POV Roundtable Call-In; PSU Game

Big week and a big game coming up for the Panthers in Quaalude Valley.  Lets take some time this evening and discuss it live with some other POV’ers.  As a reminder we slid the start time back to 9:00pm to accommodate those who have kids, etc…

We have a ton of things to discuss and the most notable issue is obviously the YSU (debacle) game.  Reading our previous comments on here I see a whole range of attitudes about our showing last Saturday and what we feel might happen this Saturday.  Oh, BTW, who won the closest score for YSU?

Right – me! 28-21 Pitt, although I did think it would be four TDs in regulation play.  And I’ll tell you why.  Because all those positions with “?” question marks beside them in our previous article on here pretty much turned out to be valid.  But this is what to expect with this young and/or inexperienced lineup.

Well, they are a week older and a week more experienced now aren’t they?  But will that make a difference against the more talented PSU squad?

We’ll do our formal predictions thread on Friday again so put your thinking caps on.  The Oddssharks.com site has PSU at just around a 20 point favorite, however, I just heard on the radio some other bookmakers had PSU at (-) 23.  Sorry to say that to this Pitt fan that sounds not all that far-fetched.

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Chris Peak of Rivals just posted up a great graphic showing a breakdown of the Pitt passing game against YSU.  Some real interesting info – and some we already knew (best info source on Pitt football).

Such as:  Weah was targeted four times and had one catch.  But let’s go into more detail and see just what transpired.

Take a look at the ESPN’s Play-by-Play for Pitt’s 4th quarter offense and Browne’s passing attempts in crunch time to try to win this game in regulation play.  I want to point out something here – it may look like I’m singling out Browne for the poor Pitt play overall here and that is not the case because he didn’t do that.  It was a total team effort to almost blow this one… I think his work was not good regardless of the stats but there were so many other problems Saturday that he was but a small part.

But we fans put a lot of stock in Browne’s four years in college ball and I think were surprised to see this from him when we needed desperately scores.  Keep in mind we blew the FG to win the game and that certainly wasn’t on Browne – as a matter of fact his 18 yarder to Ffrench set up that easy FG.

3rd and Goal at YSU 3

(12:35 – 4th) Max Browne sacked by Wesley Thompson for a loss of 7 yards to the YngSt 10

1st and 10 at PITT 30

(6:10 – 4th) Max Browne pass complete to Qadree Ollison for 2 yds to the Pitt 32

2nd and 3 at 50

(6:10 – 4th) Max Browne pass incomplete to Qadree Ollison

3rd and 3 at 50

(6:10 – 4th) Max Browne sacked by Justus Reed for a loss of 8 yards to the Pitt 42 Max Browne fumbled, recovered by YngSt Justus Reed , return for 0 yards

1st and 10 at PITT 37

(3:35 – 4th) Max Browne pass complete to Qadree Ollison for 1 yd to the Pitt 38

2nd and 9 at PITT 38

(3:35 – 4th) Max Browne pass complete to Maurice Ffrench for a loss of 5 yards to the Pitt 33

1st and 10 at PITT 48

(1:51 – 4th) Max Browne pass complete to Qadree Ollison for a loss of 5 yards to the Pitt 43

2nd and 15 at PITT 43

(1:51 – 4th) Max Browne pass incomplete to Maurice Ffrench (Chapman, Fazson), PENALTY YSU roughing passer (Reed, Justus) 15 yards to the YSU42, 1ST DOWN UP, NO PLAY.

1st and 10 at YSU 42

(1:51 – 4th) Max Browne pass incomplete to Maurice Ffrench

2nd and 10 at YSU 42

(1:51 – 4th) Max Browne pass complete to Quadree Henderson for 7 yds to the YngSt 35

3rd and 3 at YSU 35

(1:51 – 4th) Max Browne pass complete to Maurice Ffrench for 18 yds to the YngSt 17 for a 1ST down

1st and 10 at YSU 17

(1:51 – 4th) Max Browne run for a loss of 3 yards to the YngSt 20

Here are the crunched numbers on this quarter.  Browne dropped back to pass 12 times in our last three series.  He was sacked twice, lost a fumble once and had to scramble once. Overall he lost 18 yards on the ground.

Out of his nine passing attempts he gained 28 yards on six completions… but also lost 12 yards on three completions resulting in a net 16 yards passing in the last 15 minutes of play.

This is where simple stats do lie – we see he was 6 of 9 passing and think “Well, 6 of 9 – that’s not so bad” but when looked at more closely the truth comes out – it was pretty horrid.

Browne was obviously rusty and, I thought somewhat intimidated, in this game.  He missed seeing wide open receivers, especially TE Clark, all day and locked onto his primary receiver… or panicked at pressure and checked down too quickly to the safety valve receivers.

