After three years we have compiled a 21 & 17 record under Pat Narduzzi as the head coach at Pitt.  On the day he was hired I think we Pitt fans would say that if we were told that he’d have that record we’d have been a bit disappointed.

Our previous HC, Paul Chryst, was 19 & 19 in his three years at Pitt but when Narduzzi was hired the Pitt administration proclaimed that it was a new beginning! for the football program and that it would have much more support, mainly financially, from the new Chancellor Pat Gallagher and from the then new AD Scott Barnes.

Or so we were told. I have wondered if this was the case or not especially given the low salary we paid Narduzzi at the signing – $1.8M base contract which was 62nd among 129 FBS head coaches in 2016.

Regardless of the support, or the lack of it, Pat Narduzzi hit the ground running by ripping off two eight win seasons in a row by going 8-5 each year with one of those losses being the bowl game at the end of the season.  When you haven’t had a double-digit winning season since 2009 and for about 30 years before that eight wins looked pretty damned good.

Among those 16 wins was a great 2015 match against Penn State, at home, that we had after a 16 year hiatus of playing those rivals of ours. Perhaps topping that was an unexpected and wonderful upset of then #2 (and eventually the National Champions) Clemson down in Death Valley in 2016. Both were ‘signature wins’ and both very much appreciated by the fans.

Fast forward to this last season where things went south with seven losses stacked up against only five wins. Fans had a feeling we’d slip a bit from 2016 mainly because we lost both QB Nate Peterman who had one of the best years a Pitt QB ever had, along with the declaration by RB James Conner –  a heart and soul leader of the team.

But I don’t think many fans felt we’d limp along to only five wins. Prior to the season I predicted either seven wins or possibly six… “But no less than a .500 season” Well, I was wrong about that.

So why did that happen?  Why after two pretty decent years did we slip so badly that the only real bright spot was a win over #2 Miami in the last game of the year?

For as many Pitt fans there are, that is how many reasons you’ll hear about what happened in 2017. But for me one thing is the most pertinent question…

“Is it the Jimmys and Joes or is it the Xs and Os??”

Let me counter that with a line from an old J. Giles Band song – “First I look at the purse.”  Meaning what are the resources (money in the song) the coaching staff has to work with.  You can be Vincent lombardi for all I care but if you don’t have the talent on hand to coach you won’t get anywhere.

The fact is that Pat Narduzzi inherited a lot of talent on both sides of the ball, especially on offense. Now while that can be debated ad nauseam a look at the team’s record bears that out – at least in part.  I scanned three “Two-Deep” lineups, one from each season.

For 2015 and 2016 I used the opening lineups but for 2017 I used the Miami lineup.  The reason I did that is because last season was one where the opening two-deep was substantially different from the one at the end of the year.

Here is the 2015 team and you can see I highlighted Paul Chryst’s recruits in pink. One note with this however – I consider a HS player to be ‘recruited by’ the head coach he commits to, not the HC at the time of the LOI day signing.  Both Hall and Whitehead committed to Chryst before his departure.


For the above you can see that, in essence, every starter on the two-deep was a Chryst recruit. That said, and I should have noted this – Whitehead and O’Neill had not played in those positions before the 2015 season so good for Narduzzi to switch O’Neill over from TE.

Also – Peterman didn’t start the season at QB but came in after two full games had been played so truthfully we should say that  9 of 11 starters on offense were inherited by Narduzzi.

On defense Whitehead took over from Pat Amara at the Safety position so 10 of 11 defensive starters were inherited by Narduzzi there.  On special teams Q. Henderson fleeted up at KR/PR also.

So basically I think you can say Narduzzi won eight games with inherited players.

How about 2016? Here is the two-deep for the opener of that season…


In all honesty things didn’t change a whole lot two years ago either – we have the transfer Dewayne Hendrix in at DE along with Q. Henderson being placed as a starter at WR but it remains much the same as the year before – 9 of 11 offensive starters were Chryst recruits and 10 of 11 of the defenders.

So what changed going into 2017? Well, the first things that come to mind are the things mentioned above – Peterman and Conner no longer being on offense and they took a ton of talent with them.

Here is the Miami game lineup of 2017 – again, I picked that point in time because 1) this starting lineup is much what we saw for the majority of the season and 2) because it gives us a good look at who we may see in the starting lineups for 2018.


Now things started changing from the Old Guard to the New Guard as we see by the starters shifting over to (basically) more Narduzzi’s recruits than Chryst’s.

On offense we dropped like a rock in production from 2016 to ’17… however on defense we had our best year under Pat Narduzzi and that bodes well for the future. I do caution though that when I say ‘best under Narduzzi’ that is faint praise as his first two years’ defenses were truly horrid.  Last year’s was a bit better and here is the last two years comparison:



We saw this writ large when our defense played it’s best two games in three seasons at the end of this year’s schedule against Virginia Tech and then against Miami.  So that is something to pin our hopes on – that the trend will continue.

Personally I am not as optimistic as some are about the fact that Narduzzi is going to have more of his ‘own kids’ out on the field in 2018. I think that was a main reason that we tanked last year – that the kids he’s putting out there aren’t as good as the ones who are leaving each season.

It takes decent coaching to win eight games at Pitt – we all know that.  But nothing much changed in the coaching staff from 2016 to 2017 except at the offensive coordinator position. I don’t think the drop in offense can be solely attributed to Canada leaving – much more like the fact that we had no replacement for Nate Peterman , Scott Orndoff, James Conner, etc…

And aside from Kenny Pickett at QB and Aston coming back at FB I’m not excited about the new kids coming in on offense either so I see more of the same in 2018 as we had last season.  We’ll be better in spots, most probably on defense, but my opinion is that it was the mostly the “Jimmies and Joes” over the 2015 and ’16 season who won us those 16 games and less Narduzzi’s coaching.

305 thoughts on “Whose Players Were They Way Back Then?

  1. REED I tried to look at the lists to compare, but did the 2 deep rosters differ much in terms of 1st year starters? My guess is that 2016 was the most experienced team but I’m not sure about 2015 vs 2017.


  2. Reed, I think you forgot to pink Zeise (who was recruited as a WR), Roy (who had a good second half of 2017), Motley and Winslow for 2017.

    With regard to Narduzzi’s recruiting I wouldn’t see it as quite that big of an issue if we saw significant player development. I saw Weaver, Lopes, Jackson and Pickett improve in 2017. Beyond that Narduzzi’s recruits either couldn’t displace Chyrst’s or hadn’t clearly improved (Henderson and a host of others).

    Regarding offensive line for 2018, I find it illustrative of your concern (and mine) to see Herndon who played d-line for the most part) listed as the backup for both Officer and Bookser on the Miami 2-deep and not one of Narduzzi’s guys. Hargrove is essentially listed as 3rd stringer behind JJS and Hodges. I mean there was a lot of legitimate criticism of the o-line play in 2017 yet those guys all started until the end of the season. Any optimism for Pickett for 2018 needs to consider the line that he’ll be playing behind and the receiving corps returning.


