105 thoughts on “Pitt vs Duke (Round Two) BB Game Thread

  1. Here’s a tidbit from the East/West Shrine game by Tony Pauline… Draft Analyst writer in the standout from this weeks practice..

    “Avonte Maddox/CB/Pittsburgh: Maddox is small — under 5-foot-10 — but played big football all week. His ball skills were unmatched, as were his cover instincts and timing. Maddox fearlessly battled bigger opponents all three days of practice and won out more times than not. I love his potential at the next level as a sub-package defensive back who plays backed off the line of scrimmage.”


    1. Easy for me to root for Avonte.

      (But that fall-down versus UNC still hurts – though why one of our safeties didn’t make a play on that in-the-air-for-a-long-time rainbow pass still bugs me…)

      Go Pitt.


  2. On a seperate but very important note the Air Force Reserve Airbase in Moon Township is no longer going to be deploying and receiving the old Military workhorse C-130 aircraft.

    But – they are transiting to the new, awesome (!) and much bigger C-17 Globemaster III. So the base will be around for sometime.

    Ever wonder where the Military in the Middle East get their supplies and personnel – much of it travels through Pittsburgh to points elsewhere.


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      1. Interesting interview with Stallings yesterday on The Fan.

        They asked Stallings if it was easier to deal with players this season who didn’t play the way that he wanted them to play and if he found that he could address that by removing the player from the game. Stallings replied that he didn’t have that freedom last year because there was such a disparity in talent between the starters and most of the bench players. This season it’s easier because there isn’t much difference in ability among any of the players.

        Think about all that for a minute. I add that Pitt was 1-5 in conference play at this point last season.


  3. If going to the Wake Forest game.. reservations are being accepted at the Courtyard Marriott University Place… near the field.



  4. Duke players are from a different planet than ours. This will be very ugly. Someone offered me Pitt +30, but I just couldn’t do it. I value my money more than that. We just don’t have any inside game, offensively or defensively.


  5. OK, hang onto something. I’m going to give Stallings credit. He is much better with playcall coming out of a timeout! There, I’m fair and balanced!


  6. Bad fundamentals, no, no fundamentals. How could anyone who is a Pitt fan watch this team and not be embarrassed. They are NOT bad because they are young, they are just plain bad. And Coach K having respect for the offensive genius, well, he will crush him and smile. We are the Washington Generals.


  7. We have D3 talent. It would be the same as Duke playing Grove City. Why get worked up?
    The results of the biggest hoax ever pulled on any University w the hiring of Stallings 😢Blame Gallagher, BOT, Heather and that hiring firm that got $100,000 for interviewing one candidate.

    62 degrees here. Thank God for golf.


  8. Here’s a solution. Fire Stallings and shut down the program. Forfeit the rest of the games. Have this team play all the intermural teams at Pitt until we find a credible coach! They will not go undefeated.


  9. Only kid we got who has some game is the Warriors kid. The rest of them are vastly overmatched.

    This Bagley kid looks much older than 18. Plays like he’s 23.


  10. I know it is a dead horse, but how many schools hire a new AD who encourages their all-time best coach to leave, hires a search firm to find a never has been, then leaves the scorched earth behind.

    Gross incompetent negligence by our Chancellor and BOT.

    Only at Pitt


  11. What was spot on was Gminski’s comment. Dick Groat, greatest athlete ever to come out of Duke.

    Could be the greatest athlete EVER period. ONLY college player in both bball HOF and baseball HOF


  12. Pitt has 2 players that can score. Duke has 10.

    If Heather doesnt fires KS, she needs to be fired herself.

    Basketball can be turned around in 1-2 years with the right coach. KS is not the future.

    How does over $4M in losses each year sound to Heather and incalculable damage to the brand?

    Heather get off your butt and do something worthy of your pay and title. Make a decision…its an easy decision but maybe not for someone from Compliance.

    Thanks again BoT for the embarrassment and sullying my degree.


