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  1. Happy birthday today to both Johnny Majors and Dave Wannstedt.

    One worked long ago when the western Penn., was loaded with talented players and had an administration that became shady for some years because it was serious about winning.

    The other worked for two idiots who knew nothing about sports and still managed to win 10 games without a whole lot of depth. Remarkably Dave is remembered for recruiting an army of bad seeds but gave talented kids like Fields, Tommie Campbell, Tamarcus Porter, Tommie Duhart and Maurice Williams a chance at an education and all of them blew it.


    1. There may have just as many who did graduate but we don’t know because they were never in trouble. The one good stat I (mostly) remember is that of a total of something like 34 four-year players, 33 graduated. It was something like that.


      1. True, you don’t survive a period of grave instability due to to two idiots without having a bunch of great kids. Those easily could have been 4-8 records but instead Pitt was still going bowling. Pitt actually should have won some more games than it did during that four-year span.


  2. 13 PITT players participating in NFL spring camps is amazing. Wow! Makes me proud and grounds me with a thud. PITT just may have their work cut out for them more than I realized. If PITT can somehow carve out an 8 to 9 win season next year would show the rest of the country that PITT is finally back.. reload and fire at will!

    Which btw, I think they will……ike


  3. Reed, send birthday wishes to your rapidly ageing daughter and hoping the # 1 son is doing well. Best Wishes to him as well.


  4. A NOT so funny story I would like to share. As the story goes… back in the day…….. We were partying and drinking right smack in the middle of a smaller city playground, blatantly disregarding the law when a squad car rolled up. Cops jump out flashlights in hand and yelled “what the hell is going on?” ………………….

    Beer cans laying on the ground everywhere, we asked, what do you mean? The big cop stared us all in the eyes and said. Show some respect and and don’t throw your beer cans on the ground and for Gaad sake, if you want to drink, go outside of town, find a field and do it.

    The real kicker? He focused his flashlight on a can laying there and said and I will never forget this…. Well boys.. at least your drinking good beer..

    My how times have changed…………. ike


  5. Reed, listened to your broadcast which was nice. Thank you. Looking at finances in higher ed, is like looking at finances at your local watering hole. Good luck. There is so much funny bookkeeping going on in athletic departments, it is silly. If you wanna know what cashflow looks like, you need to get rid of all “affiliated entities”. That would be my first question regarding money and how it works.

    The more affiliated entities, the more opportunity for shenannigans.

    As far as paying Narduzzi, it is easy to tie pay into revenue. You can pay Narduzzi as long as you are increasing revenue as a direct relation to the football program. Tie attendance increase into salary. A 5k increase in attendance relates to $750k in new revenue. Pass half of that back to the coach and its a 350k-400k pay increase.

    As far as getting money from endowments, you can do that. Pitt won’t. It can also be limited. The challenge for pitt is that without an on campus stadium, kids don’t attach like we all did in part, because of pitt stadium. It’s shortsighted thinking by a board of trustees that does not have the future of pitt in their best interest.

    Upitt threw out an idea that i talked to a P5 executive about several weeks ago and that was to buy a couple thousand acres and start moving a campus slowly to the new area. At a minimum, 2000 acres and then you actually plan for a technologically sound campus. It would be your infrastructure, not a bunch of city planners nixing everything!


  6. Huff, you mention pay raises for Narduzzi tied in with higher revenue for the PITT football team. With that you nailed the problem associated with the solution. PITT PAY’S to play at Steeler Stadium. << This is why PITT not having their own stadium makes this impossible.

    PITT does not receive a dime for parking, concessions and student participation will always be limited due to the early wake-up calls and later arrivals back on campus after the games. Not to even mention the unlike college football atmosphere known as the ghost hall of Heinz Field.

    Narduzii is soon to realize this predicament and take a a long run for the hills. The only way to keep Narduzzi here for the long run is to pay the man. If anyone thinks attendance will solve the monetary problems PITT has paying the coach has their heads up their …………….. ike


    1. Are you sure Ike? I remember reading the terms back about 15 years and thought Pitt was getting a pretty sweet deal, including not paying to play. Whatever it was, it was a really god ROI since Pitt invested nothing into the stadium other than decorating and furniture the inside of their lockerroom


  7. So, thirteen players from last year’s team are now receiving NFL paychecks…and we still lost to Northwestern.
    Perhaps we shouldn’t worry so much about a HCPN getting a raise.

