POV Lunchtime Reading Library; 5/26/17

Happy Friday – here are some articles written about our favorite subjects for your reading pleasureduring your lunch hour.

My favorite coach of all-time, Dave Wannstedt, decides to finally say yes to Pitt:

“I don’t think a national championship is anything to be unrealistic about,” Wannstedt said. “You win the Big East and you have a chance, if things fall right, to compete for the championship.”

Wannstedt is replacing Walt Harris, who will leave for Stanford after coaching the Panthers (8-3) against Utah (11-0) in the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 1. Harris had a 53-42 record in eight seasons, but his job was tenuous. Pitt lost to Connecticut and needed late comebacks to defeat Temple and Furman.

Early this season, Harris’s agent, Bob LaMonte, chastised the university’s administration for not extending Harris’s contract.

Ahhh, the good old days.  Back When Dave W. could mention winning the Big East without everyone around him falling out with laughter.

As to Coach Harris; well, Mr. LaMonte – if you could have convinced ol’ Walt to keep zipped up that wouldn’t have been a problem.

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