Grading the ‘Duzz

Pittsburgh Sports Now published a “Grading Pat Narduzzi” Poll yesterday. You can find it here if you haven’t seen it yet. By the time I wrote this 1180 people had voted. The majority of them (49% – well I guess technically that’s a plurality) gave Pat a “C”. The next most common grade was “B” (38%), followed by “D” (9%). “A” and “F” were tied at 2% each.

Pat has gone 18-16 in the ACC over the last four years, so a C grade seems about right. (The poll asked PSN’s readers to grade Pat over his full six years, but in all honesty, nobody remembers his first two), and really, do two 8-5 years with Paul Chryst’s players really change anything?

PSN also states that “Pitt’s recruiting in terms of team rankings has no doubt steadily improved under Narduzzi.” They then posted posted the following table:


This Season:  21st
2020:  44th
2019:  49th
2018:  36th
2017:  38th
2016:  29th

So about that. If you actually look at the data, it’s more accurate to say that Pitt’s recruiting in terms of team rankings has steadily declined under Narduzzi, especially if you throw out the 2021 class…because the 2021 recruiting cycle has not been completed yet.

Here is Pitt’s class rank progression expressed linearly in case anyone is interested:

But I’m not here to throw shade on anyone’s interpretation of the facts; I’m just here to comment on the state of Pitt football, and the truth is there are a lot of different factors that go into the Rivals ranking. Including an arcane weighting system that would leave pretty much any normal person scratching their head.

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