  3. Great article! Lots of facts. In my opinion, this emphasizes Narduzzi won with Chryst’s Players.

    In 2017 he won 5 games with mostly his guys, albeit they were younger.

    This season (2018) I imagine they will be 90% his guys.

    As far as tracking, the needle is trending down for Narduzzi and his recruiting.

    The question will be are Narduzzi’s guys (Freshman/sophomores and a few Juniors) be better than Chryst’s and perform better?

    So far that answer is no.

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    1. That’s right, he won with PC’s players; except Nate Peterman who, he and his staff, brought in from Tennessee. He was the most important player on the field for PITT, thus the 8 wins. The same theory will hold true for PITT this year because fo QB Kenny Pickett.


  4. If you are going to count class of 2o15 players who committed for Chryst then it really can’t be said that PN has had three classes of his recruits. You can’t even say he had 2.5 classes. I know the measurables may not support what I saw with my own eyes last year, but I’m going with seeing is believing because I saw a defense that was hugely better than the one I saw in 2014 and 2015 (all Chryst recruits?) Our linebackers may have been less than ideal but they were hugely better than the gutsy but molasses slow starters in 2015. And I don’t care what anyone says our defensive backs were hugely better this year than last year even taking into consideration the poorly conceived defensive scheme PN insisted on in 2015 and 2016. By the way was Price a Chryst recruit?

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    1. No, he wasn’t. I kind of sped thru this article as I was also cooking a chili & coleslaw dinner for 25 people, so there are some mistakes there.

      One thing Narduzzi has done well was switch Ziese and O’Neill over to different positions…And of course getting Peterman.

      My jury is out on Clarke and Hendrix though.


  5. I’ll be happy with the record of 30-21 when the dust settls on this coming season.

    The excuse of another tuff OOC schedule just doesn’t hold water, IMO. If Naduzzi wants to back up his attitude, then next year is the litmus test of his efforts as a first time HC.

    The verdict on this season was a resounding thumbs down but with Pickett now entrenched as the QB to beat out for playing time, I remain optimistic.

    Of course, with our roster, injuries could upset this team’s aspirations for a Coastal Crown fairly easily next season. But no more excuses. 8-4 regular season has to happen to prove that Narduzzi’s hire wasn’t a swing and a miss. Many may feel that I’m unrealistic holding out for such results but if not in 2018, when should we expect the magic to happen?

    I like Coach Duzz, but it’s time to put up or shut up Coach.

    Happy New Year Poverts!


  6. The offensive line will be a real problem. This will potentially impede Kenny’s development as he may be running for this life most of the time. We may not know how good this “stable” of running backs is either. We think the D will be improved, but not if the O Line leads to a disadvantage in time of possession and the D is on the field all the time. This is or primary problem next year and no-name community college transfers are not the answer in the ACC.


  7. Here we go with the PC comparisons again. BTW, Price’s situation is cloudy. He committed to OSU and signed a LOI, then transferred to PITT so he doesn’t count. Plus he was from the 2011 class before PC arrived.

    There is no question that Narduzzi won with PC’s recruits his first two years at PITT. Just like Paul has had two good seasons with Anderson’s recruits that coached at Wisconsin before he arrived. Wisconsin had 10 senior starters on their defense last night. None of the ten, obviously are Paul’s recruits. Narduzzi started one senior player on defense for the Miami game.

    Just saying and absolutely agreeing that Narduzzi’s defense sucked the fist two years he was here and wasn’t great last year. So is it the chicken or the egg with the first two years defensive unit? Did Narduzzi’s defense suck because of him or was part of the fault due to what PN had been left to use? All this stuff works both ways.

    Where were PC’s recruits on PITT’s defense this past year while he had 10 seniors that ere no his recruits to work with this past year at Whisky?

    The main reason I don’t really worry about a recruit until the 3rd or 4th year they are with a team is the big difference between an 18 and 23 year old young man. The growth mentally, physically and maturely is probably at the highest in their lives. I never expected Narduzzi’s lineup to include his recruits until this upcoming season. Maybe this explains my un-explainable patience with PITT and HCPN? Now there are plenty of exceptions around the country but then we get back to the debate about 4 star recruits and Narduzzi’s lack of landing them. Obviously they are not high impact type of players.

    Lastly I ask. Just how did Narduzzi and PITT win those 2 8 regular season games? The answer is plenty of reasons but I would bet many would put a Narduzzi recruit at the top of the list in Nate Peterman.

    I’m looking forward to this upcoming season. Already have my donation in and a room reserved on the North Shore for the psu game. I plan on being real tough and honest in my future evaluations of the entire PITT coaching staff this year. The time has come and with another brutal schedule it may be a difficult season to deal with. I just hope the POV can handle anything that comes out way better than this past season… ike


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  8. Candidly, I have no issue with anything typed on here.

    As far as who’s recruits our kids are, it doesn’t matter. You can have 10 of 11 being Narduzzi recruits and the 11th being a starting QB that Chryst brought in. Who gets the credit? Who cares. How many Chryst recruits are left? At some point in the next 2 years, they will all be Narduzzi recruits and this banter will resolve on its own.

    I wish you all much health, happiness and success in 2018.


  9. ……sounds like we may have to HOPE for the best but PREPARE for the worst for Pitt’s 2018 football schedule?
    Also sounds like how we all need to approach this new year in our own lives. :>)
    Happy New Year and God Speed!


  10. “First I look at the purse.” Any indication that the purse has opened more for Narduzzi than Chryst? Is there more money for coach’s salaries and recruiting now than then? Money talks and el toro poopoo walks. – Hobie


  11. Where else can you get the info like Reed gives us on PITT and the past three years? Hoping Pickett stays healthy and gets decent O-Line play.

    Imagine the nickname’s if Ricky Town comes in and plays well? Ricky don’t lose that playbook.. Downtown Brown, it’s where we all want to go..



  12. Still too many negative thoughts being spewed, they were extremely close to beating Syracuse, VTech and UNC and imagine if they would have scheduled cup cakes like Akron and Georgia State instead of PSU and OSU.

    They didn’t and finished 5/7 it is what it is but the football program isn’t a dumpster fire as many seem to believe.

    Narduzzi is a good coach and with the contract extension it gives stability because they are recruiting high school sophomores and juniors for the future.

    Happy New Year

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  13. Come on Reed….you have to be excited about someone with the name of Shocky Jacques-Louis coming to Pitt.