    And, does Cam Johnson really want to transfer to UNC?


    1. of the 13 players, 5 didn’t play the 4th quarter, 3 didn’t play at all in the 2nd half, and 2 only saw a couple of snaps


    2. Cam has 2 years eligibility left…. if he goes to any ACC school, he has to sit one of those years. Anywhere else, he plays both years


  8. @Richman from the previous thread: my dad passed almost 20 years ago and I still kick myself on the ass for not providing an opportunity to have him interviewed. He was awarded the Bronze star on Iwo Jima for saving 5 Marines trapped under enemy machine gun fire. Reed, I truly admire the work you do outside the POV.

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  9. Reed has inspired me to reach out to my brother as I did today. Going to call back and talk with him about this great opportunity. I hope like hell he’s up to at least meeting with Reed.

    wwb here’s an article I found that mentions PITT.. it tells a story that all on the POV should read….



  10. Here is an excerpt of the debate at Temple considering a new on campus stadium awhile back.

    “Pitt has paid rent, based on ticket sales for each game, and a fee to offset the cost of operating the stadium, which opened in 2001. Pitt also gets a share of concessions”.


  11. ^^ BTW, Mel Kiper Jr. rated Jester Weah as his #5 Overall Senior Wide Receiver — so basically one his minimum top 10 pre-season NFL wide receivers. That pretty much would equate to a late 2nd round, latest 3rd round pick for Jester Weah based on his personal projection.

    Kid has come a looooong way —– hopefully Jester gets at least 1,000 yards and 8+ touchdowns this season with Max Browne and Shawn Watson calling the offense.


    1. Out of Biz, Johnson, Price, Conner & Peterman. Who are the two that are gone by August 1st? And I’ll give you 2 to 1 odds that you’re wrong. Always the big mouth.


  12. Even if so, Upitt, those bodies could have come from anywhere and the NFL chose a lot of PITT players this year. Now it’s up to them but at least they are in the dance!


  13. How can someone turn 13 PITT players make it to NFL camps into a negative thing? You really have to put forth an effort to do that, don’t you?


  14. Pitt needs more talent. First round talent. 13 shows a solid group of talent but not elite level. We need to pull in some elites. Also shows me Pitt underperfomed last year or wasted what could have been a special year. I blame that more on the coaching.


  15. Because, Ike, it is about the football record and not about kids taking up a preseason roster spot.
    WWB wants to make fourth quarter excuses. So be it.
    Shouldn’t have been close going into the fourth quarter.


    1. Actually I blame the players more than the injuries … especially the people who were usually the most reliable

      Peterman threw an interception when we were on NU’s 10 yardline
      Henderson – 2 fumbles
      Orndorf – dropped TD pass and had false start penalty in red zone
      Officer – bad snap which led to Peterman’s injury
      Aston tripped on the 2 yard line with no NU player close to him — easy TD

      And all of them were offensive players which as we know carried the team.

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  16. I blame it on defensive backs who were in position to make plays on the ball all year and simply couldn’t. Better talent should make a world of difference.


  17. Please – half the times those ‘players who couldn’t make the plays’ were left in one-on-one coverage with the opponent’s best receiver… and that is bad schematic coaching.

    The big news that Whitehead will be moved to the passing support safety this offseason should have been done after the OK State game.


    1. Some coaches simply stick to the scheme despite the talent inherited. RichRod went 3-8 in year one at WVU by instilling the spread and that worked out well down the road. I expect good results with Narduzzi’s defense though his defense will give up big plays only because that is what happens in college football these days.


  18. Hey Gasman, I really wasn’t referencing you in my comment at all. I had to go back and see the confusion I caused. Sorry about that. (it was another negative nancy) 🙂

    There’s no doubt some of these PITT players are just practice players and don’t have a realistic chance. Actually I think a few are already done….. but that’s still impressive and does raise questions. but when John Guy gets a call, it bounces us all back to reality.

    Austin-Tex has it right. PITT’s D-Backs did get beat badly at times but why some just look at the results instead of the play that happened right before their eyes? For the most part I watched the D-Backs in proper position to make plays and for whatever reason they didn’t. This is a correctable problem imo.

    It’s like when some want to say PITT didn’t put pressure on the QB, how could they when the ball was out of the QB’s hand in 2 seconds? ……. and btw. Price had a BOAT load of sacks…. < keeping with Reed’s aquatic theme.

    Oh and PITT was ready to play the bowl game and dominated the first quarter. Flat teams do NOT dominate the first quarter. mic drop ……………………. ike


  19. Jordan Whitehead to Free Safety is an awesome (and About-Freakin-Time!) move for sure @Reed.

    In this 4-3 system with Narduzzi, the Free Safety is a real, NFL-style, true “Center Fielder” who has to be athletic enough to break on all the deep throws as the last man protecting the flag — but he also has to be tough and strong enough to come-up and tackle running backs. @Reed you are so right this is exactly where Jordan Whitehead should be, and should have been.

    Terrish Webb and Reggie Mitchell playing Free Safety was just……..forget it, they’ve move-on 🙂 —Jordan Whitehead is on most talent evaluators’ mock-draft already as late 1st – early 2nd round pick as a Free Safety. Maybe he can have a solid year and become Pitt’s first 1st round pick since ( #1 ranked overall defensive player in the NFL 2 years running ) Aaron Donald. How about that?!

    Pitt has a ton of Fringe NFL talent too, guys who have the bodies and athletic abilities to be big-time players but haven’t yet proved it on the Field.


    Vegas thinks WAY more of Pitt this year than Upitt (lol) —– Over Under is 7.5 wins — technically the Las Vegas Sportsbook Technology (Algorithms and such) put Pitt at 7.5 over under, which in their system is Top-30 overall (#26 Overall to be exact).

    So the Vegas Sportsbook Algorithm thinks that Pitt is pre-season #26 approximately (or in the 20-27 overall ‘Pool’). Improvement!!! On the up-n-up 🙂 🙂


    1. ^^^ WRONG!! Excuse my error, I meant that the Sportsbook Algorithms put Pitt Football at #22 Overall my mistake, and in their ranked Pool of the 20-27 ranked teams based on predicting over/under, only Colorado is ahead. So Vegas Sportsbook’s technology’s prodictions placed Pitt as a #20-25 preseason team.

      If Max Browne can make some Razzle-Dazzle happen this year Pitt is a top 15-20 team all year, no-doubt. When before has Pitt had a 6’5” , 225 pound fromer 5 Star Recruit playing QB? Isn’t that what everyone keeps saying they wanted, Elite recruits suiting-up?!

      Not low 3 star, 5’10”, no arm /athleticism / moxy / heart Tino Sunseri? Even Tom Savage was only a mid-ranked 3 star guy who started at Rutgers? Little-nugget with no arm, and only a few other Power 5 offer Chad Voytik?

      Just a few certain guys just clamor immediately and dial-in hard soley on: Star ranking + offers — Max Browne was a former Elite-of-the-Elite recruit —- besides Tom Savage, Pitt’s ONLY real Protoype NFL built QB since Dan Marino — and he’s got no hype whatsoever?

      I think all the curiosity in the world should be on what Pitt’s Starting QB, in his absolute, self-proclaimed Last Stand, can do at Pitt with a super-talented team around him.


    1. Yeah….after I said that I was kinda hoping no one would catch that Tom Savage was actually highly recruited outta high school….. caught me!


      But Max Browne was the #1 QB outta HS in….America. Offered by literally everyone / anyone, he coulda gone to any school with a velvet red carpet laid out for him.

      Now that he’s here —- all the people who clamor so much for High Star recruits with tons of offers!!! just don’t even care??? What is it that you want???


      Chris Clarke, tight end — A position of huge need no less!!! — #2 tight end in the country — Alabama, USC, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida State, LSU, Florida (point made) …. a RS Sophmore with 3 years left…. No One Cares!!! Maybe the 3 star 300 pound true freshman from Oihio can come in and start! yikes

      —– So what is this nonsense with obsessing over stars and offers….when the Elites dudes ready to rock this year don’t even catch a hair of your attention??? (to some fans, obviously not all)


  20. UPitt loves Pitt. He just prefers to be pessimistic and then if Pitt exceeds his expectations, great. Everyone is different and thats quite alright. Also he is realistic most of the time. He’s no more right than any of us. It’s nice to have a mix of views here.
    I’m the opposite. I tend to believe Pitt will find a way to win a national championship every season 😀


    1. PittFan28, I’m with you brother… If I didn’t think PITT could win every single game they ever play I would shut it down and just play video games where I can be assured of PITT having an undefeated season…..


