Pitt’s Latest Transfers and Declarations

Pitt’s Latest Transfers and Declarations

This has been a lot of discussion regarding the Panthers football team and its personnel movements over the past two weeks. At this point in time we have lost six players within three weeks of the last game played. That is very unusual as most players wait until some time goes by – usually until the dust settles in Jan or Feb and they have their ducks lined up to play elsewhere – before they take off.

We haven’t seen that with DiNucci or MacVittie – only “Sayonara!“.

Let’s take a second and look at the transfers we have had and then step back and take a look our players who declared for the NFL draft early.


First to clarify something. I have written that I was informed that something happened with the team not long after the Miami game was played back in the end of November.  I want to make sure everyone knows that I don’t have specific details about what, if anything that was.  However, I received an email back then from someone I have dealt with in the past and who has been reliable when it comes to Pitt football.  it described the possibility that as many as seven players were involved in ‘something’ and may face disciplinary actions.

I reiterate that 1) I don’t know this for an absolute fact but I believe something has transpired and 2) I wouldn’t go into specific names even if I had them due to student privacy issues – and my own sense that if negative information is to be made public that should come via mainstream media who have certain journalistic rules they should abide by.

So – exit via dismissal RB Chawntez Moss… he wasn’t ‘not asked’ back, nor did he say he was leaving the program or declaring to transfer elsewhere;  he was dismissed on Dec 4th. You don’t get dismissed for past transgressions folks, that is a permanent black mark levied on that player.  If he was dismissed for things he did earlier in the season, instead of just being allowed to say he leaving, then that is just vindictiveness on the leadership’s part. Something happened in the week between the end of the season on Nov 25th and Dec 3rd to warrant that dismissal.

We may see others choose to leave, or maybe be dismissed, who surprise us also.  OK – with that understood here is my take on the last two weeks.


You have to be daft or looking at Pitt football through heavily tinted blue and gold glasses if these two QB transfers don’t concern you, especially Ben DiNucci’s.  I have written for two years that Thomas MacVittie was going to transfer after his second year onboard so to me that was a given.

But DiNucci’s transfer surprises me as it leaves Pitt with literally no D1 experience at all after the presumptive 2018 starter SO Kenny Pickett.  None.  I read fans thoughts regarding this  turn of events and really have to wonder what they are thinking when they say he’s no great loss.  DiNucci leaving taken in a vacuum maybe not be but time and circumstance are everything.

I have also written many times, since his recruitment back in 2015, that DiNucci was not going to be a starter at this level unless through injuries to others above him in the QB pecking order. That is what we saw when his chance to get playing time was first when Peterman was injured in the Pinstripe Bowl and then in this last season’s Syracuse loss when he came in for relief of a season-ending injury to starter Max Browne.

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