    And teaming him with Ffrenchie to form Pitt’s FFRENCH CONNECTION

    (not to mention fellow incomers V’lique & the Marquis)


  14. Oh Canada (if it was Quebec) would work too with this whole branding of the FFRENCH CONNECTION

    We apply a Fleur De Lis to the Pitt helmet(maybe to the back of it) to all our members of the FFRENCH CONNECTION

    This could be HUGE !


  15. Good info, nice analytical approach imo. If you look though, I don’t love the overall talent Chryst had starting back in 15′ & 16′, with the exception of Conner & Aston (and Price & Jarrett on D), however what he did have was a solid offensive line across the board and a philosophy to run the ball. This happens to be our very weakness going into 18′. So the big question for me is, how will our offensive line come together next year, and I think it is this that will dictate our play. Also, with the exception of Boyd, we have been atypically weak at WR for quite a few years now (especially last year), and could really use an infusion at this position- I hope a few new guys pan out in the YAC area next year (should have a solid base at WR with Lopes & Tipton).

    As an aside, looking at Defensive stats from last year is very misleading. Yes, we were markedly improved overall, but we were especially good late in the year, and overall stats for the year hide that.


    1. Which I mentioned in the article.

      My thing is that I don’t think what happens at the end of one season necessarily carries over to the next. So the defense will start from scratch with 8 of 11 guys returning.

      On paper that looks good but I get hung up on the fact that, at this point anyway, we’ll still have a DC who has been unsuccessful in his three years at Pitt.

      I truly believe that has to change before the defense gets good enough to carry what might be an average at best offense in ’18.


      1. Whatever happened between the UNC game….and the VT & Miami games, Nard Dog & Conklin need to bottle. As in those last 2 games the D…only gave up 17 ppg. To the #17 VT Hokies and the #2 Hurricanes.

        If you throw out the outlier game (okie state) Pitt’s D gave up 23.6 ppg. Down from 35.2 ppg of 2016.
        Even if you include Okie State it’s 26.6 ppg. That’s a HUGE drop.


        1. Main problem with thinking that the defense discovered themselves against VT is their play in the 4th quarter against UNC. What separates the 4th quarter of the UNC game from the first quarter of the VT game. To me, that’s a mystery of mysteries.


  16. Since Pitt doesn’t have some of the other things as some of our competitors do (like a large sprawling campus, an OCS, a sellout stadium, a recent winning big tradition, etc,)

    We have to make it….the cool place to play football at. This is what Oregon did with it’s branding. To compete against the long Established Powerhouse of Southern Cal and to a lesser extent, Washington and UCLA.

    It’s all about establishing or re-establishing our brand. What makes Pitt different, than everyone else.

    There are tons on players now with these French first names and even surnames. (see Shocky)

    If this appeals to only 10% or even 5% of them, it will make recruiting that much easier.


  17. As far of the numbers of PC players on the last 3 years starting rosters and how that correlated to wins and losses or offense and defense.

    First 2 years, lots of PC players on starting offense, offense was very good to 2016’s great offense.

    First 2 years, lots of PC players on starting defense, defense was terrible to 2016’s horrendous.

    This past year (2017) only 6 of 11 PC players on offense, offense was worse. But it was going to be worse
    than 2016’s record setting group barring a miracle Max season. And that wasn’t in the cards, so to speak.

    Defensively, in 2017 only 4 of 11 PC players on defense, defense was much better(almost 10 ppg lower by opponents 35 in 2016 to 26 in 2017)), especially the last 2 games, when most ALL of us predicted huge blowout losses to ranked VT and #2 Miami.

    Pretty much what we knew going in, Paulie(and/or his subordinates) was(were) good offensive recruiter(s), not so much on the other side of the ball.


    1. The only thing that bothers me about that premise regarding Chryst’s defensive players in 2015 and 2016 is that Bradley, Lewis, Grigsby and Pitts all made NFL rosters this past season. Galambos and Jarrett made practice squads. Soto and Webb were in NFL camps. That’s 6 guys from those two seasons who collected NFL paychecks in 2017. Granted, I don’t know that anybody could have foreseen that for any of them given their play at Pitt.

      And it wasn’t only 4 of Chryst’s recruits as starters in 2017. It was 6 (add Zeise and Roy). Zeise and Roy were part of the 2014 class.


      1. I was just reading off of Reed’s charts above and he had written in 4. I think you are right though, just checked on Rivals. You could say though, Nard Dog saved the 2014 class. Cause they could have split when Paulie went home.

        It yes it is quite odd that many players made NFL rosters. Galambos was a gigantic surprise, as his lateral speed was quite suspect to me. Grigsby, Lewis and Pitt’s were only slightly below Galambos as being enormous surprises making NFL rosters. Especially Lewis, because other than the Creepy Valley State interception, (which was huge) he had a very non-eventful Pitt career. But he is related to another Lewis, so..go figure.

        Anyway Happy New Year Barvo !


    1. Update: Tyler did blow up the Ravens season. And Tyler got Shady McCoy’s Bills into the playoffs, first time since early 90’s. And the Titans got in as a Wildcard too !


    2. Just came from the Raven game….Boyd beat 2 confused Ratbird CBs. One thought they were in “man” the other zone. And on 4th and 12 no less. Wonderful finish. So long Jackass Harbaugh!


  18. One final note for now regarding 18′: here’s to hoping we finally have an excellent college quarterback, in Pickett, something we haven’t had in a long time imho. We’ve had solid ones in Savage and even more so Peterman recently but an excellent college QB would be at the top of my wish list and Pickett has a chance to become that guy


  19. At Reed, I hate the reply so goes a response from your 8:23 comment, Totally agree and we have agreed on it’s the reason we love college football so much. Another reason I hate the SOP chatter. Every year is new and almost unrelated to the previous season.

    The good news for me is that I feel good about the future of PITT football. The bad news I could be setting myself up for more disappointments. The crazy news, I woulnd’t have it any other way!! iek/ike

    Party Hearty People


    1. “Every year is new and almost unrelated to the previous season.”

      I wish that were true. Unfortunately, every Pitt season is horribly similar to the last.


    1. The kid had a rough ‘sophomore’ season. He hung in there and finished with 10 catches in the last 2 games. So that is showing resiliency. which is a good trait.


  20. “they were extremely close to beating Syracuse, VTech and UNC”.. but didn’t. Are we now celebrating almost wins? I played sports from age 5 to 40 and NEVER celebrated almost winning.

    “Narduzzi is a good coach”.. based on what? Pitt is 18-17 (plus 3 wins against FCS) against Division 1 teams? That makes him a good coach?

    I just don’t understand some of these posts.


    1. Yep, losing the close ones to me is more heart wrenching than getting totally outclassed and losing big. The VT loss was soooooo devastating! We had that one and we just couldn’t finish.

      Definitely NOT a positive point in Pitt’s 2017 season.