    2. Sorry, Upitt’s prevailing attitude is analogous to an abusive husband to his wife. Says he loves her while constantly berating her every chance he has. If he considers himself a Pitt fan then he has to ask himself the tuff questions of why he can’t enjoy the high points in the life of Pitt athletics when they occur. Which of, there are many.
      The guy needs a reality check and needs to take a good look at himself in the mirror to start with.


      1. Wait a minute Doc, weren’t you the one that met Upitt and kind of understood his method of madness? The funniest dam part is how in the hell does he remain cute and adorable throughout his spewing of all the negativism?

        He’s an enigma, pessimist and an oxymoron all at the same time….. and maybe in more ways than one?….


        1. The flesh & blood Upittbaseball named Mark is another individual altogether than the persona known here as Upittbaseball. Mark I have no issues with, Upittbaseball, by contrast color me his arch nemesis!


  21. There is no doubt that Upitt is a great guy and big PITT fan despite the bad taste in his mouth concerning his own experience with PITT athletics. He’s a PITT lover from a different mother so to speak.

    There’s a lot to bitch about when it comes to PITT sports of all kinds. PITT’s intentions can sometimes be quite confusing. As Reed and others have pointed out, its just seems sometimes that PITT doesn’t have their hearts in it to win it.

    I keep pointing out that D-1 college football is the bread winner and good money used can actually be a good investment when used wisely. I keep thinking that PITT is missing the boat on possible positive attention and revenue that comes with a competitive football program…..

    BTW Reed, I have an E-Mail out to you. Please read and get back with me. I’m really into this LoC thing….ike


  22. Pitt has only one potential “all american” on this team as I see it and that’s Henderson. If he goes down we’ll have a great chance for a sub 500 record. We may even end up there even if Henderson stays healthy for the entire year.


  23. I think o’neill has a great shot at an all american, he received some publicity for his “piesman” last year so hes on the radar nationally


  24. Whitehead didn’t live up to his performance of his freshman year last season. Maybe things will change for the better for Whitehead this year but I’m not counting on it. As for O’Neill the spring injury will probably set him back this season and thus I see little chance for any all american recognition for him.


  25. DK you make a very good point above. What’s the ho-hum attitude with PITT finally having 5 star players to trot out onto the field? The negative nancies will always be negative, the positives Tom’s (me included, my first name is actually Tom) will always be positive, and the middling Mary’s will always have their asses pricked by the barbed wire fence they sit upon.

    Come down from the fences and choose a side. Fear not but believe………. We All We Got……. We All We Need…H2P! …………….ike


  26. DK – because Brown hasn’t done anything in his time five years at USC and Clark is on his third school before ever taking a snap. Kapisch??


  27. Ike – Is VT in the hunt for Beck? I would think that they would be, given his address.

    I’m hoping that Pitt’s new QB, the new O-coordinator, and the somewhat revamped O-line can all come together in late August… Quite a few unknowns at this point, but fun to speculate for sure.

    On the other side of the ball, seeing how the LBs perform will be the big story on D, IMO.


    1. rocky: …… VT is just recently starting to show interest. That’s why PITT must go full boar on this kid… He’s a track star with football instincts.


  28. There is strong reason for one to be a realist this season with Pitt football and basketball. I would move towards the optimistic needle for football whereas the pessimistic needle for basketball.

    The optimist says in me an 8-4 season for football plus a bowl win…finally
    The pessimist in me says an 10 win season for basketball with only 1 ACC win.


  29. As crazy as this may sound to some antagonists Stallings is piecing together a fairly decent team for next year and years after that.

    Bob Dyan once said.. “There is no reason to get excited, the thief he kindly spoke”.

    In other words. don’t heed the words of the squeaky hinge. Even when greased it will surely squeak again….. words of ike………


  30. It will squeak after the grease wears off much like Stallings welcome at Pitt. You hear about lipstick on a pig? Thats what KS is putting together. If decent means a 500 record in the ACC in a year or two, we should have kept slick hair Dixon and accepted mediocrity.


  31. Ike – I bet you 1k he doesn’t win 12 games. His class is atrocious. Quit reading and regurgitating that tool bag Dokish. Still love you man but Stallings is a like a porta potty on fire.


  32. Regarding men’s basketball – Stallings is focused on keeping Cam from going to UNC when the team is in need of big bodies, now.

    Pitt has one true center who will be a true FR and has never played college BB.

    We have one PF who will be a true FR and has never played college BB.

    There is one true PG who is trying hard to graduate so he can transfer out and play elsewhere.

    Stallings needs to be focused on bringing in his own grad transfers that want to play in his system, whatever that is. Three gets that instantly make this team ok – Geno Thorpe to run the point (and score), Alstork to score and the big from St. John’s (forgot his name) to grab rebounds. With Luther and Carr, that make-up could win some games, give the newby’s some playing time off the bench to learn the system in live action, while giving the starters a breather.

    We are told Pitt is in the final 2 or 4 for each of those three grad transfers. We need all three. Anything less, may produce less than a 10 win season.

    Focus – where is it right now with Stallings…?


    1. I had hopes for the St. John’s big, but it appears he is going to end up out west closer to where he grew up. He is tight with Ellison, but that friendship didn’t win out. I thought he was Pitt bound for sure as he was a huge need. I’m still wondering why the staff thought an empty chair is better than having Nix. This team has zero size down low.


  33. Pitt football had like eighteen seniors last year and only got 8 wins. Look at the inexperience across the board on offense and especially on defense. Its pretty optimistic to think they will be above .500 this year. Making a bowl game may not be in the cards this year. I hope I’m wrong. Hail.


    1. One thing possibly going for them this year is that their league schedule appears to be easier than last year … although you never know until the fall how good these teams really are.


  34. I’m with UPitt on this one…quantity is fine, but if you lack quality, you do not win in the ACC. Next year is going to be a train wreck.


    1. Chryst found a better quarterback prospect and used Ben Bryant’s tweet as a means to pull the kid’s scholarship. Paul is no different than the rest of the dirty coaches in D-1. He did some kids wrong at Pitt and will do so for as long as he’s at Wisconsin.


  35. Pitt most certainly should block Johnson from another ACC school. Johnson is a tool for even asking.

    Blocking within conference is very common.


    1. couldn’t agree more

      the issue with Chryst is the lame excuse for dropping the kid … unless he plans to drop all other commits who acknowledge on twitter that they received an offer from another school (very dangerous ground indeed)


  36. Johnson Played and graduated and stuck by Pitt during the dorkiness of hiring the Kangeroo Salesman Stallings. He should be free to go and play anywhere he wants. It isn’t going to matter. UNC will beat Stallings by 70 points anyway with or without him.

    Basketball is a abortion for the next 5 years since they decided to keep paying Rockports.


  37. He was explained the rules, he and his father agreed to them. Be a man and follow the rules that are in place.

    What tool leaves their teammates and wants to go kick their asses at a competing school.

    UNC would beat Pitt by 70 even if Dixon were here because the roster would still be crap next year.


  38. Upitt, if I had to choose between you and KS then I will choose you….

    I’m surprised Johnson can be blocked from any school since he’s a graduate.. but if he can be blocked I can see why he should be blocked from the ACC…

    I really do want PITT hoops to be competitive real soon. Could use some good college hoops in the dead of winter..

    I really don’t think you will find much difference among all the college coaches around the country when it comes to basic stuff like blocking players from transferring to same league schools. There would be so much tampering with the better teams fighting for an emerging player like Cam Johnson. He wasn’t that high of a recruit…… now he is…

    However, there is plenty differences between coaches around the country when it comes down to ethics and etiquette. Some college head coaches can be the lowest forms of life. I don’t think Narduzzi fits in with that slimy crowd at all…. we go a good one..

    Where has PittMan4Ever been? I hope all is ok. Maybe he is in full blown Penguins hockey mode. He’s locked in as they say…… Hope to hear from him soon…. ike


  39. Well great upcoming news for a Young Pitt Football Legend.

    So the moment finally arrives for Aaron Donald….

    He is not at The LA Rams Offseason Training , and the story is clear around the League that Donald and the Rams are in late, and intense negotiations for his Long Term Contract.

    The minimum base to start with Donald’s negotiations??? —- Matching the (!!!) $60 MILLION DOLLAR SIGNING BONUS Ndamukong Suh received from the Dolphins. All the sources say the LA Rams are 100% good with matching that up-front guaranteed money and just based on the way these contracts go, the money will be even higher.

    —-> Pitt has 3 players in the NFL who were the Highest Paid in the Whole League for their position at some point in their amazing careers —- Larry Fitzgerald, Darrelle Revis, and now upcoming Aaron Donald who soon will be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. Not to mention LeSean McCoy has been in the absolute elite-tier of running backs in the NFL and has always been paid top-5 running back $$ the last 5-odd years too. All four also proudly Rep Pitt.


