Saturday Edition of the Sunday Podcast

Saturday Edition of the Sunday Podcast

Here is an almost hour of my thoughts about NC game, Pitt’s State of The Team at the 3/4s of the season mark and other rants (mostly about Ike and Josh Conklin)…

Here are some great shots from Frans POV Tailgate on Thursday evening prior to the game.    We see that Bernie and his friends were there.  Here is a shot of Bernie and Annie.  Bernie came up to PGH with a few NC friends.

Bernie & Annie
Man of the Evening Bernie and Annie – our best poster


From top left: Joe L. & Randy; Cake for guests; Fran; Guests; Bernie and Miss Annie again; John (Major Majors) and wife Kathleen; Shrine to a living Johnny Majors; Mark (PittPT) and Ed Hill.


Bill & Beautiful

CoL with Victory lights tarped off (Thanks Souf!); Ike, Rich (Richman) and Eric (Missing Wlat); Snapshot; Ray; POV Flag flying proudly and Mark and Ed again and Bill & Lisa.

That looks like it was a blast and I’m sorry I missed it.