        1. Just stop. That’s just silly. We play a schedule of teams in the same division as us. It’s no harder than we played in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. 18-17 is mediocre by any definition other than POV standards.


          1. We only started playing FCS teams in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. Pitt use to play all legit D1 teams similar to Notre Dames schedule. We played no Rent-a-wins.


  21. Barvo above. I agree with the PITT players that have had a good look by NFL clubs but I have been told more than once by a poster that playing special teams and practice squads don’t count. Let’s not change the goal posts now..


    1. Ike – Boyd taken in the 2nd round has been a complete bust. 2 TD’s in 2 years. Hell he didn’t even play half this year as he was passed up.

      Pitts and these other practice squad guys are warm bodies.

      Enough of all these guys are pros. If that is the case then I was a Major Leaguer.


        1. Practice Squad Players are no NFL Players Tom.

          I’m okay with not being a Major League Player. Are you okay not being a real doctor?


      1. UPitt – get your facts straight – he was hurt for half the season, how is he a bust? – he’s playing (and he left early)…Foster is a bust! Maybe your 2018 resolution should be stop picking on Boyd,, Narduzzi and Lyke…come up with something new and even positive…


      2. If we didn’t have JuJu I’d love to see him a Steeler in the slot…..and returning punts & kickoffs. The Bungles are why he hasn’t done well.


    2. Forgive me if I ever told you that. I believe that if a guy can make an NFL roster he has actual professional ability. The 53 man roster doesn’t really allow for guys who can only play special teams other than kicker, punter and long snapper. I mean some teams will carry a player who only returns kicks but that guy is typically a game breaker.

      I also think the practice squad membership shows that team believes in a player enough to have them participate with the full squad and pay them. The collegiate analog would be on scholarship and be a 3rd or 4th stringer.

      That’s my take. By all means call me out if you see me state anything to the contrary.

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  22. An honest question. Why should PITT subtract FCS wins when no one in the whole rest of the country does? Could we be trying to fit an agenda in there Jay? No offense intended. Happy New Years.


    1. ike.

      No offense taken. I think 21-17 is mediocre in it’s own right. I am simply subtracting because FCS isn’t FBS.

      Note: FBS schools have a record of 2028-423-18 (.824) vs. FCS schools.


      You don’t have to agree with me but THREE personal comments directed toward me- “too bad it needed explaining”, “stats in the wrong hands” & “I wouldn’t waste your breath”- are simply not necessary.

      I could respond in kind, but Reed specifically asked that we refrain from personal comments- and remain civil. I will do so.

      Happy New Year to all!


    1. That is like saying you are the prettiest of all the fat girls. Ike – That is because we sucked for 30 years since Sherrill.

      Narduzzi at any program other than Pitt would be on the hot seat. Here he gets an extension.

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      1. Jackie Sherrill only played ND twice – and lost both games. The ’79-’81 teams played NOBODY. Two ranked teams each year and was .500 against ranked teams. ’79 team struggled to beat a 6-5 Arizona team in the Fiesta Bowl.

        Meanwhile the ’82 team played 6 ranked teams and was 4-2 in those games (ND was not ranked). UNC, FSU, Illinois, WV were all ranked. In fact Foge beat FSU in Tallahassee something Sherrill could not do.

        Facts are a bitch, eh?


    1. Football then is not like football now…many relevant teams are now irrelevant…and team like Boise State, Louisville and UCF are now relevant. This years teams was 4-4 in the ACC and 1-3 UCF, one cupe cake away from being bowl eligible. Scheduling a top team like Okla. State was a waste – they kicked Pitt’s butt and no one showed up!


  23. Don’t miss my point. The past three years haven’t been the same as the last 35. That is what I was saying. and a big btw, I predict the next 3 years won’t be either..


  24. Happy New Year Dr Tom, 1618 and I couldn’t agree more. Feel bad for those that don’t have that feeling for PITT football…

    Happy New Years Mark, Jay and Barvo. Peace out brothers.


  25. ike.

    No offense taken. I think 21-17 is mediocre in it’s own right. I am simply subtracting because FCS isn’t FBS.

    Note: FBS schools have a record of 2028-423-18 (.824) vs. FCS schools.


    You don’t have to agree with me but THREE personal comments directed toward me- “too bad it needed explaining”, “stats in the wrong hands” & “I wouldn’t waste your breath”- are simply not necessary.

    I could respond in kind, but Reed specifically asked that we refrain from personal comments- and remain civil. I will do so.

    Happy New Year to all!


  26. No question in my mind Narduzzi cost Pitt a place in another “toilet bowl appearance” this season by having us sit through the Browne/DiNucci QB fiasco for too many games. Move one player already on the roster and Pitt ends up at least 7 and 5 and maybe even better. So yes i do have concerns about the coaches calling the shots on game days both offensively and defensively going forward. I guess that one just has to hope that Narduzzi has completed his prep work at being a head coach and has learned to be better at the job come next season. I have my fingers crossed.

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  27. I can see 4 or 5 Chryst recruits as starters on both sides of the ball. The punter and kicker are both Duzz recruits. That makes it 33 to 42% of the starters would be Chryst recruits, if my #’s work out to be right.

    Either way, they are all under the consistent, year round coaching & conditioning of Duzz and his staff. 2018 is the year that Duzz must win or major changes must take place with the coaching staff. Many want those changes now, but I don’t think that will happen – Duzz, Lyke and Gallagher want stability. Pitt may lose Partridge when the 10th coach carrousel begins.

    Player leadership needs to be re-established in 2018. Possible candidates on offense would be George Aston (if he returns), Q.Ollison, Kenny Pickett and Alex Bookser (if he returns and learned from his brush with the law). On the defensive side, Dennis Briggs (Captain as a JR), Idowu or Zeise, Phillipi Motley (Motley’s Crew?), Paris Ford (natural born leader from what has been reported) and Q.Wirginis (if he returns and learned from his numerous suspensions). Pick four… Obviously it is not clear to me – hopefully the cream rises to the top for this team.

    On D, I see two veteran transfers on the line that need to step up their play this season or their FB careers may not be extended – DE Hendrix and DT Carter. Both need to rev up their motors and get mean. The young pups seem to be passing these two former 4* recruits. Maybe the NFL opportunity will motivate one or both.

    On O, we need to re-establish the run again. 2017 was a disappointment in many ways, but the run game was at the top of my list. There are four capable #1 RB’s with FB George Aston leading their way with punishing blocking. I believe the OLine will be a surprising strength in 2018 with 8 to 10 good players vying for starting roles. Many will disagree. 2017’s OLine was a huge disappointment. Not many will disagree. I also believe a FR play maker will shine in 2018.

    H2P! and Happy New Year!


    1. “Alex Bookser (if he returns and learned from his brush with the law)”

      Why is this even brought up? He is returning or going to the NFL?

      Bookser and Wirginis are coming to play in 2018, whether some of you like it or not.


