As I said before I don’t want to be involved in the blog past posting other’s submitted articles, and my choosing to comment if I feel like it.
  However I’m still getting emails from WordPress with 2-4 ‘held in moderation’ comments per day.  For now I am just trashing them but it still drags me back in on a daily basis.
So… Putting I’m the onus on you all and want all the commenters to know my feelings on this.
Sorry if this is a pain in your asses, but my name is still on the blog and if it comes to it being a prick to keep that positive I’ll be that.
I closed comments on the last thread for just the above reason.  I’ll post one last warning on the POV but want you to be aware of where I’m at with this whole thing.
I am serious about helping anyone else who may want to start a Pitt football blog if you feel like getting into something like this.
Maybe this blog has run it’s course…and it is time for new opinions and new voices in writing articles on the subject.
Let me know and I’ll work with you on doing it.  But if someone doesn’t take that step before spring practices we may not have a good Pitt football blog to enjoy (other than The Blather).