22 thoughts on “Pitt vs High Point BB Game Thread

  1. Up 17-9 early and looking good versus HP. I will soon be in withdrawal from football but this fix isn’t quite going to cut it. 😦


  2. Just counted every fan at the Pete tonight using all my fingers and toes from 1 foot! (…and I’m missing a toe from that foot-LOL).
    Wow, in all seriousness Robert Morris is better. Pitt up by 2 with 2:30 left.

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  3. Hey we avoided the Low Point of the season…..by beating High Point !

    Reading over the cbs sports article, seems like, despite the Coaching change we still can’t handle
    another team’s……Full Court Press. Even by a tiny college like High Point (somewhere in North Carolina) where they use to make furniture, I believe.

    Anyway High Point’s well known (not) Full court press produced…..22 Pitt turnovers (gulp).

    But Otis’s boys did manage to overcome that dreadful number, by making 19 of 22 Free Throws.
    Which combined with 55% FG shooting produced a 8 point win over a team that had lost to Tennessee
    by 31 points.

    But hey, this year we will take any and all wins that we can gather before the Conference Seal Clubbing begins.

    P.S. Didn’t even realize we were playing, and by the attendance figures……most did !


  4. Worse than I thought:

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) Lamonte’ Turner and Jordan Bone each scored 16 points Tuesday as Tennessee went on an early 32-0 run and rolled to an 84-53 triumph over High Point.


  5. I have season tickets with a buddy and neither one of us were aware there was a game…sheese. Plan on attending the City Game Friday.


  6. Emel – High Point just up 85 from Charlotte. Near Greensboro. In the big South Conference. Same conference as Winthrop.

    Local kid from Gaffney, SC. – Arizona (A.Z.) Reid starred for HPU in mid 2000’s. Under sized Center 6-6 or 7. Averaged a double double his jr./senior year. Made a good living in Europe playing BB. Kind of like Dejuan Blair w/out the weight & bad knees.

    Hey, I like & follow local kids.


    1. Oh ok Pitt-cocks….thanks for that. I have driven past it then and probably thru it 🙂 Sounds like it’s around Lexington and all that good Carolina BBQ.

      Andie McDowell went to Winthrop, so I know that one ! 🙂


  7. It would be slightly disruptive to the Farmers High School recruiting and continuity for next year, especially if Moorehouse takes a few coaches with him. This will be helpful to our Panthers early in the season…hopefully!

    I wonder if Moorehouse requires his coaches have nice looking wives too.

    I guess I missed all the bad stuff on here. Candidly, didn’t see anything that was terrible or accusatory or questioned integrity. Written words are the most difficult to interpret. Sorry, just didn’t see it, but will defer to those that feel they were harmed.


  8. my email for any interested in chatting:


    @RKB – great to re-acquaint neighbor! All my best to you and the family. Still can’t believe I pieced your comments together and picked you out after 30 years! Have a great Christmas!!


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