    Pitt is back to being an NFL primo-player factory after that horrific, 5 year Wanny-Haywood-Graham-Chryst-NARD DAWG transition lull. 🙂


    1. Was Andy Lee highest paid when the Steelers tried to sign him several years ago but 49ers outbid them? I don’t know … just asking.


      1. Right he’s the NFL’s elite punter too as well …. but how cool is it that right now, Pitt as two guaranteed first ballot NFL yellow-jacket hall of famers, a potential ‘nother Hall of Famer in LeSean McCoy if he can play for 3 or 4 more years — and now Aaron Donald’s success (and no player could be a bigger supporter of their School than Donald!)

        —- Okay other reports have sprayed some cool, light-mist on some reports of just how far the LA Rams have gotten to getting Aaron Donald his deal — but Donald is training in Pittsburgh, and he ain’t showing up (And Absolutely nor should he) until he gets that Golden-Check.

        The LA Rams have paid millions to a ton of total Garbage Bums, so their horrible front office has kind of made it more difficult on themselves to give Aaron Donald his incredibly-deserved Max Contract. Gonna have to cut some high paid Scrubs and give pay-cuts to horribly overpaid guys like Tayvon Austin.


    2. FYI — for as bad as that 2010 season gone in Wanny’s last year … Pitt still had 5 players drafted. Two of them remain (Lewis and Sheard), Pinkham was starter until the blood clots came, and the irony was Baldwin was the #1 pick and only lasted 3 years (million dollar body / 2 cent head)


      1. Yeah…….. All boils down too —- Tino, though.

        If Bill Stull comes back for another year (why the heck didn’t he get another medical redshirt year after he got hurt in game one was a RS Sophmore??? Whyyyyy????) in 2010 , that Pitt team with Dion Lewis, Ray Graham, Jon Baldwin — that team goes 10-2 minimum as the Big East was so, so much weaker than it was in 2009.

        And Bill Stull could not hold a candle to Nathan Peterman if he ate all his Wheaties and a whole can of spinach. And Nathan Peterman is a 5th round pick with a considered “average at Best” NFL arm — Wanny putting Tiny out there is an embarrassment — and having no one else to take over that spot Asap was what got him Sacked (pun).


        1. Stull didn’t redshirt when he arrived at Pitt. His 2007 season was used as a medical redshirt. His four seasons of play were 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009. What Pitt needed was to sign Savage, redshirt him in 2009 and go with him Tom from 2010-13.


        2. It may have been tough for Stull to be successful in 2010 too. Pitt lost seniors Joe Thomas, Robb Houser and John Malecki from the 2009 OL. They lost Nate Byham and Dorin Dickerson as TEs. We’ll see how Browne does in 2017 under similar circumstances.

          On defense in 2010 Pitt lost Gus Mustakas, Mick Williams and Greg Romeus (injury) from the defensive line from 2009, Aaron Berry, Jovani Chappel, and Eiljah Fields (dismissed) from the secondary.

          Let’s not lay it all at Tino’s feet as a RS Sophomore QB in his first full season.


      2. Five players drafted, but some bad recruiting killed any chance at some depth. Blowing some redshirts hurt, too. Pitt’s linebackers in 2010 were just horrible. Even worse after Mason blew his knee versus Miami. A recruiting budget made up of spare change played a part in so many kids from Pennsylvania on the team who had no business playing for a Power 5 conference program.

        Howard Schnellenberger had to recruit with change when he took over at Miami in the late seventies, but he was calling fast, talented kids in the Miami area. Wannstedt could do no such thing in Western Penn.


  40. Aaron Donald deserves every cent that he gets! Good for him! Now if his agent could just get him some advertising gigs so he can feather his nest with some corporate money too. Who wouldn’t love AD endorsing their product?
    “Discount double-check”!? H2P


    1. That didn’t post correctly! Sorry guys, maybe you can see the video if you have a twitter app downloaded onto your device.


  41. Rocket – When will it be time to quit blaming Dixon? Stallings is a Man and has been at Pitt almost 2 years.


    1. Just saying, even if Dixon stayed, they would suck next year. That is a fact.

      KS is to blame for every team he coaches. Just hope he recruits enough decent players that the next coach has something to work with.


