QB Thomas MacVittie is Transferring Out

QB Thomas MacVittie is Transferring Out

Seems it is now official… MacVitte saw the handwriting on the wall. This comes as absolutely no surprise folks. I wrote that this would happen as early as last year as soon as Max Brown was brought in, but we all knew he that sooner or later he was just going to have to go somewhere else to get playing time.

From the Post-Gazette:

As Pitt keeps trying to put the full-court press on prospective recruits, attrition  continues for the current Panthers.

Monday, Jordan Whitehead declared for the NFL draft, and Tuesday, quarterback Thomas MacVittie tweeted that he will find a new program.

“I will be transferring in January after having completed my redshirt freshman year,” MacVittie wrote. “I’m excited to continue my journey and looking forward to the next three years of this great game.”

It was evident from his landing on campus that the expectations for this young man were way too high given his physical talents.  Good luck and have fun playing the game in a better situation.

We’ll  see some more transfers before fall camp guys, some may be unexpected.