mention: Also if you are looking to capture some of that old Reed Kohberger magic, here is his “Reading Between the Lines” guest post, post-Notre Dame edition. (Came in at #7 overall, but was the top Reading Between the Lines. 2,897 views) Reading Between the Lines – Post Notre Dame Edition.

Have fun reminiscing over these articles and have a safe and happy New Year everyone. Looking forward to hearing from you (and seeing you at some games) in 2021.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone