Pitt POV Tailgating Info – Early Edition!!!

We are getting very close, less than a month now, to our opener against the Penguins of Youngstown State. So the smell of the grills and the whipping sound of flags flying remind us that our POV family will be tailgating at every home game during the 2017 season.

First I want to thank Fran Lokar (Lastrow), Bernie Blystaff (BigB), Ike Eicher (Ike) and Rich Tencza (Richman) for the hard work and great suggestions they have put into the tailgating brain trust.

Here is the basic info – Fran is graciously allowing us to share his tailgating spot in parking lot Red 5A. He’s had that spot for years and has opened his standing tailgate parties up to the POV’ers and our friends/families.

That lot is on situated on General Robinson Street between the Red 5 parking garage and the Renaissance Inn.  Tailgate Red 5 noted

That is smack dab under the Light Rail Transit (LRT) North Side stop where you descend right into the Red 5A lot.

Tailgate LRT Map.png

What you will look for is a 20′ flag pole flying both of these flags…

Logo Nightmare


So there is no excuse saying you couldn’t find us.

We’ll have drinks, food and camaraderie to the nines then we’ll watch beat YSU (soundly let’s hope) and start partying again after the game.  

POV Hoodie

I have ordered some nice POV apparel that I will be giving away on the honor system for donations.  Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and am looking at Polo shirts also wityh the POV embroidered on the front.

Also- we’ll have some big ass car magnets for you to show your POV pride while driving to and from the games.

Here is the best I have seen yet from Richman…

Rich Car Magnet

…and he drives around it with his new best friend…

rich and jc

74 thoughts on “Pitt POV Tailgating Info – Early Edition!!!

  1. I sure hope the commenters can make it and the folks that just like to read are sure welcomed as well. Just drop Reed a line and let him know.. ike


  2. Enjoy the tailgating folks! Should be an interesting season.

    I just took a look at the roster and was surprised at how many out of state guys were have.
    PA – 34
    OH – 15
    FLA – 14
    NJ – 8
    NY – 7
    VA – 5
    MI – 4
    DE – 3
    IL – 2
    TX – 2
    One from MD, SC, NC, NH, DC, Mass, WI, Australia, WA, and CN.

    Was surprised that we only have one kid from MD and one from DC.


  3. To be clear, i will not be letting you jokers anywhere near the convertible, unless of course you are female with perky breasteses. 🙂

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  4. Interesting notes from PSN today, A Mathews hasn’t been at camp this week(academics ?), J Whitehead participating today, Herndon moved back to offensive line(PSN speculation Kam Carter doing well ?).


  5. Stallings participated in punting drills at Pitt camp…I assume he kicks wearing Rockports.


  6. Just a suggestion to the tailgate committee…. Depending on the number of participants that you anticipate having, you may want to try and secure a second parking pass for the tailgate lot. I have found that (especially for the better attended games) when I have 20 or 30 people at my tailgate, there really is not enough room behind one parked vehicle. Perhaps there is someone else in the POV family who has a pass in that lot. Or maybe Reed needs to make a call to EJ to see if he might be able to help get another pass in that lot for the season.


  7. If you see an old fart on the Ocean City boardwalk next week wearing a Pitt shirt and hat – that would be be!!!!! Going with our daughters family (has 2 grandboys age 4 and 1).


  8. Random thought – anyone notice that the majority of the transgressors lately have been “hometown” products? Boyd, Blair, Whitehead, Wirginis, Bookser. I wonder if maybe being close to home and their boys /crew is the main culprit. Maybe too much influence still there from some of the wrong crowd. Maybe I’m way off too. But it makes me wonder sometimes if we often lament too much over the loss of a local product whenever we could have basically the same caliber player from out of the area starting new and fresh without having potentially negatively impacting buds close by. I know it happens everywhere and there is always going to be poor decisions made and consequences. Just thought it was interesting that lately they’ve mostly all been local guys (with the exception of Taleni).


  9. JJ, this hasn’t always been the case though it rings true this year. PITT has plenty of out of towner’s run into trouble while at PITT.

    Pittman, just make sure your wife isn’t wearing a tee-shirt with an arrow on it that says. I with stoopid! 🙂 and btw I love Lombardi’s down there. Have a great time and hope the weather is great for you all…


  10. another puzzling factor is the disparity of districts where these local players come from. From lower-income, long-depressed areas like Clairton and Aliquippa to some of the most affluent … Fox Chapel, Mt Lebanon and USC.


  11. BTW, Brandon Hodges officially joined the team today and Mike Herndon has been switched back to offense … which puts him in the running for the Craig Bokor Award.


  12. So what is up with Herndon? He was supposed to be an animal when recruited. Now doesn’t seem to be able to win a spot on the two deep, on either side of the line.


