HC Pat Narduzzi’s Pre-Miami Presser

November 20, 2017

Pat Narduzzi Press Conference
Miami Week

 PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEO: Narduzzi Miami Preview

 PAT NARDUZZI: Big week in Pittsburgh, obviously, with bringing a playoff team here to Pittsburgh, a team that’s in the top four. It’s senior day for all of our seniors, which as you look at this wall out here, there’s not a lot of them, but there’s some very meaningful guys that will play their last football game at home and at Heinz Field, so I think it’ll be a great, emotional day, not only for the players but for the coaches and for all the underclassmen that have grown attached to these guys.

Had them stand up yesterday and turn around and look at their teammates; it’s going to be the last time that 2017 football team plays together. It’s kind of a sad, really sad deal when you’re playing your last football game, and there will be a lot of emotions [Friday] that go into also playing a tremendous football team with a ton of speed, a ton of confidence, and obviously playing at a high level right now.

It’ll be a great challenge, and we’ll use Miami as a measuring stick to find out where we are as a football team, how far we’ve grown and learned through the entire year. Looking forward to it.

For me, today and our staff and our kids really, you guys, it’s Monday, but for us it’s a Tuesday. The coaches crammed in Sunday, working some longer, longer, longer hours, and yesterday was really a Sunday and a Monday for the staff because it was putting to rest the Virginia Tech game. You really got over it even faster as tough a loss as it was, you got over it a little bit faster than you normally would because you had to. My spirits were a lot better because you got into Miami quicker and you move forward quicker, and I think our kids feel the same thing with going out to practice today.
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