Pitt vs North Carolina In-Game Thread

Have at it folks… game starts at 7:30 and this will be up at 7:00. 

Here’s Reed sifting through the comments to find the gems to write about…


Lets try to track how many times we go from happy to angry to happy to angry…. as the game progresses.  One of my favorite things to do is look back over a game thread of a game we ended up winning.  Talk about changing horses in the middle of a stream…

Remember someone is reading your comments… and may want to get in touch later on to talk about them.



POV Roundtable Video and NC Predictions

Here is the call-in video from last night.  We had five POV’ers total and it was a bit rowdy… apparently a 9:00 start time means you get set yourself up, drinks charged and the dog calmed down starting after the recording begins.  Just kidding.  It was another great session and with more off-the-cuff conversations than usual.

Just for clarity FR Kenny Pickett has thrown 14 passes, completed 6 for 74 yards – no TDs or INTs.  He played more than that one snap obviously.  we need to see more of him.


Here are some interesting statistics that I found and we discussed last night.  As we sit at 4-5 now with a “should-win” game tonight then two tough ones after to end the year… here is where we stood at the same time in the past 10 years.


Note: we won the bowl game in 2010 under DW.

Another interesting point here is the use of the TEs this year.  We fans feel that Watson doesn’t use them much in the passing game.  Well, I looked at last season’s use of them compared to now through nine games and the result is interesting.

2016 – Orndoff and Parrish combined for 27 catches for 432 yards & 2 TDs for a 16.0 ypc.

2017 – Flanagan & Clark combined for 28 catches for 220 yards & 1 TDs for a 7.8 ypc.  Isn’t it interesting that the 2017 TEs have more catches actually – but look at the difference in production between 16.0 and 7.9 ypc – less than half.

I think there are some real reasons for this.  One is because our offensive line was good enough last season to allow OC Matt Canada to swing Orndoff off the line and act almost as a wide receiver…and Orndoff responded with a total of 35 receptions for 579 yards and 5 TDs… our 2nd leading receiver.  If you remember he finished strong last season with 12 for 204 yards and 3 TDs over the last three regular season games.

Of course have QB Nate Peterman throwing the ball rather than Brown/DiNucci is the key there.  His season average 15.4 yards per completion mirrors that TE production.

Alao – if you look at our rushing game we see that last season Conner only had 155 yards for 712 yards (4.6 ypc) but had a nice 11 TDs. through the first nine games.   So why was our rushing game so much more productive then?  Because Henderson had been ripping up the joint.

In the first nine games he had 42 carries for 383 yards and 3 TDs – a great complement to Conner’s season.  To put this another way after nine games last year we had 1,984 yards on the ground – this season?…  1,308 yards. Huge difference and we can point directly at the poorer OL for that.

NC TAILGATE:  OK, at this time 10:00 or so on gameday it looks like we will have at least 45 guests at Fran’s POV tailgate festivities.  I’m sure he can handle that plus his normal Pitt fan friends who are always there.  Please, let Fran know how much we appreciate his hard work, always with a smile though.

I want to mention another thing – as much as I wish I could be with you this evening I can’t… nor can I make the Miami game as I travel to North Carolina to be with my 103 year old Aunt and my cousins – all the Kohberger family I have left.

But – I decided I am going to drive up to watch the Virginia Tech game on Saturday Nov 18th… at Archie’s tavern on the Southside.  I’ll probably be there early and stay late if we have some POV fans there to drink beer, watch Pitt win and swap sea stories.

PREDICTIONS: Forgot to do this yesterday so please leave your game predictions in the comments section of this article.  Mine is below…