    1. I guess he is just not enough of an animal to satisfy either the defensive or offensive line coaches.


  13. Hey:
    I go to most games, but usually do not tailgate. Does the committee have a process for raising some money for the tailgates. I am likely to drop by at some point, but I would like to at least help out with a small donation.


  14. Mr kman. Reed will be by to help you with this. I don’t want to speak out of line but you can always help out when you do drop by. I hope money doesn’t become a requirement and I’m sure it won’t. First couple games will be for POVer’s mostly but I don’t want to see anyone turned away ever. Especially for money reasons.

    I expect many to bring along something they have made or bought as a way of helping out.

    My bottom line on this and again I hope I’m not speaking out of line here but I really would like to see every poster on the POV blog as well as the readers and lurkers.

    Fran has made this so easy, we will have a great time getting to know each other and our goal is to help make it easy for Fran and his gang, what he’s offered up is amazing… ike


  15. Kids are missing practice because it is the end of a summer term. Idiotic time to start camp.


  16. Monday was the opening day for all college camps this year … they moved it up a week from before. I believe it’s a non-contact week


    1. NCAA banned two a days practices but did not change the total # of practices. (I believe its 29 but too lazy to look it up.) I also think there is a NCAA starting date (30 days from first game), Those teams playing Thursday 8/31 & Friday 9/1 started a day or two earlier than PITT. Those playing Sunday 9/3 & Labor Day 9/4 started a day or two later.


  17. Money won’t ever be a requirement for POV tailgates – as I said with the suggestion from someone that I make this blog a subscription site… if it is anything but free I won’t do it.

    I’m sure we’ll have a donation box or something at the tailgates though.

    Now, that said I appreciate the contributions and I’ll have some Pitt POV apparel available for small donations also – on the honor system.


  18. For UPitt and the BB fans:


    “The Pitt men’s basketball team has been doing some crazy workouts this week. Dubbed the “Panther Challenge”, it features the team doing conditioning drills across Oakland, in the locker room, at Heinz Field and the Petersen Events Center, all under the watchful eye of strength and conditioning coach Garry Christopher.

    If nothing else, the young team looks like it will be in good shape when the season starts.”


  19. RKB – 🤣. And how would you know about Reed’s pierced nip? Or was there just a “nip slip” incident?


  20. according to a PG Tweet .. apparently Jeremiah Taleni will be playing at Florida Atlantic for Lane Kiffin


  21. Yes – and Pitt will do everything to suspend a player over belching in the cafeteria. If Pitt wants to become elite, it cant play by these policies. Few elite schools do and the NCAA doesnt care. Nor do the boosters because its all about winning and making money. So if Pitt is serious about all this, it should become a North Carolina and find ways to cheat. Otherwise, dont give us this BS line that we will compete for titles every year. Because you cant when other schools cheat and constantly get away with it. Its not a level playing field. If you dont like cheating, then get prepared for middle place at best. Or if you feel that this system is wrong, then take it up with the conference President and NCAA and make a big stink about it…but that would result is being ostracized and marginalized. My point is that this is a very corrupt system and those schools like Pitt that want to play fair and by the ‘rules’ will always come out as losers.


  22. ^ Yep, not earth shattering news here. Alabama taking some heat right at the moment but come the end of this coming season everyone will be talking about how great a team they are and how great of a coach Satan is.

    Is it just a coincidence that Taleni will be coached by Kiffen as well?

    Yes I know that Narduzzi took in bad boy Kam Carter who railed like an idiot on a reality TV show but he hasn’t done any wrong here in three days now. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Point is, how does PITT doing the right thing compete with the win at all cost mentality schools with loads of money?

    The answer? Keep Narduzzi employed at PITT, sit back and watch to your delight!! ike

    See you all at the POV tailgate!!


  23. On the other hand … I still think Bookser got off light considering the damage done, the potential harm he was responsible for, and it was his 2nd incident.


  24. Really good to hear that Pitt has QB depth. Hope Browne lives up to his reputation this year leaving the other guys to fight it out for next year.

    When you see PSU ranked 6 and Clemson with a NC, it makes you wonder how Pitt would have ranked if they beat Northwestern. Somehow need to be at least 2-2, 3-1 would get us noticed, but probably still not ranked. That is why pre-season rankings are important, as are bowl games.


    1. You may have just stepped in it with your second paragraph. It seems fairly clear that a team being ranked in the preseason is largely predicated on finishing ranked, or at least in strong consideration, the previous season. It also seems clear that if a P5 team is ranked early in the season and doesn’t lose more than 3-4 games, especially to other P5 opponents, and then wins (or seriously challenges an opponent who is perceived to be better) their bowl game that they’ll be ranked at year end. Repeat each season.

      There is at least a very vocal minority here who think bowl games outside of the BCS matter little if at all with regard to outsider perception. That or that outsider perception doesn’t matter. I am not entirely sure.

