Submittal: What Does 13-9 Mean to You?

Here is a piece from MissingWlat…
13-9.  Ten years later it still warms my heart.
As a season ticket holder for over 20 years, and a Pitt fan since the early 70s, I’ve seen my share of great games. Ones that stick out include 42-39, and the final game at Pitt Stadium when we defeated Notre Dame. I was a little young in ’76 when we won the National Championship, so my memory of that is fuzzy.
Of course there are the disappointments too, not the least of which was the 45-44 loss to Cincinnati in 2009 that kept us from the Orange Bowl.. 48-14 sticks in the craw of any Pitt fan, of course.
But to me, 13-9 is the most memorable. Mostly because it was WVU, it knocked them out of the National Championship game, and we were nearly 30 point dogs. Maybe its just the vision of Wanny roaming the sidelines on crutches. Or maybe it’s the memory of hearing the Pitt players celebrating LOUDLY while poor RichRod was trying to conduct the post game presser. (OK, I’ll admit it  RichRod in tears after the game is my MOST vivid memory I still have of that game, especially when he refers to it as a “nightmare”).
So to keep the juices flowing into the offseason, and on the 10th anniversary of my favorite game in Pitt football history, please share your memories of that game with your fellow POVerts. And while you are at it, if there are any other games that burn in your memory, feel free to share stories about those as well.
Hail to Pitt!!!
Missing Wlat
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