  42. Some friendly advice Upitt. When you don’t like a single thing about PITT, then the complaining about the rock-port shoe salesman doesn’t quite hold the water as much if you actually liked something PITT…

    So to restore you cred, maybe you could try liking one thing PITT. (we wouldn’t want to overdo it) Like how about praising the cheerleaders great bodies and looks? That’s an easy one to like.

    Go on, I dare you to say something nice…………. I’ll wait right here……..


  43. From 247 Sports published in CBSports.com

    Teams Set to Tumble

    ACC – Pittsburgh Panthers

    Pittsburgh is led by one the nation’s most respected coaches in Pat Narduzzi, but things don’t set up well for the Panthers in 2017 after back-to-back 8-5 seasons.

    First, Pittsburgh must replace 12 starters, including quarterback Nathan Peterman and running back James Conner. Second, the Panthers will need to deal with the loss of offensive coordinator Matt Canada, who is among the most brilliant offensive minds in college football. His replacement, Shawn Watson, didn’t exactly excel in his last OC role at Texas. Third, and probably most important, the Panthers have a brutal early-season schedule.

    They open the season against FCS national runner-up Youngstown State, go on the road to play Penn State and then host Oklahoma State before traveling to play Georgia Tech. The rest of the schedule is better, but that’s a brutal four-game stretch to begin the season for a team with plenty of questions at the start of it.


    1. funny, when Canada was hired at Pitt a year ago … I don’t remember “among the brilliant offensive minds in college football” being used to described him. Methinks players make the coaches every but as much as the coaches make the players, if not more


    2. This guy speaks the truth. Pitt could easily go 1-3, or worst yet GASP! 0-4 & by October be playing to a host to a house full of empty yellow seats! What will we ever do?

      Just as easily we could go 3-1 by surprising the $hit outof those dairy farmers to the East and beating the Rambling Wreck at their place again for a second time in a row.

      One thing will be a constant though in either polar opposite scenario, Upitt will still be whining about Pitt athletics being a bogus POS through & through.


  44. Youngstown State is a part of a brutal 4 game stretch? Narduzzi one of the most respected coaches? Canada among the most brilliant minds. This guy isn’t to hyperbole is he.

    As Reed likes to point out. PITT lost their bowl game against lowly Northwestern…with all that brilliance, talent and respect…. That dude needs to calm down…


  45. For replacing those 21 departed players…

    There seems to be a consensus among some that we will be replacing experience a higher level of talent but I’m not so sure that’s the case and it certainly isn’t across the board. It might be a bit of wishful thinking there. I think we’re at least two years away in the defensive backs and about a year away with the linebackers…maybe two years away with the DL also.

    TEs, and QB are a huge concern so is the right side of the OL.


  46. Guys I think wwb kind of has a point. We might not be that good next year because we lost a ton on offense and historically Narduzzi has needed three years to ger his defense in place.

    However, I for one would welcome 6-6 next season. Because if we go 6-6, ain’t nobody coming after Narduzzi. And with one more year for the defense to mature (his first recruiting class will all have played four years), we would be set up to surprise some folks in 2018.


  47. Round-table tomorrow night? That’s it. It’s time for few of you guys to NOT disappear on round-table night and step up.. You know who you guys are. Don’t be in the air or having a pedicure you pretty boys. Get with it men….

    Everyone is a tough guy until it’s time to show that mug of yours… Like I suggested.. wear a funny disguise if your dog ugly… 🙂 If I can do it you can do it… Do you people know how many posters hate my guts and wanted to kick my ass on these message boards? Plenty but I showed. See you tomorrow night. BE THERE!!


  48. The Pitt offense will need a Henderson #1 and a Henderson #2 on the field at all times next year to take the focus off of Henderson #1. Now will Pitt be able to find a Henderson #2 to compliment #1? That’s a tall order but if they can then our offense can come close to duplication last year’s numbers.


  49. @ Atlanta Panther, au contraire, Pitt is set up to “surprise some people” this year! Been sayin that for months now. Why? Lots of UNTESTED talent on this roster now, especially on the defensive side of the ball. The key will be Max Browne being able to follow in the footsteps of our previous two transfer QBs. Yeah, the Panthers may really get beat up on & get their heads handed to them during the early season but what don’t kill you only makes you stronger. The “untested” RS Freshman playing against YSU will be an experienced player come the Miami game. How fast that transition occurs is the question for each player.

    Time will tell, but don’t expect this Narduzzi team to lay down for anyone, ain’t gone happen. H2P!