      I add that it seems reasonable to me for all of us to expect the cycle from the first paragraph from Pitt football each season. That is if the university wants all of us to take it seriously regarding football.


    2. I respectfully disagree. PSU was unranked last year.

      I agree that it would have been nice if we could have finished ranked last year. However, every year you can go thru the pre-season ranking and will find a half-dozen teams that are not there by November.

      Here is last year’s pre-season poll, and by my count, there are 10 teams that didn’t finish ranked (40%) .. it’s where you finish.



      1. We are not PSU or Notre Dame that always gets the benefit of the doubt from those that do the rankings.

        PSU was the perfect example of one of the golden teams that flew up the rankings, last year

        That just doesn’t happen with Pitt. Notre Dame starts in the top ten almost every year though they rarely finish there.

        It will just take more from Pitt to get noticed. Sure, if we win our first four we should be ranked.

        I do agree it is where you finish, but we beat the top B1G team and the National Champs last year and are ranked 32. It is going to take a lot to earn any respect nationally.

        We do have the guy selling the most jerseys in the NFL though.

        Winning that bowl game may not mean much to the perennial winners, but Pitt needs to do more than most to get noticed.

        It is easier to move up in the rankings if you start in the top 25 and to stay there when you lose a game or two.


  25. You’re right gc, always best to start out on top, although in PITT’s case this year and most year’s that sort of thing should work itself out. Realistically PITT’s chances of competing for the National Championship are fairly slim right now but the ACC championship game is not. You don’t have to be ranked to win the coastal division.

    You never know, normally for PITT things seem to fall a bad way but one year PITT will get the bounces they need to take them over the top. I hope. I do think PITT can win the coastal this year but I also think they are one year away from being a real competitive team all throughout their schedule.. ike


  26. One observation about the POV. I know how fast time can go by as I get a little older (a lot) but the way the POV stayed so active this past year it really made the off season go by quicker than it normally does for me.

    Imagine genuine PITT talk in January and February? Feels strange to even type those words. Normally I would be on a message board arguing with some dumbass about nothing in particular. Which in it’s own right was better than sitting here drooling like a crazy old fool.


    We all know how hard you work at this and the great job you do at it. Just know it’s all appreciated! .. ike


    1. Quite true ike … no doubt! Reed does a great job.

      But IMO, we all deserve a little pat on the back for making this work …. even UPitt!


  27. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. We will never know where we would have been ranked at the end of last year or could have been ranked starting this year had we won. We do know where we ended up last year and where we started this year. We can’t change the narrative, only the next chapter. Beat the Penguins!


  28. Oh and a BTW….. is that Richman in the background in the above picture staring at the cheerleaders spinning the hula hoops? He’s like “where’s Waldo”, he’s everywhere!


  29. MissingWlat commented above:

    “Just a suggestion to the tailgate committee…. Depending on the number of participants that you anticipate having, you may want to try and secure a second parking pass for the tailgate lot. I have found that (especially for the better attended games) when I have 20 or 30 people at my tailgate, there really is not enough room behind one parked vehicle. Perhaps there is someone else in the POV family who has a pass in that lot. Or maybe Reed needs to make a call to EJ to see if he might be able to help get another pass in that lot for the season.”

    This has been suggested and is a good idea, if anyone out there knows their way around stubhub or such and can locate a parking pass for any of the games it would be great. A season pass or the YSU game and all in between would take a big load off Fran and his gang. The Red 5A parking lot. Thank You. …ike


  30. Lol @Reed so you’re a legit 6’6” you say — but based on all the pictures you post 😉 you enjoy those tiny girls it’d look like a Circus-Show like Yao Ming playing 1-on-1 vs. Allen Iverson or something haha.

    Okay anyways — biggest problem of the media not being able to see the ‘MEAT’ of Training Camp practices a-la the NFL and what some other programs allow, is that we have ZERO idea what the Quarterbacks are doing.

    If anyone remembers YEARS ago, back when I was an over-anxious young-buck who didn’t know how to properly-contain my Energy in an “Online Message Board Forum” —- I was FREAKING OUT over needing Nate Peterman to beat-out horrific Chad Voytik.

    Now —- after last year even I was very disappointed with Nate Peterman’s terrible ending to 2016 along with his Elongated release regressing towards the end of the season into the Navy Bowl Game loss —- yet it was obvious beyond science he was going to be the Starter so it was just venting…..

    NOW, THIS YEAR….. —– It’s just so frustrating not to see how the Quarterbacks are doing, and how the Team is responding to them.