  13. Tex
    Heather won’t be fired until she has a better AD job in the BigJoke or somewhere.

    Pitt hardly ever fires anyone. Unless it’s someone raising expectations like DW.


  14. Call me ding dong because I believe that as the losses pile up (No ACC wins) plus the outcry from Pitt fans coupled with a near empty Pete will see Miss Fanta fire KS.


  15. And for all of you who think Heather hasn’t been here long enough to fire him, how long was .hermann here before they forced Jamie out? I have absolutely no idea why I even care anymore!

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  16. If Pitt cannot make threes and rebound, they always lose badly under KS. KS – I dont blame you for taking this job. I blame Barnes and his search firm. I blame the BoT for allowing it. And I will blame Heather if she does nothing about it. But she doesnt want to rock the boat and her boss is fine with the results for now. I guess it will take another $10M in losses before Gallagher decides to do something. And how a career bureaucrat and physicist can be making athletic decisions is beyond me.


    1. Amen. Unless the reincarnation of the Fab-5 decides to sign with Stallings this spring, it will be more of the same next year given the ACC-level talent disparity. For this situation to change, it will take outrage from the fan base and serious donor pullback. I would guess Heather will not have the authority to terminate KS on her own given the buyout or contractual dollars owed to him. Compliance people gonna comply with the status quo. Pitt basketball will have to be resurrected from the dead by some lightning in a bottle young up and coming coach. But, I have zero faith that this administration can identify that guy.


  17. It didn’t take Gallagher very long to move the Stephen Foster statue across the street opposite the Stephen Foster Memorial adjoining the Cathedral.. I hold hope he will move Stallings too…

    What was the spread… 27?


  18. You would think a University like Pitt with almost a 4 Billion endowment, wouldn’t want to be so embarrassed on now such a routine basis on National/Regional TV.


  19. Once upon a time Duke wasn’t very good in basketball. From 1966 to 1976 they didn’t make the NCAA’s and had several .500 and even below .500 seasons (10-16) Then they decided to make a real commitment to basketball, that got to the point, the basketball program became so good….it even elevated their long dormant football program.

    Wish Pitt would have that kind of leadership. Instead of the dawdling idiots we have.

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  20. I posted this on previous thread. My next wasting time is to take this data & see how it impacts bowl bids,

    Could someone look up & post OOC attendance for last 5/10 years & see if non rivals attendance is consistent over the years with type of opponent.

    Big 10 & Pac 12 : both all 3 OOC games per year
    Oklahoma State
    17………..3-0……….9-3……….Tulsa, South Alabama, PITT
    16………..2-1……….9-3……….Southeast Louisiana, Central Michigan, Western University of Pa. (PITT)
    ………………………………………………(Love those directional schools, my fav- the WUP,s))
    15……….3-0………10-2……….Central Michigan, Central Arkansas, UT-San Antonio (UTSA)
    17……….0-3……….1-11……….Liberty, UTSA, Duke
    16……….3-0……….6-6…………Northwestern St., Southern Methodist (SMU), Rice
    15……….3-0……….9-3………..SMU, Lamar, Rice
    ….What a truly outstanding OOC schedule – but they have a new on campus stadium to fill those seats.
    Arizona State
    17……….1-2……….7-5……….New Mexico St., San Diego St., Texas Tech
    16……….3-0……….5-7……….Howland’s school: the Lumberjacks of Northern Az., Tx. Tech, UTSA
    15……….2-1……….7-5……….Texas A&M, Carnegie -Mellon’s rival: Cal Poly, New Mexico
    …..Octane but not High Octane enough OOC
    17……..2-1……..7-5……….Northern Arizona (FBS Az. teams support state FCS team), Houston, UTEP
    16……..2-1……..3-9……….BYU, Grambling, Hawaii
    15……..3-0……..6-6……….UTSA, Nevada, Northern Arizona
    That’s all 22 teams but in 5 posts.


