Thank You

I want to write a few words here to follow on that last 2017’s season recap article. I made my decision pretty clear on here about the frequency of what content will go up on this blog and I want to clarify some issues.

First off I am not completely ‘taking down’ the POV.  I will keep it up for the BB season with game threads if I can remember to post them.  That way whoever wants to keep talking about Pitt sports on here can do so.

Secondly I will post some special articles that are timely – for instance Richman has asked me to use The POV as a survey venue for input into Pitt’s Fan Committee which he has been named to.  That sort of thing – public interest stuff – I’ll do if it is appropriate. But I will say that in anticipation of going into the offseason and the next season you should probably find another venue to enjoy.  I am not at all sure I’ll keep this going.

Let me explain how the straw that broke the back fell on my decisions.

In the last comments section there was mention of other Blogs to go to and there are some good ones, if you want good Pitt football coverage Chris Peak over at is the best and it is worth a subscription… however the only other “Blog” site I can endorse as not being in Pitt’s back pocket in some manner is The Pitt Blather.

Why is that?  Because, like the myself and the POV, Chas Rich isn’t in debt in any way to outside interests… and make no mistake all the others are in some way, shape or form however how small or large they are.

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