      1. I Lyke it and hope they both have matured into Captain material. Adversity and mistakes can be cause for significant individual growth. I want that to be the case with both of these young men.


  28. Reports are that the staff really loved the way Ollison played out of the FB/H-Back position last season as not only did he block well but carried the ball well out of that formation. There is no doubt Ollison is a different and better rusher than Aston.

    So – Don’t be surprised if we see Aston in a more limited role next season as a Hall & Ollison backfield gives the offense one more weapon.

    I’d say 1st & 2nd downs would be Ollison and 3rd down will be Aston… With variables mixed in of course.


  29. Reed – I watched the 1977 Gator Bowl on YouTube the other night instead of the psu vs Washington bowl game. Some interesting observations – Pitt’s D was a 5-2-4 scheme. Hugh Green, Mark May were FR starters. RB Elliott Walker hit the line of scrimmage at full speed and was effective catching the ball out of the backfield. WR Gordon Jones caught everything he got his hands on. QB Matt Cavanaugh threw and ran the ball effectively with a wrist that needed surgery after the season.

    Pitt dominated Clemson 34-3. Oh the good ole’ days.

    Reed – a question or two for you – was the 5-2-4 scheme used back then to stop the run, get after the QB or both? Can it be an effective scheme today with dual-threat QB’s? Pitt will face that type of QB in just about every game in 2018.



  30. I did some research. The 5-2 was also called the Oklahoma. It’s easy to coach and players have simple reads. But it requires 2 gap players and they are hard to find. Hence, the switch to a prevalent and modern 4-3 that most teams use today. Would love to see Pitt experiment with a 3-4 but need a different breed of linebacker for that.


  31. Nice article Reed.

    There is a very fine line between winning only 5 games and having a losing season, versus going 7-6 and having a winning season. Many things conspired against us resulting in the former, including:

    Tough non-con schedule, including two top ten opponents in the first four weeks
    Huge roster/lineup turnover from last year, particularly on the offensive and defensive lines
    Poor QB play and arguably a poor decision by HCPN to go with Max Browne as the starter
    Aston and Tipton injuries, combined with player suspensions
    Transition to a third OC in as many years.
    Brain fart by our OC and HC at end of the Virginia Tech game
    Regression by our receivers (specifically Weah and Henderson)
    Lack of senior leadership with very few seniors on the two deep

    The non conference schedule remains very difficult, as we may see 3 of the four teams we play ranked. Not good. And with an offensive line that is likely to struggle early in the season, it may be awhile until the offense kicks into gear behind Kenny Pickett. The defense will continue to improve, and hopefully Paris Ford can replace Jordan Whitehead, with a little less drama.

    This will be the first year where HCPN will field a team comprised of all of his own recruits. Our ACC slate is pretty soft. Only Miami and perhaps Virginia Tech will be ranked.

    Pickett is the X factor. He’ll have to run for his life at times. But if we can keep him upright, he will win games for us, not just be a game manager.

    8 wins in 2018, I say. Including one over the hated pedos.

    H2P!!! And Happy New Year


  32. TX – Pitt may be primed to switch with the LB’s on the current roster. Three starters return after a lackluster season – Idowu, Zeise and Brightwell. Q.Wirginis coming back for his 5th season fits the bill for a 4th starter. The back-ups are athletic in Chase Pine, Reynolds, McKee and Cam Bright.

    The 3-4 also requires a big, strong NG. Pitt seems to only have one and he’s young – Twyman.

    If Partridge gets snagged away in the 10th coach carousel, now could be a good time to switch with a new line coach coming on board. Coach Harley has not impressed as a LB coach – maybe learning a new scheme would help him?

    Although, if the season ending stats on D are an indication that the young players are grasping the Duzz D, then why change?

    There are a lot of questions for Pitt FB as we enter 2018 – I’m looking for and expecting a winning combination. Hard to win with a tight budget, but teams many do.



  33. Once again, if Partridge is a coach worth keeping, shouldn’t Lyke give him a better contract now and not wait for someone to poach him and make a lame counter offer to make it look like they tried to keep him?


  34. Majors brought that D to Pitt. Yes it was called the Oklahoma 5-2. Looks like the 3-4 now but then Pitt’s D was outstanding. As to 2018, hard to predict but I have posted the depth needed to provide competition and real time improvement is coming along nicely. Especially on D. Pickett will elevate the offense and with some surprises at WR and OT, Pitt will be a tough out the second half of the year. Ford, Pine, Brightwell and Weaver can be really good defenders. Add in Watts, Camp, Twyman and maybe Hendrix plays to his potential and that can carry the team until the O develops.


  35. Jay above, I agree with you that the messages sent could have been slightly more on the milder side.You showed great restraint last night. I tip my hat and raise my glass to you friend..

    Roasted pork shoulder, kielbasi, cheesy bacon mashed potatoes, saute asparagus, and football on the menu today.. and maybe a libation thrown in there?

    What games are you guys watching?


  36. Well, if FBS games don’t count then Max Brown never threw a TD that meant anything in a Pitt uniform. Those four against Rice was the high point of his whole four years.

    What a mistake that was. Forget Pickett, we’d have played better with DiNucci under center from the start. Narduzzi’s hit and miss with his transfers.

    How long has it been since Pitt has recruited and kept a decent QB out on the field for more than one year… All the way back to Palko ?


  37. Our defense against Miami was very good, but I don’t jump up and down about out VT game defense much. I guess compared to our defenses against other teams in our losses then yeah, it was better.

    But we gave up 375 yards with 157 yards rushing, over 200 passing and 20 points… And we really have to do that more as a norm next year to win more than lose and that’s asking a lot from a Conklin led defense.


  38. New Years day football. What a day to sit around and watch our favorite sport. Here are a few things I like more about college football today and few things I miss.

    What makes it better:

    (1. The POV, no no, not blowing smoke here. The internet has brought us all closer together and no one does it better than the POV. You know great minds that don’t always think alike.

    (2. The playoffs. I love having a fixed and consensual national champion. Of course speaking of fixed, the playoff system does need a tweaking or two. The playoffs need to bump it up to at least eight teams but eight might be the number. All P-5 champions get the automatic bid. First at large bid goes to a non P-5 school that is undefeated or if there isn’t one, to a team ranked in the top twenty with at most one loss. The other two at large goes to the highest rating team in the final rankings.

    (3. The extra large TV’s with SHDultra cable capabilities. oh and surround sound pumped up all the way up. (my granddaughter asked my wife the other day why our house was vibrating)

    That’s about it for now but here are a few things I miss about college football.

    (1. The old conferences. I really liked the regional aspect of the game with all the great rivalries. I miss the old SWAC the most.

    (2. Keith Jackson. nuff said.

    (3. The real bowl games and what they stood for. Today was supposed to be for the Cotton, Sugar, Rose and Orange bowls with maybe the Fiesta bowl in there to. It just had a certain feel to it that day.

    (4. Lastly on this list for now would be PITT not playing in one of the big games. I can’t watch a game today without occasionally thinking of the good old glory days. We’ll get them next year though…sorry no video of Bruce… ike


  39. Emel noted: “We were 2 wins and 1 loss in post-season Bowl Movements.”

    Yeah, and I’ve found that for us old guys, it is important to have a good Bowl Movement as often as possible.


  40. Barvo, no I wasn’t referring to you as it became obvious who I may have been referring to. You always play it straight. Making money while playing in the NFL = being a NFL player. To think otherwise would be contrarian.

    Here is my motto for today and moving forward… Maybe this will catch fire??

    “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”


    1. Have some balls and use my name Ike. Your passive aggressiveness is silly. The LB in question has cement feet. He was a body to use. Name one of the players you are talking that played meanginful downs please.


  41. Ike,
    Set another place setting at your table! :>) That meal sounds delicious buddy!!!!!

    Also, I fear it is only wishful thinking for our D scheme to change when what we have now IS Duzz’s D and that’s only what he wants Conklin to run. As Reed has often noted, this D has been a major problem causing many of our losses these past 3 seasons.


  42. Ollison did an admirable job last year, but he’s not as good as Aston. If Aston makes a full recovery and doesn’t player starter’s minutes, it’s another questionable-to-poor personnel decision to me regardless of what some ‘insiders’ feel, especially given our questionable OL situation. Hey, that’s my opinion…

    Unfortunately for Browne, he never got a chance to finish the season, but I agree, I wasn’t seeing a lot to like as a starting QB in him. That said, I wouldn’t go as far as to say DiNucci would have been better than Browne, just different. Either way, we lucked into Pickett in terms of last year’s developments, and although he will have a lot to prove in the future, it really doesn’t seem like we’ve had a young QB (or potentially any QB) this good since the days Palko. It has been a long drought for sure at the most important position on the field.


  43. Any movement on a POV Golf outing for 2018?

    Let me suggest the following;

    A. Savannah, GA.
    B. Charlotte, NC.
    C. Miami or West Palm Beach, FL.
    D. Western PA.
    E. Scottsdale, AZ.
    F. Dallas/Austin TX.


  44. QB play is just so important. I could see Pickett playing for any of these teams, looking good and doing well. Cannot see Nooch playing for any of them. Must have a good QB to compete.


  45. Missed the beginning of the UCF game. How many of their players will have used up their eligibility for next year?….. cause they look good.


    1. Not many – maybe 3. But their HC is moving on to Nebraska and his replacement was the OC for Missouri witness no HCing experience.


  46. On a bender of cold meds, Johnny Black, Malbec and Champagne last night I had a dream of the Pitt Band marching in the 2018 Rose Bowl Parade! What a joyous sight…

    I think Narduzzi has finally finished his head coach apprenticeship and is ready to man the position!

    A really good QB like Pickett solves a lot of problems, especially with the return of O Canada!

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you Pitt insane POVers !!!?


  47. Disclosure: The intent here is posted as a complete joke and a little off color but here goes..

    Could you imagine the nicknames given to a PITT defensive end with only one hand? Gosh almighty how ones imagination would work in that scenario?


  48. Anybody think it was a mistake to let Canada go, assuming he would have stayed with a matching offer?

    Looks pretty average to me.

    Regarding Aston, how do we know he won’t be another Henderson, without Conner and great O-line?

    Plus he is coming off an injury. Maybe he is a better choice than Ollison, maybe not. Won’t know till fall.

    Agree that our schedule is again nuts next year, PSU, ND, UCF, Miami, VT and UNC, a team we can’t seem to beat, plus all the others than can go either way. Maybe bad luck, but whoever schedules for Pitt is a masochist, or a sadist, maybe both.


    1. Pretty sure when UCF was added to the schedule it was coming off an 0-12 season. Good move then that backfired in grand Pitt fashion.


  49. Pitt will go 1-3 or 2-2 in their NC schedule and hopefully 5-3 in their ACC schedule. HCPN would not take Canada back – he’s in his 3rd OC role in 3 years wants HC role.


  50. Pittman4ever, next time you’re back home and I hope when you are it’s for good reasons, there will be a place at my table for you… Always Jim..


  51. Canada is coaching really good against ND. I think he stays but what do I know. He will win 10 games in first year in SEC. That isn’t easy.


  52. UCF is probably one of the best examples of how important great coaching is to a teams’ success.
    The overwhelming majority of the players are 3* recruits with very few 4* .
    Another obvious observation is that most of the players are recruited from Florida with a few coming from Georgia and other States. Clearly the talent pool is far superior to that of Pennsylvania.
    In order for Pitt to move up the ratings ladder it has to develop better connections in Florida and Georgia (not an easy task). The “We Are” gang has gained the upper hand in our prime recruiting territory. A 3* player from Pa is too often inferior to a 3* Floridian.

    Our coaching clearly is unable to elevate the 3* players that we tend to get from North of the Mason-Dixon Line.


  53. Per Football Scoops –

    Detroit Lions: Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin (former Pitt Panther) will interview for the head coaching job on Tuesday, per a tweet from Josina Anderson.



  54. So happy for ucf feel bad there coach is leaving but at least he left them on top. That team should be in playoff!!! On the other hand I’m sad because that is ucf second new years 6 bowl win in last 5 yrs with 2 different coaches. Wake up pitt I’m sick of 5-7 6-6 8-5 losing bowls win 10 darn games for once!!!


  55. Someone may have already noted this but did anyone else notice how many true freshman QB’s played today and and in all of the previous bowl games???? Wow, Duzz really BLEW IT this past year by not playing Pickett MUCH earlier. It was a YUGE mistake that hurt our record and program badly!


  56. So UFC beats up on a SEC team. I was wondering how many 4 and 5* players they have on the team? I’ll take a wild guess and say, not as many as Auburn has?


  57. The split screen on the ESPN Rose Bowl broadcast is giving me a headache. Didn’t get a big screen tv to watch a game in 1/3 of the screen. Hoping this not the future of football on TV.


  58. Now we know why Ohio Fake and Creepy Valley State lobbied so hard, to not have to play UCF.

    Auburn was picked as they had the lowest lobbying power (clout) with those that decide who plays whom.


  59. Pitt used to play a national schedule of 10 games before the Big East and the addition of 2 additional games. We regularly played USC UCLA, Oklahoma Duke,Michigan State, Ohio State and others in addition to our eastern independent opponents. Pitt schedules the killer non conf. games to make money and hopefully get some attention .You have to have a QB and we had one this year but the mistake was not getting him in after they broke the red shirt. Browne lacked a lot but we were in the first part of that PS game with him . We really need some wide outs to step up and become the next Boyd. If you touch it you own it . Disapointed Lopes did not get more time this year. He is not that fast but he catches the ball. Pickett will need that.Special teams play went down the shut this year for no apparent reason.Don’t know about coaching assignments there. Hope Duzz gets his chit straight this year cause I don’t know how many more seasons I get to see!


