Friday Predictions Thread – Virginia

Sorry for the very short piece today.  I’m doing a  WWII Service Veterans Gratitude Pinning Ceremony with keynote address today for 17 95+-year-old Veterans and that’s a full day (of standing on my feet and a rubber chicken lunch) of ceremonies… so little time to write this morning.

But it is your words that are important in the prediction pieces.  How say you with this one?

I think we’ll win two more games this season so this pretty much has to be one of them – if our run game can produce again.  I doubt we’ll see lightning strike twice like Hall’s performance last week – but if the OL can bring the thunder for a good regular grind-it-out rushing attack.then we’ll be OK.

Pitt 28 – VA 21


Pitt vs Duke Gameday Thread

Guys – if you are making late predictions please include them on yesterday’s prediction thread found here so that I have them all in one place.

OK – another Saturday and another chance for Pitt to vault into the rarified air where  the three win teams reside.  I think we can do it today.  Why not? But I’ll still stick with my prediction that we lose by 8 or 9 points because of so many serious question marks we have seen emerge in the first seven games.

My thought process with this prediction is like about a hundreds other Pitt fan’s I have read over the last few day… until we can mount a consistent and effective running games that produces way over our current 3.3 ypg & 113.7 yards per game.

That ineptitude will put a lot of pressure on any team’s passing game even if they have an established and experienced QB behind Center.  We don’t have that which makes this game even more shaky.  So – it adds up to another disappointing afternoon on paper…

But let’s prove Reed wrong this afternoon.

Here’s a tip of the beer mug to the POV’ers attending the game in Durham, NC today.  Get together, have fun, swap your best Pitt-life stories and bring us far away fans a win today!!  But above all be careful driving today.

Note: for our readers who haven’t received a POV shirt yet please email me at with your size and address (and phone # if you would) with “T-Shirt” in the subject line and I’ll do what I can to get one out ASAP if I still have your size.

I’ll be putting a new order in with, I think, a new graphic done by my daughter if I can afford her prices… obviously 22 years of room & board, medical coverage, college tuition and a new car for her 21st B-day means nothing to an artist.

POV Shite WhitePOV Shirt Blue

POV Roundtable Video; 10-11-17

Here is the truncated Roundtable Video from last night – we had some audio problems in the beginning so we started the recording over.  In this session we, myself, Altoona Josh, PittintheVille Matt and Eric Missing Wlat,  discussed the past Syracuse game, the upcoming North Carolina state game and some player personnel issues such as the QBs (!) and running backs.

Hope you enjoy it…

Here is something I just figured out I can do – insert cut and pasted images with voiceovers… I really like this because 1) it saves me trying to write out all my thoughts and 2) I can speak about details more readily without the hassle for the readers trying to decipher them. I’ll use this more often in the future.

Some other info when looking at our QB play so far this season.

If you look at that 113.2 rating Browne has in the five of six games played (minus Rice) you’ll see a 113.2 QB rating.  Now I do understand that I’m cherry picking here but just to contrast this rating with historical ones – the only past Pitt QBs with worse ratings, who were actual starting QBs, are Pat Bostick, Darnell Dickerson and Rick Trocano.

Browne was our starting QB for both of our wins so far so let’s give him that positive, but I think I speak for Pitt fans when I say with the way the season is going so far – not what we expected or wanted – we’d like to see the future of our QB position playing vice a rsSR transfer who isn’t part of that future.

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Sunday Podcast; Sifting Through the OSU Rubble

Well, can any one who really follows and knows about Pitt football be shocked at what happened yesterday?  Surprised maybe, I was – but not shocked.

Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph completed 9-of-14 passes for 252 yards and 4 TDs when Pittsburgh sent five or more pass rushers, per ESPN Stats & Info. Going back to the start of last season, it was the third-most yards and tied for the most passing TDs against the blitz in a single game by a Power 5 QB.

Browne 3

Pitt Game 3.png

Take a look at the :30s mark – DiNucci with a ‘spark’…

PITT – YSU Predictions & Game Thread

The time has come and now we’ll get a look at the New Panthers – the transfers and young men who this season rests so much on.

Give us your scores again if you will and we’ll keep this article up for the duration.  here are some links to get the blood boiling and see you early and often at the 1st POV’ers Tailgate Party…

Here is a “Match-up Preview” put out by EJ and his crew:

ysu cover



See you all at Heinz – and if you can’t be there is body your fellow POV’ers know you are there in spirit.  We’ll have lots of photos and videos from the tailgate to share with you all on Sunday (or Monday probably).

Best to all and stay safe…




POV’ers 2017 Season Prediction Thread

The time has come for all the warbling and pontificating and high confidence and major doubts to be set aside and for the readers of the POV to lay out their season predictions.  It has been a very interesting offseason in that we got surprised with some big news, but none of it was positive.

Between the dismissals, suspensions, and injuries the prospective 2017 team we discussed after the previous season ended was thrown into disarray. We have a lot of new faces in the two-deep now and with that we need to take a hard look at who we will have to field against our opponents this year – but it really is almost a different squad than we saw last season.

First we will look at our season prediction over all – regular season first than final 2017 record if and when Pitt plays in a bowl game.  Here is who and when we play in our regular 12 games.

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