Submittal: You Are the Athletic Director!

Submitted by Mark Kerestan (PittPT)

Now the Conference Championship games are over and the Bowl Selection committees have completed their selections and our Pitt Panthers are finished for the 2017 season. Throughout the season many of us have written that the Athletic Director or Head Coach Pat Narduzzi should make any of a number of changes to the staff.  But now with the entire season over, put yourself in AD Heather Lyke’s running shoes and imagine that you are having your end of season meeting with Coach Narduzzi.

Given all that occurred this year, the many downs and a few ups, what changes would you either ask or demand that the coach do in terms of staff positions and personnel to help ensure that the team is in a better position to win more than five games in 2018.

I’ll begin with my thoughts since I raised the question.

Given the improvement that seemed to occur overall at the end of the season (the NC and VT  losses are still killers), and Narduzzi’s rumored loyalty to his staff,  I wouldn’t ask him to fire anyone if he feels that the coaches are doing their jobs effectively.

However, as the NCAA has permitted teams to expand their coaching staffs by one beginning in 2018, I feel that if there is a legitimate quality person who is interested in joining the staff and would clearly make the team better I would spend up to about $750K to add that person to the staff as an asst. head coach to assist Pat Narduzzi in making better decisions and to shore up some areas of deficiency.

A couple of names that  come to mind are the oft mentioned Scott Schafer, Paul Rhodes  (who I learned this week was instrumental in improving Pitt’s tackling in preparation for the 13-9 win in Morganhole), or Walt Harris as a QB coach (which shouldn’t cost anywhere near my $750K limit).

Now it’s your turn.

Are there any staff changes or additions you would like to see the Panthers make to strengthen their brain trust and/or recruiting going into Letter of Intent Day and the 2018 season?