POV: Pitt’s Historical APR Ratings 2004-17

We have had discussions on here about this year’s NCAA APR for Pitt and whether that will allow us – at a discounted win rate I suppose – become eligible for a bowl game.  Here is that info with a voice-over.



Here is that description of the Bowl – APR tie-in

What happens to bowl season if there aren’t enough college football teams with six wins or more? Since 2015, the NCAA’s allowed bowls to dip into teams with 5-7 records, with the leaders in APR getting first dibs.

What’s APR? That’s Academic Progress Rate, the NCAA’s attempt to measure how well a program has done at advancing its athletes toward graduation over a rolling period of four years at a time. New scores are now out for every sport.

It’s essentially a pass/fail grade, with schools at the lower end being penalized and others proceeding as normal. Plenty of people have critiqued elements of the system, including its tendency to more harshly punish schools with resource disadvantages. This year, Division I’s two football programs to incur penalties are Savannah State, which is dropping down to Division II, and Alabama State.