Four of nine passes went to his RBs when we needed bigger chunks of yardage.  In four 1st downs passes he threw to Ollison three times – that is either on him or as I suspect the staff was so nervous about an INT turnover at that point they wouldn’t let him go any real downfield too often.  Either way it was playing scared football and that is when bad things happen (like a missed FG with no time left).

Let’s hope he and the HC and OC pull it together by Saturday or PSU’s front four DLs and their passing defense are going to have a field day.

Rivals.com does these “Lookalike” threads before the games using opponents’ players and coaches – these are great.

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Last thought – I think the NCAA should award a single point in an overtime win whether it is by an OT TD or FG.  A TD from the 25 shouldn’t be given the same weight as a TD in regulation.  So – the YSU score should have read 22-21 Pitt, which is much more indicative of the closeness of the match.

HTP  !!  Beat Penn State !!






51 thoughts on “POV Roundtable Call-In; PSU Game

  1. Guys – let’s all say thanks to BigB for his crazy strong support of this blog in every way – it kills him not to be able to get up to PGH for the home games to meet everyone often – he lives in Elizabeth City, NC – but he is sure there is spirit!

    Thanks again Bernie –


  2. XL

    Must admit that Max Browne did indeed look statuesque … and those completions of -2 and -3 are better off as incompletions.

    I would have to expect a lot of pressure on Browne this Saturday. From the small sampling, the biggest difference of the offense from last year to this year may well be QB sacks. Remember, NP was only sacked 9 times the entire year. And unlike last year, we will most likely playing from behind, which only sets up more obvious passing situations.


    1. XL – in the mail this week.

      10 sacks last year according to the NCAA but I thought it was less – we may double that if not more. I don’t think this OL is anything like last season’s at all.


  3. -I’m going to try to make my first “appearance” on the roundtable, albeit by phone.
    – Where is the tailgate to be located this week?
    – Is anyone able to get my son and his roommate to the game? I’d be happy to pay a few bucks. My number is (717) 576-8748.

    Reed, I predicted a 7 point win (Pitt 34-27) so I was pretty close, too. I hope my prediction for this week isn’t as accurate. I’m leaning 45-17 PSU, at this point. Nothing I saw in Week 1 (from either team) gives me much hope.


  4. Yes Yes, BigB, you are the man and also a Big Thanks to Fran who is a really great host and filled with fun. Thanks guys.

    I know your magnet story isn’t supposed to be funny but it did make me chuckle a bit. Wet car = lost magnet, that’s a need to know.

    I told my magnet story at the tailgate for a few guys.

    I slap my POV magnet on the door and take off for the game. Going down rt 22 I see a guy stretching his neck and looking at us, so I told the wife that guy is checking you out. She said I don’t think so, he’s trying to figure out what the magnet says on the door and rolled her eyes. Hell I forgot it was on there but at least I still have mine…. ike

    Great to talk with you yesterday Jim


  5. It would be great to have a big turnout for Reed tonight. Old and new faces… Maybe TX_Panther will join in…Mark and Jay hope you guys make it. I may be late? …… . . .ike

    Oh like Reed explained before. He never knows who will be there, so count on yourselves. Where is everyone watching the game Saturday?


  6. Pittman…so glad u r safe. If that storm hit us in Maryland, we’d be in big trouble.

    I took PSU at 19.5 and hope to take Pitt at -24-25. Going for middle. Excellent opportunity which comes not too often $1000/$1000. If I lose it will cost me $100 in very g.


    1. Dan no need to take the other side of that bet. Just enjoy your $1000 which will make the day far easier to get through after watching the game


      1. -19.5 is going to prove to be a loser when taking the residents at creepy valley. I’m not seeing Pitt pulling out a win on Saturday but they will be much more competitive than most, including the odds makers, are giving them credit for.


    2. The problem Dan72 is going to be getting that spread up to 24-25. The smart money goes on Pitt once the scale tips above that critical number of 21, so then the odds come back to that 21#.


  7. Just checked ESPN Match Up Predictor. Our Panthers currently have a 6.7% chance of winning this Saturday. :>(
    On the bright side, didn’t our new president have about the same % chance of winning?


  8. Absolutely Pitt has a chance – funny movie reference gc.

    If you want to see the recipe to beat this psu team, watch the hour long version of the 2016 Michigan vs psu game.

    Drubbing –

    Sneak in and slaughter the slimy nits in creepy valley!


  9. I leave Texas major hurricane.

    Go to Florida major hurricane coming.

    Fly to Boise and can’t see out of the plane window because of smoke from Oregon Forest Fire. I feel like this is written in the bible kinda stuff.


  10. Pitt will cover +20.5. We suck but it is a rivalry game and we will cover. It is a sucker bet. Don’t take PSU. Vegas knows this fellows.

    We will probably lose by 17/18


  11. I don’t see anything that this staff can do to coach up this team for Saturday’s game. Browne is a Hackenberg minus revisited for PSU. And as for the Pitt defense how do you correct for the many open receivers YSU missed in their game. I can’t see that happening at the Dairy College.