    —- THAT is HUGE — How the team feels about their Quarterback. Once Upon A Time ——- a Gangly, super-skinny 6’4” kid, a very-low ranke 3 star from Philly WHO OF COURSE WANNSTEDT MISSED LOL —- named Matt Ryan played for a moribund Boston College Program but in his years made them Exciting and Nationally-Relevant single-handedly…….. LOL always remember Joe Flacco was at Pitt READY TO ROCK and Wanny let him walk……for all the success that too is Pitt ‘History’

    In the “Recruiting vs. Coaching” article it was in-clear Data how MIchigan State “sandwiched” a 6-6 season with immense talent in-between two 10+ win seasons with NFL – quality Quarterbacks in one season with a pi$$-poor QB at the reigns……



  31. Goal is ACC championships in programs where we know (or think) we can compete. I think thats football given our recruiting base, facilities and history. Not sure about basketball. Maybe lacrosse. Wrestling, volleyball, who knows. Pitt needs to get a hockey team dammit.


  32. PS — Aaron Donald is NOT ONLY my favorite NFL player By-FAR — but he’s my absolute #1 Favorite all-time Pitt Player too. He’s literally Hugh Green if he was even better in the NFL than in College — THINK ABOUT IT.

    Aaron Donald does not CARE about just being the “Highest Paid” defensive player at all. It’s just that he’s only getting paid $1.8 Million this year….. WHEN IS THE BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER IN THE NFL!!!!

    I hope The LA Rams sign Aaron Donald to a very Lucrative Contract that obviously gives him a Deserving ELITE Bonus as soon as possible and I expect Aaron D. wants it to be ‘Team Friendly’ too and not just to be a showboat of course —- But after this upcoming contract I want Future NFL Hall of Famer Aaron Donald to use his charm and get all-up in the Endorsements Too!!! He’s an awesome, Charming guy he needs to go get himself out-there after he gets his big Contract-upcoming! 🙂


    1. AND you don’t think Pitt-PROUD Aaron Donald, after an Elite NFL Contract + Going All-In in the Endorsements, is gonna proudly help-build up his Alma-Mater??? 🙂 lol

      Hail To Pitt

      And along with First-Ballot Gold-Jacket level Aaron Donald (Obviously Darrelle Revis and Larry Fitzgerald, two very-proud Pitt Panthers 🙂 who are clear First-Ballot Hall of Famers) —- LeSean McCoy is gonna stay in the NFL and Produce I know ’til he too earns himself a Gold Jacket. Only Revis has gotten the Super Bowl ‘Ring’ so far but we can hope for the other 3! 🙂


  33. Not sure about Revis. Fitz for sure. Shady needs 5 more good years. Donald needs 4. Thats how dominant he is. Better than Hugh. Donald is The GOAT.


  34. Tx_, did you see Green play? I’ll never take anything away for AD but I would say they are equally great players. Green had horrible knees after giving his all at PITT. Hoping Aaron stay healthy and destroys the opposition. H2P!


  35. imo, PITT’s ranking to start this coming season has much more to do with losing all the starters from last year than it does from losing to NW! <<< Can we let this one go?? or not?

    Maybe some of the PITT fans don’t really understand what PITT graduated last year? Stack on another new offensive coordinator and PITT has a very new and unknown look this coming year.

    Yea I think PITT will overcome all the changes and could be better considering the ACC schedule looks to be a bit lighter but the pollsters don’t ride on the PITT bandwagon like I do. .. ike


  36. Pitt had the 135th ranked pass defense last year and they would be ranked 25th going into 2017 if they would of beat 6 and 6 NW, seriously? Lmao


  37. I saw Green play. But what AD is doing now and if he keeps it up, he will be a much more dominant player in the pros and sure fire HOF. I dont take anything away from Green but AD is truly something special by the eye test and every measurable stat. Its not close for his impact at this stage and career. Hes the #1 D guy in the league. Green never came close but was a more dominant college player.


  38. Hugh Green was one of the best ever to play defense in college football. Donald was equally as good hands down. Donald has already surpassed Green as production in the NFL no doubt.

    What’s strange is that Aaron Donal never passed an eye test by looking at him standing there not moving. He really is a living live oxymoron. ……..ike


  39. AD is the only player I’ve ever seen tackle 2 players at the same time, just to make sure he got the one with the ball. Was that against the GT option? I’ll never forget it!


  40. LOL PT, AD tackled the backfield to make sure. I remember well.

    Question is, how in the heck does he do that? Unreal.


  41. That AD tackle of two players in the backfield needs to be added to the pre-game historical highlight reel, along with Conner’s stiff-arm of the Clemscum LB on his way to a 4th qtr TD, a KO return by QH and and acrobatic catch by T.Boyd.

    That would help connect the present generation to Pitt FB.

    I’m excited for the home opener to see who is playing. I’d like to see a wood-shed stomping of YSU.


  42. It’s going to be fun watching all the new starters getting experience and earning their stripes. Well, maybe fun isn’t exactly the right word. Sometimes it might actually be cringe worthy.


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