Here is the video from last night – Pittman4ever, PittPT, Richman, MissingWlat and I had a blast and those guys made some great points about the team and the program.  Enjoy!

Here is an interesting video of Mike Gundy previewing his team’s next game against us on Saturday – the first part is mostly about his team and specific personnel but then he gets into detail about what he saw from us last season and what he’s expecting this week.

Some key points:

5:34 – Discusses last year’s Pitt vs Clemson game and how we played against OSU last year.

7:00 – Talks about our Jet Sweeps and different formations

7:50 – How much of Pitt’s motions is ‘eye candy’?

12:00 – excellent take on Turtle Hunting – better to walk than use an ATV.

15:45 – OSU players are more excited about Heinz Field more than Pitt fans do.

Here is another short video done by the OSU media staff regarding OSU’s passing game vs our DBs.  I think it is a fair look at what we are going to face, and possibly see, on Saturday afternoon.

We know about WR James Washington already from last season… that game opening 91 yard reception for a TD is hard to forget, but then there are the other receivers who will give us trouble also. BTW – Washington is averaging 30+ yards per reception this season.

OSU has four 40+ pass plays for TDs so far and that says something. Let’s hope we can stop their run game and get real pressure on the QB to at least disrupt his timing for an INT or two – we are going to have to have the ball bounce are way a bunch of times to win this game I think.

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  1. haven’t had time yet to view roundtable but agree it is much better to walk when hunting turtle … ask any oldtimer. They will also tell you that they always enter their hole headfirst so when you you reach in, you can grab their tale

    Meanwhile … NFL stadiums are experiencing same issue as colleges


  2. Colin Dunlap’s daughter will do the coin toss on Saturday. She has been battling cancer but currently doing well, Colin is morning host on The Fan 93.7


  3. from a columnist who covers PSU about this week’s game vs Georgia State


    Beginning paragraph: We now approach the single most pointless game I believe I have ever covered in 27 years on the Penn State football beat. This is really where the competition is obliterated by the business.

    Final paragraph: But every time I hear that Penn State simply has no room on the schedule for one of its old regional rivals such as Pitt or West Virginia, I have to laugh. Yes, a few dollars would be left on the floor because those schools would demand one-for-one, home-n-home deals. But with the monopoly money flying around major college athletics these days, would that really be so tragic?


    1. Jerry DiPaola‏Verified account @JDiPaola_Trib 3 hours ago

      On Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, Narduzzi says, “I know he has some nice hair.”


  4. I watched the podcast and that was a good one.

    My Good:

    Q. O. had a great game a tailback between the 20’s and I thought the D Line won the battle against the PSU O line (this shocked the hell out of me but I think it is more of indication of how good YSU line was).

    My Bad:

    Q. Henderson….I am hearing rumors that he was injured and I think I recall him leaving the YSU game after an funny hit briefly. He just wasn’t himself out there and we needed the best from him for a win. Same goes for this week.

    I hope his injury heals quick if that is the case.

    The Ugly:

    I know PittMan4ever says Officer is hurting us. I will have to watch for that. Watching the game though I noted on several occasions where JJ Smith was getting beat like a drum. He appears to not be able to meet the D end at the point of attack. As a matter of fact the interception for a safety was as much JJ Smith’s fault as it was Max Browne’s. JJ Smith was supposed to engage the D end and had he done that the receiver would have went a long way.

    I believe it was Moss but on several ocasions the tailback missed key blocks that resulted in a sack instead of a completed pass.

    I also was disgusted by the Floating passes and the lack of “in it to win it” attitude shown by the QB. Also O. Ollision needs taken out of the game when he reaches the 5 and put AJ Davis in. Had we done that I think we score TD’s instead of two field goals.

    Who gets yanked?

    I say O Neil needs to go back to Right Tackle where he is an All-American. Put Hodges from Texas as the left tackle and take JJ Smith off the field.

    Darin Hall needs to become the fourth tailback Moss needs moved to Tailback 2 and AJ Davis is TB 3 between the 20’s and tailback 1 inside the 20.

    I also think the Denucci needs to either split series like Voytick and Peterman did in 15 or come in for the goal line package like suggested on the round-table.

    This team showed enough in a loss at PSU to give me hope that if few of the uglies are corrected we can still win the Coastal.


  5. Well Jeff, considering he thinks Heinz Field is only 3 or 4 years old I’m not sure he knows what year it is?

    Looks like fun had by all on the round-table great job. Had me chuckling a few times. Does anyone else feel like Richman is in on some kind of inside joke? Always laughing and having a good time. It’s funny.

    If I remember correctly, Hodges went into the locker room before half and never returned according to the biased announcer?