  60. I know some are tired of hearing my harping about Pitt Stadium but it sure looks like the Rose Bowl. Both were built about the same time but Cal and UCLA kept it alive through the lean years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WAs telling the wife same thing today. Not a bad seat in either.

      Had a vision of Pitt playing in Rose next year w Pitt band marching in the parade. Wouldn’t that be something!!!


  61. Wow I see it’s only 6 degrees in Pittsburgh (wind chill below zero), colder than Erie at 15.

    We’re even cold down here, expecting a low of 14 degrees in mid-Dixie.


  62. C’mon on Emel, you know in WPA we kick the cold weathers ass. On the other hand, it seems everyone I know, including me, has a cold and that is kicking our asses.. Brutal!


  63. Kirby Smart is a
    Smart enough to play a Freshman QB. Narduzzi, well he had to play everyone basically on the roster to get to his. There is a reason he isn’t close to Kirby.


  64. I don’t think either of these 2 team’s fan bases will be debating whether these new coaches….did it with someone else’s recruits (players) or not.


  65. It’s a double good move. The extra coach allowed this year meant that if PITT wanted to keep Partridge they have to promote him.. Move over Conklin..


  66. Yay – Only 2 years 2 late.

    Bama wins by 25. Clemson can’t hang with this talent. These look like Men playing with boys.


  67. Pitt Football

    Verified account

    28 Dec 2017

    Only three college football programs have produced 3+ NFL Pro Bowl selections in each of the last five seasons…

    Pitt, Georgia and Oklahoma.

    We should be winning more games (added by me) **


  68. Promote Partridge or lose him. Remember, there are going to be a large handful of coaching changes coming with the addition of an extra coach


  69. Clemson’s QB is not gonna last the whole game at this rate, as bama’s playa’s are giving him an extra knee in the back or elbow in the kidney on every tackle.


    1. That’s a joke right. Conklin is getting the job based on what ? Worst defense in the NCAAF (2 years running) sans his last 2 games.


  70. Alright…..rooting for the Clemson honey’s…er Tigers. Cause remember John Clemson was a Pennsylvanian. (and their honey’s are cousins)


  71. OK St,
    500 yards passing the first half.
    But we’re gonna stop the run and use only two cornerbacks.
    Does anyone really believe that came from Conklin?


    1. In Gundy’s Press conf before the game he laughed about the predictable D. Someone asked him if he was shocked we never switched in 2016 and he said yes. Then Narduzzi did the exact same thing in 2017. Gundy laughed and said we will just keep throwing it.


  72. Intaminatis fulget honoribus (Wofford mott). Shining with untarnished honor

    I guess this verifies Conklin is ‘untarnished’. Coaching fraternity is like that.


  73. Pitt plays PSU at home then UCF and Notre Dame away back to back to back in the 2018 non-con part of the schedule. All three have ‘gamers’ at the QB position and athletes all over the field.

    UCF just finished off a 13-0 perfect season beating Auburn. The UCF QB threw for 250 yards and ran for 115… Against an SEC defense. He’ll be a junior next year. We play them in Florida. Yikes.

    ND played the 2nd string QB for most of the game. He’s fast and can throw. ND will be solid next year but may be the weakest of these three non con opponents.

    George has recruited really well over the past few years with little to no dip with the head coaching change a couple of years ago. It shows.


  74. ..and gasman, Narduzzi also brought Partridge on board. I like Charlie you may not and that’s fine. The assistant coaches weren’t the problems the past 3 years. It’s called growing pains.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reading that makes you realize what a joke these writers are. Truing to act like the defense was good in 2016 citing rushing stats. No mention of overall or passing stats. What a joke Dipaolo is


      1. I am guessing only a Upitt “hit” would have been sufficient.;-)

        From what I’ve seen DiPaola seems to be the Pitt beat writer who actually challenges Narduzzi a bit. Plus he’s a reporter, not a columnist.

        Anyway “Conklin, who joined Narduzzi on his first staff in ’15, helped direct a Pitt defense whose results have been up and down over the past three years. Pitt was ranked 37th in total defense in ’15, slumped to 101st in ’16 but rose last season to 69th after Conklin and Narduzzi rebuilt the unit with several young players in key positions.” That seems reasonably accurate.

        I do agree that DiPaola probably should have provided the pass defense rankings rather than leaving those to inference. However if you’re a Pitt fan you’ve seen it on the field. Nobody else would have cared.


  75. couple small things:

    Let the debate begin, did Conklin bolt for the Wofford job or was he told to look start looking?

    The boys are hanging with the men so far. Hope they keep on hanging.


    1. Nard Dog probably told him to start that a ‘firing’ wouldn’t be on Conklin’s record. Wall Street works very similar to Coaching Fraternity. They do a horrendous job at some Corp on Wall St and some of them get a better job at another Corp. If you’re ‘connected’.


  76. Canada probably got a good buyout (LSU obviously has $$$$ to spare), so he accepts title at Pitt as Run Coordinator. Patridge promoted to DC and Simms returned as DL coach.

    Piece of cake!


  77. Ike,
    I have no problem with Charlie.
    But Chubbs, I believe, was booted from Arkansas. And, he couldn’t wait to bolt Pitt.
    Canada, too, was booted…from NCST. Soon, LSU will cut him loose.
    So, i don’t see any long-term Pitt value from either.
    And therein lies my beef with two-cornerbacks-against-500-yards-in-the-first-half-OKST


    1. Chaney is the coache’s name, right?; not Chubbs. Narduzzi’s temper on TV caused that departure.

      Who cares about longevity if we get a good fit for what players we have which both Chaney and Canada were.

      Plus we need recruiters.


  78. but Gasman, you asked me about Narduzzi’s ability to hire assistant coaches. I guess you can argue they weren’t good hires but their positions in the coaching field today suggest otherwise? Chaney will be the OC in the NCAA title game.

    I get Narduzzi and Chaney didn’t get along but never the less, Narduzzi did hire him. Just saying, Narduzzi’s hiring history may not be as bad as some may think.


  79. I am not thinking that narduzzi canned Conklin. Sometimes things fall into place. I think Partridge would be a good next step as DC, unless there is someone out there that makes better sense, but candidly I haven’t looked at potential replacements..

    If Pitt was smart, they would hire their next D-Specialist out of Florida, with flurrrida contacts. Before the UCF game, one of their players said that Auburn will not be prepared for their speed. He was correct. They were also not prepared for their heart. Good job by UCF. They will lose a lot of talent on their lines but the qb will cause us problems right away. Need to pressure him with run blitzes, keeping containment. Their TE was a beast!

