POV Bits & Pieces and Roundtable Call-In

POV Bits & Pieces and Roundtable Call-In

I spent the day under the weather so had a full Internet surfing day to look up all the media stuff I can find on the Panther’s season to date.  Here are some tidbits I found interesting.

Chris Peak of Rivals did a very good review of each of the 10 games we have played so far this season… which as you all know we stand at 4-6. Here is that article but it may be behind a paywall.

Ten Thoughts from the First Ten Games”  If you can see the linked content fine = if not here is a sampling of his breakdowns…

At the time, Pitt’s overtime win against Youngstown State was chalked up to a few things. Chief among those rationales was the notion that the Panthers held back on their offense, saving things for the next week’s game at Penn State; that made sense, since Pitt had done the same thing against Villanova a year earlier. Plus, the players seemed to let up in the second half, which allowed YSU to get back into the game.

In retrospect, the line of thinking about holding back the offense was not accurate. There were things Pitt unveiled against Penn State and beyond that weren’t present in the YSU game, but that wasn’t the reason the Panthers had to go to overtime against an FCS team. Rather, that outcome resulted from the issues everyone knew going in: Pitt was a young, inexperienced team with quite a few vulnerabilities stemming from that youth and inexperience.

Those elements caught up to the Panthers in the second half, and while it’s not reasonable to state is Pitt is equal to an FCS team, that game did show that if the 2017 Panthers didn’t play at or above 75% of their abilities on a consistent basis, they could be caught by just about any opponent on the schedule.

I agree with this assessment 100%.  I can’t post any more than the above because that is Rival.com’s writing but I’ll say this as I have in the past – Chris Peak is the best sportswriter covering Pitt football today and I subscribe because he’s that good… and it is worth the $9 or whatever per month it is to read his balanced look at the program and team.

So there is nine more of those type reports and after reading those,  and listening to his Podcast after the NC game it got me thinking about how my fellow POVers look at this season so far so I’ll ask a simple question.  At which point did it become apparent to you that the 2017 was not what we hoped it would be and that we’d end up with a disappointing, or losing really, season?

Here is King Pat talking about the upcoming Hokie game:  He kind of lost me there when he started of the Presser saying “A lot of good things… when you watch the film – a lot of good things.”  I understand the need to inject optimism into these dark days but a shot of honesty every once in awhile from this guy would be so refreshing .

What I don’t get here is when he’s talking about the 4th & 19 punt from our 41 yard line to put our defense in the ‘win or lose’ position to have to make the stop and get the ball back.

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