    I just can’t see Narduzzi being stubborn enough to not play the best guys that gives PITT the best chance to win the game? I know, he’s stubborn enough to stick with the same defense though. < I think that’s a little different, thinking it’s hard to switch up middle stream. Of course PITT did use a few different schemes last Saturday . . . ike



  6. Leave Gundy alone. I like the guy and he is a class act remember he put that reporter in his place. The guy is smart and knows football. Heinz is like what 15 years old?

    Podcast was fun to listen to as well. Sorry couldnt make it.


    1. Hey UPitt, I like Gundy also because he’s a man! … and also may set one of his rattlers on you if you don’t like him.


    1. Haha. Anyone that can pull off a mullet is ok by me.
      Haha Big B Barry!!

      Wlat – I appreciate the kind words!! Haha.


  7. I agree Rich, I was having a good laugh at times.

    Missing, Upitt is good on the round-table. You always give well though out remarks as well. It’s a gas gas gas doing those things. …. ike


  8. BTW Jim, love the shirt, and again you copied me. Have the same shirt, same hat and you know all the other stuff we talked about. Can’t help it but some of your background antics are a tiny bit funny. Your sense of humor is priceless.

    Mark, great job, you actually sound like the one guy who knows what he’s talking about? Jus kidding guys. Great job.. . . ike

    We Want Dark Knight
    We Want Dark Knight


  9. Just watched the roundtable. On the call that Rich pointed out where it appeared the PSU player may have bobbled the ball … only one replay was shown and it was inconclusive. However, while ACC officials were on the field, it was B10 who were in the replay booth. Having watched a ton of college FB, I have seen time and after time when the replay booth will proceed on the side of caution to make sure they get the right call.

    Note that this was Zeise’s 2nd game as an OLB, and it was the other OLB position from where he was last year.

    Finally, on the OL pass blocking … note that unlike last year, Pitt had to play from behind and that’s when you see loads of prrssure including blitzes.


  10. I love the little stove / pit Man Forever his right shoulder that’s where he cooks all those meals and that’s how we stay so lean and mean.

    Question for everyone… what is better for the Pittsburgh area, Uber or Lyft for taxi services.


  11. Reed, I don’t know the answer but Uber has driver-less vehicles so that would make it interesting and plus you already supply the mustache so who needs lyft? I have to LOL, I can just see big ole Reed in the back seat of a compact driver-less car. << That sight would crack me up!! . . . . ike



  12. Nothing on the tailgate? I think Fran need an idea at least. The wife and I will be there. I’ll be coming down tomorrow early afternoon so if anything is needed, then I will need to know ahead of time….


  13. Oh and btw, PITT lost out on the bidding for the PAA, That’s a big deal to me. Would have made a nice addition for the University. imo


  14. Ike @12:34pm,

    Of course I emulate you Ike – you’re my hero and twin brother separated at birth and reunited at age 62 on the POV!!!! (Obviously, I’m the better looking twin brother who also got all of the brains – LOL).


  15. uber is best, and it is not bad at all. just watch out for the surge pricing but it will give you the price ahead of time.


  16. Uber is good. If you are taking it to and from a game, with the surge pricing, a cab can be the same price and easier to get. Tell the cabby the quoted Uber price, he will tell you if he can beat it. I have done it from the casino to home after a game let out.


  17. Upitt

    Was in your hood a few weeks back. Hit bike night at The Stone House (dang that is good BBQ), stayed a night at the Summit with the wife. Had a blast. Disappointed there was no midget wrestling at bike night, LOL.


  18. A reason to be patient.

    Gundy’s first three years at OSU..
    7-6 – at this point POVers calls for his firing!

    Then it blew up..

    This is the path Pitt is on. Next year ACC championship game.


  19. Great point Notrocketman.

    Patience is not a virtue on the POV. I just can’t figure out why Narduzzi hasn’t been given the same respect that other coaches have been allowed especially considering he’s won 8 regular season games his first two years with players not necessarily recruited to fit his system. Of course that is a bunch of bunk to some as well.

    Good gosh! Chryst held high on a pedestal for winning 6 games max. 😦



  20. ^^ Not necessarily Jim, I figure that everyone knows your track record as being backwards they just figured you were wrong again.

    Boy for the older twin brother your tough on your little brother. 🙂 … 🙂 . . . . . . .ike



  21. Reed,
    …….that’s where my wife does all of her baking!
    …….the miniature muffins are awesome!


  22. I’m a man, I’m 50. That reel has to be 10 years by now.

    As I have said all year, okay since spring. Maddox will be a nickel and Briggs in the dime package starting with Rice if we are not successful against OSU.

    Also, the Dinucci talk is very similar to the Manny Stocker talk last year. There isn’t a qb controversy. It will come down to timing of an injury or replacement. If Browne gets injured for a game or two in the next two games, we will see Dinucci. If we lose Browne for the year, we will see Pickett.

    I would like to see Tyler Sear at TE with Clarke. I like how Clarke handled the media. Seems to have matured when talking about his drop. I am encouraged there.


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