    Hopefully Pitt goes with my early season recommendation to have Henry Miller or Phil Campbell play as an extra LB. It is helpful to have more speed against these spread offenses.

    Going to go watch the bama ending. Foster started, was wide open on a flea flicker but I see has 0 catches thus far. Maybe he has a big game next week when it matters most. He could have been Pitt’s number one receiver for 3 years and jumped to the nfl. Why, because he was a 5 star and would have had plenty of chances to be the star versus just one of 11.


  80. Good post Huff. but we don’t know what happened with Conklin? I’m not sure who’s decision it was or mutual?

    Here’s hoping Narduzzi has a plan and this move was part of it.

    Foster dropped a pass he should have caught. Maybe he gets another ring for his efforts?


  81. Saw the Boyd play on the news. Happy for him, he had a tough year. Was hoping the Ravens would knock off the Pats, oh well.

    Hope Narduzzi gets some late recruits, need to up the talent in a lot of areas if we are going to compete.

    A lot of true freshman playing in these bowl games, even for the top teams. We could use a couple for next year.

    Agree that Foster would have already gone pro if he played for Pitt.

    Probably get another ring though. Will still get his shot at the pros this year.


  82. As it turned out there is no question that Pickett was the best we had, maybe, probably from Day 1 but:

    1) Are people saying that they would have started a 3* recruit whose best offer was Temple outside of PITT before a previous 5* who did start for USC in front of a kid who was also a 5* who it turns out maybe a top 5 pick and was a Heisman favorite at one point.

    For those of you who will say “Narduzzi should have seen it from day 1”, yeah, maybe he did see he would have a better career but maybe asking him to play his second and third games against PSU and OK. State would have done long term damage.

    Also, Reed correct me if I am wrong, but I recall you saying very early on Pickett looked to be the best of the bunch and would have the best college career, but I don’t think you said he should start day one.

    Lastly, how many of the Freshman QB’s that started today were:

    1) 3* recruits with one Power 5 offer.
    2) True freshman.

    Paying Pickett game #1 would have been like the Steelers playing Dobbs game #1 last year ahead of Jones if Ben started to ride motorcycles again during the summer.

    I am just glad we have a potentially good QB starting the season which has happened very few times over the last 15 years.

    My $0.02.

    I like Aston over Ollison if I need 4 yards or less between the tackles.

    I think Partridge gets a promotion and a local coach/personaity comes abard to help local recruiting.

    I do like the idea of Scott Schaffer though.

    Canada, good coach for sure but so much baggage, I was not a fan of Caney and I think Watson wasn’t as bad as people say although the VT last minute was brutal but you see that every week in the NFL and it still wasn’t as bad as Wanny at Navy way back when.

    UCF, they schedule one big OOC game a year and if they win it they make it to the playoff with a similar year. They didn’t deserve it this year.


    1. If Foster came you would have had Him, Boyd and Street for the first year, then Boyd and Foster for the next two. He would have had a lot of opportunities. The rest would have been up to him.

      Really hard to show what you got on the bench.


      1. Good thoughts on Pickett. I also think starting him vs PSU and OKST could have ruined him, broke his confidence or got him injured. I do think they could have gone to him sooner though. But that would have given Miami more film on him and who knows…

        I also think people may be expecting way too much from him for next year. He still needs an O-line to protect him and receivers that get open and catch balls. Also a running game.

        I’m afraid we have very average running backs and receivers and a questionable O-line against really tough competition.


  83. Foster – I don’t know if you can say that if he had gone to PITT he would have been great just because he was a 5*. It’s not like Bostick or Shane Hale had great careers at PITT let alone the NFL. Even at PITT, as 5*’s they had less opportunity to shine than Foster. Sometimes guys aren’t as good as they were in HS. For the record, I think Foster would have been better served to come to PITT, but I suspect he may have had a career closer to Weah or Street than Boyd, which is nothing to be ashamed about.


  84. EDR – he starts for Alabama two years running. His problem is that he wasn’t their number 1 guy. He had catches taken from him by the oakland raiders wr and now ridley. It wasnt a lack of talent. My point was that he would have been pitt’s number 1 wr from day one. That said, he would have had a chance to leave early.

    He will get a free agent opportunity or late round pick depending on next week and sr bowl showing. Big, last chance for him next week. Bama played 3 true frosh wr’s tonight right?

    Look, Pitt could have gotten out of this bs ooc scheduling if lyke was good at being an AD. Schedules usually aren’t completed 10 years out. That is bad reporting (except for rivalry). Many don’t get finalized until a year or two from execution, sometimes 3. When you have your own stadium, you can be more flexible on scheduling. Another reason for an OCS that noone mentions, until now.


    1. remember, after backing up Amari Cooper, Foster became a starter at Bama as a RS Soph for a team would go to win the national title …. but he was injured in 3rd game (I think) was out the rest of the year. At a place like Bama with 4 and 5 stars constantly coming in, it is hard to get your job back, especially when you sustain a serious injury


  85. I don’t recall anyone saying Pickett should have started the season. What was said ( myself included) was once Browne went down and Little Ben showed little talent, and Pickett had his redshirt burned, he should of started in the second half of our 12 game season.


  86. Just catching up…glad to see Conklin gone. EDR, curious who you thought might be the “local coach \ personality” brought in. Hopefully the O line can be the Pickett fence around Kenny next year. Curious how recruiting plays out this next month.


  87. I would be surprised if Partridge isn’t promoted. He was DC at Wisconsin for a couple of years, has major ties in Florida, and is chiefly responsible for many of the FL recruits this year.


    1. here is something almost as crazy

      Georgia and Alabama are in the same conference but have only played 13 times in the last 40 years.
      Since 1978, Alabama has played Penn State more than they have played Georgia.


      1. Definitely true. Since expanding to 14 teams in 2013,now play non permanent cross over rival 2 times in 12 years (like ACC). I’ll bet that more Ga. – Al. matchups have occurred in conference championships then during regular season in that time frame.


  88. Wofford is in Spartanburg, SC a little over 20 miles from where I live. I believe Jerry Richardson (Carolina Panthers present owner) Is an alumnus. He just built them a new basketball arena that has drawn rave reviews. The Panthers hold their preseason camp at Wofford. Lost to North Dakota State in quarterfinals of FCS (1-AA) playoffs this year.


  89. How many back-ups does Conklin take with him to Wofford? This may be a double blessing in that number 1, he is gone and number two, he takes some kids that (although possess talent) are not going to see the field in a significant way. Wofford presents immediate transferability and playing time.

    This could free up some schollies. Maybe 3?

    I was channeling Annie as best as I could in paragraph 1.


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