  12. So Penn St is choosing the Pitt game, not their home opener or their conference home opener to celebrate their Big Ten championship as well as the 1987 Fighting Sanduskys?

    Why? I was told this game means nothing (but ticket prices are among the highest ever).


    1. That, “it’s just another game” BS from penn state is what our President refers to as “fake news”.

      This game is a revenge game at least & yes, after last year’s game, they have a renewed hate for us, which personally, I greatly appreciate.


  13. Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.

    Just another game for psu? I think not. paterno dodged PITT for years with the excuse they needed two games at home with only one on the road. Then they sign Syracuse to a one and one series.

    The whole school is corrupt and a bunch of liars in denial. Actually that whole county is corrupt beyond comprehension. Dead DA, dead fraternity brother…. The cult has no shame. They sicken me to no end! . . . . …. ike


  14. OK, I’m back on the “we have a chance vibe”. Starting to get serious here. I don’t want to lose to these guys. I don’t hate the kids but I sure hate the school and what they represent or misrepresented. < themselves.

    I hope PITT players goes up there and they represent PITT well, play hard, play smart, and give a full day’s worth of effort. I’m sure they will. What may come from it?

    One question, has Jimmie been back to see his aunt in Homewood? He’s a perfect fit for state penn. Oh and I think the Vanderbilt football players under jimmie are in jail or waiting retrial. FOR RAPE!

    Don’t be surprised my POVer’s . . . .ike


  15. Here’s a new theory…WHAT IF??

    Narduzzi is pulling off the greatest ruse in football history and that all offense and defense for the YSU game was a last minute design to keep everyone from seeing our redesigned hi tech new O and D that secretly has been installed for PSU and onward.

    Thus 10 plays on offense w a tight line and a defense cobbled together last minute which is why there were so many open recievers! And missed assignments.

    What if …. Pitt is loaded and did not show a thing and goes out and takes another 28-7 lead at half

    What if…. wouldn’t it be great.

    I would make Narduzzi Mayor of Pittsburgh!

    Anyhow, it’s better than the obvious!


    1. I like how you think!

      I think that Pitt’s offense will be better against PSU. But, as another poster indicated, I think that Barkley wins the Heisman just based on his performance against Pitt on Saturday

      The odds, they are against us this year.


    2. Here’s the “what if”. “If” Pitt is leading 28-7 at the half, I’m going to be so nervous about the adjustments being made at the half by Franklin that will effectively exhume SOP from it’s grave in the 2nd half, that I’m probably barfing 🤢 in the bathroom eliminating both my 1st half buzz and the six pack of celebratory beers that got me there.

      What better way to prepare for the gut churning 2nd half that the Panthers would have in store for us in such a scenario?


    1. No, no, no. It’s still a Pitt loss, so the jinx is still valid therefore. Whether we cover the point spread has no bearing. For Upitt it’s still a win-win. Pitt still sucks and Upitt fattens his wallet.


  16. “Down goes Penn State. Down goes Penn State,” I’ve been saying that to myself in my best Howard Cosell voice. I don’t think its going to happen, but I want it to. Bad. I want it to so bad that I’ll have to record the game since I’ll be too nervous to watch and don’t want to end up yelling at the TV if Pitt starts to play like they did against YSU. If Pitt wins, I can than watch the recording assured of the result no matter how Pitt plays. – Hobie


    1. If I’m not in the midst of an evacuation from Hurricane Irma come Saturday morning, my plan is to get my optimistic MOJO on come Saturday morning by rewatching my archived 13-9 DVD of the WVU game.

      That team was a lot less talented than this group of newbies that we have on this current roster. In any case this PSU game will be a wealth of experience to build on. H2P!


  17. Hey Dan, Patty pulled off that ruse last year. It can happen again. and hey guys… here’s a naked picture of Melania

    jus kidding


  18. Upitt: DO NOT venture anywhere near Savannah over the next 6-7 days. IF we can steer IRMA out to sea, we can beat the Butt Loving Pedos. Vegas is against both, but I have faith! Upitt to Doc: LMAO!!!


    1. That’s in the spirit of the shade I’m throwing your way Upitt. All in good fun. It’s all directed at that internet alter ego of yours anyway, AKA Upitt.

      Let’s just hope that we’re both wrong in our predictions to Pitt’s advantage.

      My weekend in Clemson last season is still fresh in my mind. Miracles do in fact happen. We’ll see.


  19. Bernie, thanks indeed for your many contributions to the POV. I am looking forward to meeting the other “Pitt PT” at the NC State game! H2P!


  20. Upitt I think your story is in Revelations. Please dont come near any of us in the Burg, 🙂
    Ike is that 5A Read or Read?
    Thank you Big B!!!


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