    1. Oh doo -doo, I forgot
      17……….3-0……….5-7……..North Carolina, Weber State, Ole’ Miss
      16……….2-1……….5-7……..Hawaii, San Diego State, Texas
      15……….3-0……….7-5……..Grambling, San Diego State, Texas

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      1. So it would appear just about every FCS school has a easier Non-Con than Pitt.

        Next year they scheduled, Penn State, the following week @ UCF, then I believe we have 2 ACC
        games including oddball offense Ga. Tech and then Notre Dame. lol

        Only given win in the first 2 months of the season is Albany.


  21. I will now always bet against Pitt basketball. Hows that Heather. Your own fans making money from betting on the other team. This program and you are a joke.


      1. Yes I did Richard. One of many you dotted and quipped in with your research, pretty funny. I should have noted out-loud. Western University of Pennsylvania. Wup there it was, btw, do you have the PITT football vault?


  22. Interesting Dick Groat had a blue/gold Pitt tie on, while being honored by Duke.

    Who was Otis playing to…..with that Purple thing on ? (coach alphabets me thinks)


  23. Comical. I remember Jamie Dixon beating Duke.

    Stallings is worse than a Joke. I have more respect for Bank robbers than stallings Robbing Pitt daily.

    Puppet Heather is more concerned with the GPA of the Woman’s Bowling team than firing The Bissel Salesman.

    They could give away 5k and an asian Massage and I wouldnt travel 3 miles to watch this debacle.


  24. Dixon beat Duke and couldn’t parlay his success into anything. This decade should have been an elevation, instead he recruited stiffs like John Johnson, Gilbert, Moore, Epps, Cam Wright, Haughton, Dwight Miller, JJ Richardson, Wilson and anyone else I forgot. Stallings is actually laughing at that list.

    The kids he whiffed on was unacceptable after such a great run. Gibbs, Heron, Cam, Luther and whoever at center should be our lineup this year with Dixon as the coach and he F’d that up after all those NCAA trips.


    1. After watching 48 years of Pitt basketball, nobody at Pitt did better than Dixon.

      Dwight Miller & JJ Richardson were pre-2010. And btw those 2 kids were better than the current big men stiffs that Otis recruited.

      I think our lack of tourney success other than the 1 Elite 8 under Dixon and 1 under Buzz Ridl, are more a product of the Basketball God(s) not looking favorably at the Blue & Gold, more than anything else.


      1. I’d take Brown’s potential over Miller and Richardson.

        How can I forget who should be the center for this Pitt team: Konate at WVU. How Dixon managed to screw that up is beyond me.

        So Gibbs, Heron, Cam, Ryan, Konate. Yeah, times would be great right now in basketball. How did this not com to fruition when you hire a guy named Smoke as an assistant?


        1. Was somebody talking about Dixon?

          Why don’t you spend some time offering some praise of the current coach that doesn’t involve tearing down the former coach? I doubt you’ll be posting much if you take that challenge.


  25. I cant even stomach watching the games on TV, let alone going to the Pete.

    How much are we losing through ticket sale losses, clothing, etc?

    If Herman was brought in to be the hitman, whomever hired him should be hit.


  26. Yeah that crazy Skunk Dixon. While we gets a no name BBall school to be ranked #24, we get a team that will end up with 24 losses at the end of the year (OK, OK, we can only get a max of 23 losses at this point I think…whatever).


    1. BTW, the reason I refer to Dixon as ‘skunk’ is because he his hair looks like one … and not because of anything he did at or to Pitt or anywhere else


  27. $4M – and all because they wouldn’t give fair market value to a decent coach, or recoup the full Monte of Jaime’s buyout.
    I wouldn’t let Herman work the counter at Sheetz let alone manage an athletic program.
    This is what happened when Ed Bozik ran Pitt’s football program into the dirt.
    Why does history always repeat itself on our front porch?


    1. If you think it’s Wisconsin he’ll likely be sitting behind Hornibrook for his last year of eligibility. I doubt a guy who started for a year and was benched wants to do that


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