  50. Doc makes a great point here. PITT may lose a couple games early season. I expect them to lose at state penn valley. Isn’t that an OOC game? PITT will beat YSU and I look at and expect a great game from PITT against Oakie State. I just have a good feeling about that game right now…but also an OOC game.

    After that? It’s all down hill boys….. Let’s go PITT…. H2P!


  51. Remember you heard it here first: Max Browne: 2900 yds, 25 TDs, 10 Ints. Take it to the bank. But may not mean much if the defense continues to suck. Too hard to predict how the young LBs and secondary will do. I’m afraid that the new talent won’t measure up. But they CANNOT lose to the farmers! That is unacceptable..


  52. Heard from another rabid Pitt FB fan that Panther Lair is reporting that MacVittie is looking good and would be the starter if the season started today. Don’t know what that would be based on as Spring drills are over,right?


  53. Tom – Call me a POS again and I will drive down to your little island and knock your lateral incisors down your throat. You didn’t talk any junk when we were having dinner. Now you take cheap shots every second.

    Ike – Slow your roll as well before I come to Blawnox and handle you in the parking lot of Kings after you finish your scrapple.


    1. You’ve misconstrued to be true Upittbaseball. I inferred that you would be the one calling Pitt athletics being the bogus POS.
      Me calling you out as that same POS is way below my pay grade. My insinuations are much more occult and require at least some intellect to properly interpret.
      Try to keep up.


  54. People will be calling for Shawn Watson to be fired by week 4. Partly bc Browne is no Peterman and Canada was great because he knew when and where to set up defenses. The Jet sweep loses it’s potency and teams have had a year to defend it. Season depends on Browne and if we have a defense at all. I say we win 7 total.


  55. LOL Upitt. I’m way too poor to live in Blahnox…. and then to splurge and eat out at Kings..? I’ll meet you at the Renaissance before the OSU game instead…. Hey btw,, see you tomorrow night on the round-table… what do you say?


    1. Upitt. Would love love to see you on the POV-table and if you want to vent about something that would also be great…. Hells bells, just BE THERE!!

      There is really no rigid format just PITT talk… ike


  56. Ike,
    I am alive and well. Thank you for thinking of me!
    Yes I have been focused on the Pens but also have been at my daughters house with hubby and 2 grandsons (ages 4 and 1) in Reistertown, MD. Was hoping to surprise Reed as I’m about 35 miles from him but I’ve been busy remodeling the master bath and other PapPap duties. Fly back to Houston in the morning.
    Let’s Go Pitt/Let’s Go Pens


  57. If Dinucci is number 2 we got a problem. Sorry, nice kid and all but a P5 number 2 is almost like a 1A and I just don’t see it. Okay, I have never seen it. Most of you all saw him in NY and didn’t think much. I trust that. The game has not slowed down for him mentally at this point.

    MacPitt, I haven’t seen live in college. Yes, in high school, but still waiting for my first glimpse of him and fully expect that to be in the Youngstown St. game. I think you all overestimate YSU. Look, they had 2 nfl caliber defensemen last year that got drafted. Not so much this year in my opinion and that is why you see the number 2 qb play in that first game. The second stringer needs “game reps”.

    I will be disappointed if it is Dinucci as number 2 because it will be a direct reflection on our recruiting and need for emphasis on the position.

    Browne must start and be successful. Personally, I think the OL is going to rock and roll so long as O’Neill is healthy. Burger Jones Smith, Bookser, Officer, Dintino, Morgan and Drake will play a lot and those two will be spectacular. Morgan reminds me of Charles Spencer, country strong.

    As far as predictions for the year, Pitt will be 1-0 after game one. That’s as far as I go until I can see other teams and injuries. As always, I will pick Pitt in every game because I believe that if you don’t think you can win, why play. I was 8-5 last year on predictions.



  58. I’m curious what Canada will do at LSU. They have been known to have a great Defense and Conservative offense under Cameron. He will earn his money or not here in 4 months.


  59. This is the year the offense has to carry the defense, for the first half of the season at least. Idowu, Maddox and Whitehead the only full rime starters with Blair and Wirginis as experienced part timers. The rest are almost totally without game experience on D. I hope the O line and running backs are up to the task.


  60. Huff – did you see the spring game? Dinucci looked like a different player. Not saying he’s the answer to anything, but he clearly has made a ton of progress and now looks like he could run the team, and do it with some confidence, if he had to…

    Go Pitt


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